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Testimonials for
A NEXT STEP…Transformation and Healing

M.E. and Scalar Wave Laser Testimonials:

"My session with Toni and Kelley was profound on every level. During the session I experienced aspects of my Self in a uniquely deep and penetratingly clear way. Their work was very much a ray of light shining upon (amazingly) exact, personally-relevant issues, and somehow became an intimate, flowing adventure of healing and activations; revealing, expanding and reconnecting; with a sense of being birthed into my next level, moving me through a gateway. Toni & Kelley.... thank you!! I feel in my heart something that I can't quite name about the session, about both of you together; your consciousness, gifts, & skills provide such a unique, substantive platform, facilitating what I can only summarize as a healing; yet, it also feels like the beginning of a wondrous, new adventure. Truly remarkable, powerful, healing, and enlightening!

- Becky"
Northern Calif.

Good morning Toni and Kelley,

I hope this finds you well, young and happy!

I would like to thank you for working with me once again! Things have changed tremendously over the past 30 years since I started working with you!!! I am very excited about all the new tools becoming available to us all.

I did not pose an intention because I wanted to just have source guide the process for my highest good. Before the session started I went to a quiet place and started doing some Stillpoint breathing. I got quite relaxed and ready. I wondered what I would feel and how it would present itself. So I just let that thought go. Feeling centered and ready I knew the session started because a powerful energy came in and started a complete body scan. It felt like someone was unrolling a blanket over me from my feet to my head. This process lasted about 2 or 3 minutes. Slow steady, very gentle scan. I could feel the huge presence of a powerful yet gentle energy. After the scan I focused on going deep without falling asleep, which was very easy. As I went deeper I got hints of Eucalyptus and jasmine, pastel greens and blues swirling in and around me. More scents of flower essences and swirling energy. Then I felt myself be lead very, very deep. It was a gentile and easy, effortless space. I did not fall asleep but was at the edge of what I felt as other realities or realms. Time stood still and I felt like I was everything, and nothing!
v Then, just as quickly as it started I could tell when it ended. The energy suddenly but simply lifted, pulling me up with it until I was there in my room once again, completely refreshed, awake and blissed out! I haven't felt that refreshed in years!

There is something very magical about this scalar wave laser technology! This laser, accompanied by the vast array of techniques you both utilize make this one of the most powerful, gentle and profound healing experiences I have ever had. Get ready Toni and Kelley... you are going to be VERY busy!!!

David Anderson
Taos, New Mexico

"I received a remote laser session from Kel and Toni a few days ago. Right away I could sense a physical relaxing in my kidney/adrenal area( from the unwinding Kel was doing in the kidney/tailbone/occipital bone spinal triad). During the next few lengthy walks I take early mornings I haven't had to rush home for the bathroom. This is very delightful, indeed ! Where I energetically felt wound like a 13 hour clock, I now easily interrupt the stress and contracted feelings and can pause in a more neutral place as I revisit the situation.

Where there has been strain in my marriage due to my husband's chronic illness, and an over vigilance on my part, I feel more peace and acceptance.

Toni's insights allowed me to identify a couple of longstanding emotional patterns which have been creating very anxious, mis-applied , unconscious "ambitions" or compass points which were eating vitality and giving me little fulfillment. Deep sigh of relief there !!!!

This dual approach treatment has been so easy to integrate, and has allowed me to move into different, easier points of view about my life "conditions"! Quite elegant!!! Thank you, Kel and Toni"

Alix in Albuquerque N.M.

Dearest Toni, Kelly and Winnie the Pooh ...

What a gift you have given me!

I can't begin to explain just how wonderful my experience so far has been since our session.

I am still integrating and noticing what is "new and different"… all the time.

Everything is new and different!

Everything has changed. It feels like a new life, a new being, a new me. I have found the part of me that loves myself, that loves everything, that loves everybody. The me that is compassionate and understanding, that is not judgmental, that is connected to everything.

I feel lighter than I ever remember feeling. I feel helped and supported all the time and can relax in this knowing.

I see and receive gifts from the universe so often every day, every hour .... Its infinite! People are responding to me differently.

I send you blessings as I delight in the sensations of this new journey!

