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Toni Delgado made it her life's work to assist people in overcoming the challenges of their lives. She did this in a warm, nurturing manner. Toni supported people in raising their self esteem and growing into their seeds of greatness. She believed we are here to remember and return to our natural state- which is Union with ALL THAT IS.

In Memorial:

After twenty six years as my teacher, Toni Delgado decided to leave the planet… she passed on August 13th at approximately 1:30 am.

Toni was relentless in her study to be of service, to move her process to always newer heights and to have as constant communication as she could with the Divine Mother and All That Is.

Empathic as she was, hers was a constant letting go of the mass consciousness that has moved All of Us us nearer to the turning point that we are.

Always strongly encouraging me to move more of my stuff as she was moving hers… to make Our/Your house, property and planet more sacred. Her personal devotion to waking up was twenty-four seven.

She is missed and she continues to choose to be moving upward… to be with her teachers - Jim Dvorak and Mary Burns.

Dr. Kelley Elkins

"We dance to dance The Dance of Love" ~ Robert Mirabal, Taos Pueblo

Be ready. Be willing. Be open…to Your Dance. It is waiting for you as your next step with TONI DELGADO at A NEXT STEP…Center for Transformation and Healing.

TONI DELGADO - Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward Minister and
Minister of The Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship
Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics
P.O. Box 429, Dona Ana, N.M. 88032

Experience Communication
Compassion Relationships
Connection Life Transitions
Wisdom Tools for Growth-Healing

Toni Delgado offers:

Spiritual Guidance Hypnosis
Personal Coaching Soul Retrieval
Emotional Processing Past Life Regressions
Creative Visualization Cellular Memory Healing
Conscious Dreaming Conscious Energy Breathing
Reiki Sessions/Classes Inner Child/Character Reunion
Goddess Remembering Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga
Guidance for Relationships-Life Transitions / DNA/RNA/Codon Activations
12 Steps to Total Freedom/Spiritual Purification/Overcoming Senility
Light Body Activation/Expansion/Right Use of Will/Conscious Ascension
Playing with Matrix Energetics Angels, Energy and Transforming Consciousness

Listen to an Interview with Toni Delgado

Each and every step we take can be a joyful tribute to our own personal dance as we learn to honor our greatness and the magnificence of our lives. The Dance …Your Dance is waiting for you!

Toni has been in service since 1971. She trained and worked as a psychotherapist (since '74), was a high school teacher (19 years), a registered massage therapist (20 years), and a Rebirther (since '80). She also is a Body Electronics practitioner (since 1982), a Master Quantum Dynamics Teacher (using Q.D. since 1985). Using Reiki since 1982, she became a Reiki Master in 1994, a SHES Minister in 2001, and a Minister of The Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship in 2005. Toni became a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics in 2008. In addition she uses a number of Native American and East Indian traditions. Toni has done workshops coast to coast and has written two books: Dancing with Death thru Senility Into Eternality (2002--Click on Senility button to learn more) and A Call to Mother’s Grace and Gifts (2007).

Being one of the few Quantum Dynamics Teachers on the planet has allowed her to go way beyond traditional psychotherapy. With awesome communication with Mother Father God, she is able to see/feel the client's bottom line issues often long before the client realizes them. This assists the client in moving their perspective in profound and loving ways.

The biggest support in healing Everything Within is Breath. Learning to breathe consciously can support us in overcoming all conditions and dilemmas of the human condition. Rebirthing /Conscious Energy Breath can change not only our lives: it can teach us mastery.

Now, having overcome four terminal dis-eases, senility and death, Toni is a very experienced self healer. Her path has created within her a fountain of strength, courage, compassion and understanding. As a result she is highly empathic and belovedly guided by Source.

Becoming a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics has allowed Toni to find and access doorways and windows she always knew existed, but did not know how to open. She now knows how to do this and will support you in accessing these opportunities within you!

Toni Delgado will support you from a place of humility, competence and wisdom. The tools and strategies she utilizes create ease, well being, confidence, connection, improved communication in your relationships, body-mind, life experiences and transitions.

Be ready. Be willing. Be open…to Your Dance. It is waiting for you as your next step with TONI DELGADO at A NEXT STEP…Center for Transformation and Healing.

