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Yoga is sanskrit for "Union", (this is one of many definitions). There exist many categories of yoga in addition to Hatha ( asanas - postures). They were all created by God, given to us to attain Union with the One Divine Creator.

It is our belief at A Next Step that part of mankindís higher purpose is to heal relationships with everyone and everything - - within themselves and without. This includes our relationship with Mother Father God from Origin to the present moment of Now. Because Origin is just as important as Now.

It is also our belief that separation is a fundamental thought form that exists in the universe; that people believe not only that they are separate from God, but also from each other and from the planet which they inhabit.

Belief and habit of belief are highly changeable. We have available to us a number of yogas that can heal and alter the energy of separation. These yogas can strengthen and fortify our relationship to self, to God - Goddess, to others and to the Earth creating Union.

Babaji of Haidikhand, through his teachings, says over and over again that the most important yoga on the planet at this time is Karma Yoga. Karma yoga is dedicating all tasks and work to God - Goddess. Karma Yoga is being mindful, focusing on God while doing chores, projects, etc. Japa - - repetition of Godís name, while performing tasks, is also taught as a part of Karma yoga.

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