In Light and Infinite Love,
Anique – Luxembourg

Dear Toni,

I feel really lit up and like smiling all the time : )

Freed up, basically. A lot lighter and excited to do things again.

I'm so glad I contacted you. Thank you a ton!

Elvi -- Virginia, USA

I woke up this morning feeling quite tired and heavy and funny it was then that I received your first email, perfect timing, so I just sat and focused on my body, surrendering and just being. I felt a lot lighter and actually could feel a gentle smile on me quite different. I do feel much looser and invigorated now and much more in my body. I will email again later today after allowing the integration of the session.

Kind regards
Janet -- Australia

And the day after her session:

Wow , what an amazing day I have had, I feel like for the first time in 8 months I have felt awake, a new sense of enthusiasm, I have had a massive spring clean in my unit. I was at the computer and something I have never seen before flashed on the screen, it say important updates to be installed please restart the computer, but what is was saying which is what was interesting it said reconfiguring and very interesting wording which I thought ok message from the universe I am being reconfigured. I really felt a new energy all day. I definitely want more sessions, I will know in about two weeks if some extra work I have applied for will be forthcoming, a friend called me today and said a friend of hers will be calling me, her sister is going through a divorce and wants to speak with me re selling the property so I am just putting out for the finances to be there.

Talk soon.
Kind regards
Jan - Australia

Good morning Toni & Kelley!

I want to thank you both for the work you do, for me... for all beings.

After having been in a cast for three months my shattered metatarsals needed to have my own body weight on them and i was in dull but chronic pain walking without wearing the immobilizing boot. After your remote treatment using the scalar laser on my foot, hip, adrenals, and sacrum I wanted to report what has been new and different.

I felt an immediate difference. I had been "babying" my walking gait, having been out of the cast for only three days when you worked on me. If i had been sitting for a while, my first few minutes of walking were extremely slow in pace, deliberate, and if I put any weight on the complete ball of my foot I would wince. I have to wear a supportive hiking boot/shoe for several months.

Since the laser treatment, I am walking with more confidence, no longer leaning on the instep of my injured foot. The annoying pain is no longer constant! The swelling is still present but significantly diminished and I have increased flexibility in my range of motion in the broken toes associated with the healing metatarsals. I am now walking with less of a favored limp, almost none. Even going up and down stairs is now easier. I am still waiting for my physical therapy to begin at my clinic and I look forward to showing the therapist how well I am doing!

Thank you both so much for working with me.
Susan -- Maui

Matrix Energetics Testimonials:

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Today is 1 week and 12 hours since my bicycle accident and 22 hours since my last support session yesterday with Toni and Kelley. I slept better and deeper last night than I have in a very long time and woke up this morning with my injured right shoulder having ZERO pain. Somehow during the night I moved my right arm above my head, a position that is not "supposed" to be achieved with a broken clavicle this soon after injury. At first I experienced some momentary anxiety "thinking" that perhaps this would be damaging to the healing process, so I very gingerly and slowly moved my arm over my face and down to the side of my body where it's recommended to be at this stage of healing. Yes, I could feel some very minor discomfort at the fracture sight, but there was nothing even close to a sensation of pain. I gingerly experimented with range of movement using my other arm sometimes for support and was delighted to find there were no restrictions beyond "common sense" positions.

I have had several broken bones in my life and none have been anywhere this easy to bear. Of course I will continue to allow this injury to heal and strengthen with time as recommended by the medics and as believed by the masses, and at the same time I am enjoying this miracle of accelerated recovery. This experience is showing me that anything is possible, we can choose to get out of our own way creating our experiences in new and different ways, it doesn't have to be "hard" or "difficult". A good attitude and a willingness to acknowledge, allow, and accept with unconditional love can change everything in an instant.

Lee Placchi - New Mexico


I have worked with Toni and Kelly for quite a few years now. Last Saturday I experienced a sudden flat front tire while coming to the end of my regular bicycle ride, which threw me to the cement landing directly on my right shoulder. I stood up and put the bike away as usual unaware of any serious injury (and the bike didn't have a scratch). The next morning my shoulder was quite sore, and the more I moved it in regular activities the more it ached, finally reaching a state of intense pain that prompted me to have it checked at the local (ugh) ER. They identified a fractured right clavicle.