Toni's book DANCING WITH DEATH THRU SENILITY INTO ETERNALITY is a marvelous guide map thru all offerings of the human condition. We can overcome that which we believe to be pre-ordained, as we choose to return to our natural states of freedom, joy and growth. As we do this, we truly create Heaven on Earth. The book is available at, and, and

Toni’s latest book A CALL TO MOTHER'S GRACE AND GIFTS is a boon to all who are ready to remember the Mother of Everything and are willing to accept Her fully back into their lives. She has been patiently awaiting our awakening and our higher conscious decision to do this. The Mother wants the whole of the Cosmos and us to reunite our will with Her in this Dance of Life. This book assists you in this Reunion. The book is available at, ,, and

TONI DELGADO - Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward Minister
A Next Step…Transformation and Healing
P.O. Box 429, Dona Ana, N.M. 88032


“As I was driving home one day thinking about my upcoming session with Toni, I found my thoughts going back over the past nine months and the work we’ve done together. I smiled knowing that I’m not the same person I was last year. I refer to Toni as my ‘wise mentor’ who has skillfully, professionally and lovingly assisted me on my journey of rediscovering my divinity and innate powers and abilities as well as how to live each day grounded, centered and with joy. I am truly grateful and look forward to many more magical and “ah ha” moments.”

Love, Peace and Harmony,
Maryann from New Hampshire

Dear Toni,

I would like to write to you in appreciation for all that has happened not only in my life, but all in the lives of my family since I have been working with you, some of the outcomes:

With my granddaughter:
Jessica is doing really well and expanding her friendships and not being so connected to the ones that don’t support her.

With my daughters:
Liz…what was interesting was that the role she choose was very much on the basis of what was best not only for her but that would most support her and her family. I really believe that was a major step for her and a result of her session.

Marguerite is doing really well in her job, and her job is taking her and her husband to Melbourne (another state) at the end of the year, I just know that is their right place for the moment.

With my Mother:
I have just spoken to my sister, no one can believe the transformation that has taken place with my mother , she is a totally different person has her fight back, moving one of the broken arms, eating , had a shower , totally different attitude, thank you soooo much. I will keep you posted.

Mum saw the Orthopedic Surgeon today, they could not believe their eyes, they said she was the luckiest woman alive, the arm that no one new what to do with all of a sudden seems to have started to heal itself and is no where as bad as they thought, The Nurse showered Mum today and was unaware that she was supposed to not take the sling (cast) off, and when she told the Doctor what had happened he said that can’t be so, your arm would not have been able to do what it did if it was in the condition we thought it was in. I know it is a Miracle.

With myself:
"I feel like a shift has happened as in I really have started to see just how much I have grown and changed and how much I do have to be grateful for in my life."

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for your email, helped me heaps and today I had a phone call from clients I saw last week wanting to use me to sell their property. It is not just one thing, a lot has shifted with me since the last session."

"I had myself an unexpected amount of money come to me and today going to work even the house of my clients took a new positive look, and all day I just kept thinking where is my focus. I also felt much more in my power today and much more grounded."

I will continue to work with you and I am happy to share this with others who may be wondering “Can my life be changed?” Also thank you for all the different web sites you have referred me to.

In gratitude,
Jan in Aussieland

As I looked in the mirror this morning I didn't recognize, at first, the face I was looking at, until I, the face, smiled back. The transformation that I am experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is beyond words and my comprehension -- what I do know, though, is that it's wonderfully miraculous. Young Toni is a masterful conductor of the Matrix Energetics work, and ME has brought life back to me in a new and joyous way. I am truly grateful and my heart is filled with peace and love.

Maryann from Earth
(New Hampshire)

Aloha Toni,
These past two years have been an incredible journey of healing, discovery and adventure. I have found passion I never new I had. In work, in play, and in loving.

I have learned many things and look forward to learning more about myself, about life. I enjoy watching others in my life that I have touched. Watching them now grow in so many ways. Every day is a new adventure.

I wake up excited to see what comes my way. I feel a peace so strong that I know I am doing what I should be doing.

Doors are shutting and new ones are opening. I have people I have known for years commenting on how happy I am, that I live in the moment, and that it looks good on me. I would have to agree with them. I like my life, I like living.

My life will never be the same again and it has a lot to do with meeting you.