Later that day I contacted Kelley and Toni for support. Through their gentle, direct techniques and guidance I experienced a calm clearing of myself and my space, got out of my head, and into a place where Universal energy and healing were easily accessed. I am so grateful for the support I received! This experience has transformed into one of gratitude and learning that simply cannot be put into words.
Thank you!

Lee Placchi - New Mexico

Dear Toni and Kelley,

As a result of the Matrix you did on me, I felt happy again for the first time : ) and actually blissful. Mellow too as I was fairly tired. So I just took it slow.

In the light of how I felt, some of the conditioning seemed to have dissolved and I felt it much more appropriate to celebrate rather than be sad. Celebrate the wonderful person that our friend was and the freedom and liberation that he is experiencing now. (He had just passed).

I feel more carefree and relaxed, on a deeper level. I have a sense it is due to the shifting of these ancestral patterns.

So I can see that my bodily symptom really appeared in order to help me because this was such a good timing.

Much love and thank you always,
E. East Coast USA

I met Toni 2 years ago from the recommendation of Elvi Orr of RBI, Rebirth International. We both felt her work would support and expedite the evolutionary process of Total Healing I am in.

Elvi told me of Toni's ability to coach/facilitate and counsel in a very personal and caring way. Toni possesses a refined sense of knowing/seeing and feeling a person's mental, emotional and energetic states and is able to provide morphic correction to one's vibrational field.

A session with her includes clearing out old entities,attachments and ancestral patterns. She then provides the necessary realignments. She has been patiently and gently teaching me the benefits and immediate positive results associated with the practice of the profoundly simple 2 point, as taught by Matrix Energetics. By her encouragement, my husband and I will be attending a Matrix Energetics workshop this autumn at the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge Mass. I also am finding her Book A CALL TO MOTHER'S GRACE AND GIFTS very inspiring in reconnecting to Mother/Father God/Goddess.

What feels new and different after a session with Toni? EVERYTHING! in a way that is not possible to explain in words....the closest I can say is "Feelings of greater peace & calm..... more like the true me is emerging from being lost and hidden for a very long time, feeling more happy and grateful to be here and to experience this great journey of being Alive and Awakening....Thanks so much Toni.

Mary in Michigan

Matrix Energetics and A Next Step
Testimony from Susan L. Hendricks / Maui

"The role Toni Delgado plays with me is like no other singular relationship that I have. In truth, I have learned to “play” with a new outlook on consciousness, on decision-making processes, on all of my relationships, most importantly the one I have created with myself over time. I have expanded my worldview of consciousness through the knowledge Toni has shared with me. Toni and Kelley are lovers of learning and as Toni expands, deepens or challenges her own practices of living this life, she does so with me. Every session I have with her, I enjoy, I learn something, I am filled with affirmations of the graces of Source energy. My inner work, my path to self improvement, is on-going and because of the nature of my personality, I am certain that without the guidance of Toni I would be in a less evolved state of experiencing life."

Thank you both for the very supportive and fun sessions last Saturday. I have slept much better the last two nights and awakened each morning with so much more energy and strength!

What's changed within and without is unexplainable and yet completely understood thru and thru. My environment feels better, I feel better, this is amazing, and so simple, so joyous, so Laughing-Good-Weeeeeeeeeee-WOW!

Bless you both, bless all.

Lee Placchi

“Yesterday. I had an emotionally very intense day, lots of sadness, feelings of loss and underlying fear. In the evening, a strong head ache, stomach ache + cramping and intense nausea.

I called Toni and Kelley as I was desperate. During the session, which lasted about 20 minutes, I was guided to breathe from the heart space, which allowed me to relax and process energy and information more successfully.

At the same time, they were doing their miracle work (Matrix Energetics).

A few minutes into the session, I spontaneously vomited, which brought about a great relief from pain. I went from a sick person in pain to a relieved and relaxed person in less than a half an hour!
(Vomiting has not happened in our M.E. sessions before, however we trust the process and the body, knowing that it can do nothing wrong. This was what Elvi’s body needed to relieve the tension. Her intense reaction was coming from ancestral programming).

Toni and Kelley are my superteam that I can count on when my (healing) process gets intense.”