Thank you!
A Hui Hou, (Until we meet again)

Toni has been an exquisite guide for me as I begin working with a healing process. The work completed so far has been not only illuminating, as in 'lights on' pieces of my subconscious, it has also been empowering in the truest sense of the word. I am acknowledging the power of love within myself. I am releasing so many years of personal and social lies that I have been carrying around like dead weight. I'm feeling strong. When I trip, the meditations Toni has taught me, pick me up and I'm on the path again. The stimulating process that Toni is masterful at sharing is nothing short of amazing. I thank you and I hold you in a beautiful light.
Susan from Maui


From a client to a friend about Toni:

Stephen. there's a woman, Toni Delgado:
who i spent a week with
in some big ways she has Walked
and come to Be/Know
radically, ferociously, lovingly
her Journey has been Big also.
She's been in a crippled body for many years now. Which has Served Her. Godness.
I found her Deep. Deeper in some ways that I've never experienced before in Another.
Which, you know, supports us in going in Deep
through the Lies of self
Through to the Truth of Self!
you may consider feeling/being with the info conveyed in her website and go from there.

"Toni's insight and wisdom gently challenged me to separate truth from nonsense in my life. Her generous spirit and support allowed me to identify, acknowledge, combat and conquer some of the fears that had become so burdensome. I, thus, started to have faith in the Universe to provide for me. So much has been lifted. I feel so light in my life right now."
Sherri Taylor, Las Cruces, N.M.

"Toni D. is the best freakin' breath worker on the planet". Toni D. is a genius. She is on the cutting edge of human growth and potential. In healing and therapy you can only take people where you have been. Daily, with grace, strength and courage Toni comes closer to the full expression of her true self by exploring the edges of her inner and outer being. From this place of mastery she can support you in doing the same. Toni walks the talk. She can teach you with her being how to walk yours. Toni D. can lead you past the pain of your false beliefs to the joy filled truth of your true being."
Dr. Norwood Yamini, Las Cruces, N.M.

"My life has become more serene and positive since my sessions with you, Toni. I'm moving on in my process and I thank you. The breath of life is flowing more easily through me…It's a secure feeling to know I have a balancing tool to let go----and it works. The movement to break up negative energy around me also works to let go of family negativity, work, etc. I have more energy now that I've created letting go around me."
Marion Marsh, Elm Grove, Wisconsin

"The work Toni has done on me is fantastic. Though I have a long way to go before I can say I've resolved all my hangups…she is awakening me to my inner self. Q.D. helps me run interference on aches and pains in my body and whatever is beating down my mental processes."
A.Virginia Gonzales, Albuquerque, N.M.

From Mira in Beijing 9/16/07 Sunday

"Wow, Toni! The ginger root tea was a true savior. My tonsillitis and congestion is completely gone! I am still drinking at least one cup a day just to help maintain good health while I am here. Its tough because Beijing is truly a dirty and very polluted city. But you are completely right when you say that having gratitude will do wonders. I am convinced that health truly is a state of mind.

And really, I am truly grateful for stumbling across your website. You really helped me more than you can imagine!

Again, I hope that you and your family are well and I always keep you in my prayers.
Thank you again,


Hi Toni,
Firstly a huge ‘THANK YOU” and boy oh boy, where do I begin. First miracle is my shoulder is healed. For maybe more than 3 months now, I have had so much pain in my left shoulder; I even had an ultra sound. I have been having massage and using cream every night of my life, last night is the first night I didn’t rub the cream in, when I was reading your notes, I thought o my God, my shoulder is healed, I normally wake up with it feeling very stiff but this morning lots of movement and no pain. It was beginning to make me feel quite hunched over but this morning my body is straight and my shoulders are back.

I have already scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom with clove bud oil and an old white bath mat is out of there and there is glow in the bathroom that I haven’t seen before.

I have been putting off cleaning up, saying after my exams I will go through and sort out, (good excuse) but today I have started and really looking forward to the clean up. I feel excitement about the clean and a new energy is with me……

I will focus very much on my new Mantra, in fact I am going to write it out and carry it with me, I feel so grateful for this session, I feel alive, I feel blessed, and supported.

Toni, I am so happy to have been guided to meet you. So for the rest of the day, I will continue to sort and clean, say my Mantra, continue to journal, allow this session to integrate and see where this leads.

Talk soon,

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