Here is her next days email:

Dear Toni and Kelley,

I feel really different today, that is true. Almost like a different dimension...

If someone could buy it in a pill, it would be a bestseller...

Kind of between the earth and the sky, a little ungrounded I suppose, but in a pleasant way.

Obviously, I am still integrating. This was a large chunk of stuff...

I feel I released some deep seated fear. Life is lighter, brighter and more beautiful.

I am more deeply relaxed on all levels than usual.

Kind of blissed out and smiling.

My love, appreciation and many-many thanks to you, dear ones!

Elvi Orr

Healing Work

I found Toni when I searched the Web for a Rebirth Therapist in Las Cruces, NM. I have suffered sleep deprivation for many years due to Sleep Apnea. I called, made an appointment, and the healing began.

I've seen Toni once a week for the past 4 weeks. Each time something new and different happens and with it changes for the better.

I have been experiencing many nights or sound sleep, sometimes with wonderful, vivid dreams; I have so much more energy; I am able to keep up with my house and yard work; I feel so much more 'free' to get my daily exercises done and I even began to jog 1 mile a day, etc.

But the greatest improvement for me has been the ability to stay focused and grounded with myself and not be pulled when my kids call with some kind of emotional or financial problems. I am able to stay neutral and I don't try to save them anymore. I am allowing them to learn their lessons as well as myself learn mine.

In addition to Toni's work, I have also asked Kelley to do Acupuncture for the ranch that I sold two years ago. The result was miraculous as the sale was saved and the Buyers are now able to keep it.

I am still working with Toni, so when there is more I'll update this testimonial.

Thanks Toni and Kelley.

I will consider your suggestions. I think you are very advanced. I will certainly contact you again because I think it is worth the money. One thing I forgot to say last night. You were so dead on in your analysis. In addition to the heart problems and endocrine problems you were right about, your email also mentioned large intestine problems and indeed I had been having problems in this area. Details are not necessary. But since your cleansing email last week I have had no problems in this area this past week. This is highly unusual for me. I usually have problems at least once a week if not twice a week or more. Your insights/healing abilities are truly amazing. I just wanted to give you some validation. I will contact you again. You are a very gifted person.

Thank you,
Rob Fiore West Coast USA

4 days later:

Still no digestive problems at all and this is 2 weeks in a row. I still have several of the other problems but they are manageable and the digestive one is gone for now.

Thank you,
Rob Fiore

Hi Toni!

Thanks for the email. I've been thinking about what to write to you for days.

*last Friday a coworker commented that I looked like the weight of the world was off my shoulders.

*I am at much more peace with feelings about my sister. Not worrying about what she is doing, or second-guessing every move she makes. This Is Huge!

*my Mom is getting better every day from her surgery implant of pacemaker/defib. I'm so glad you were able to bring her energy into our session and clear up the misty fog surrounding her.

*the work you/we did definitely has improved the family dynamic between my Mom, my sister, and me.

*and today, when I spoke with my Mom, she said that she was feeling much better about my sister helping her recuperate. Mom said the first few days were not that good, but now, things are much better. I got a direct hit that our session was pivotal in this change between them.

So, it is perfect for me to be writing you now, to tell you that latest bit of news!

I will be putting you on my list of healers. There are only 3 or 4 others! I'm really happy with the M.E. experience!

I appreciate You,
W. K. Albuquerque, N.M.

“I've started with the "What would it be like to have a wonderful day?"....... and I did!!!

I will be integrating ALL that we covered. I took very good notes. I am going slow, yet steady.

I, and Nancy, are coming more and more ALIVE!!!

I feel majorly grounded and confidant.     Awesome.    Much gratitude.”

Hugh Michael Matheny, CA.

Hi Toni,

Thank you very much for the session this morning. It was much more than I expected and am very grateful. I found it so interesting that my gmail wasn't working on my phone nor internet connection at home to find your number... and then the caller ID interruptions. A good sign that this is something to pay attention to. I also found it interesting that Morgan and I just picked up the books Divine Transformation and Soul Songs at the recent Mind/ Body expo here in Portland...they were giving away these books. When you mentioned the Divine Transformation book, I had a feeling that it was the same book. Wow!! How does it get any better than that?

I'm already noticing what is new and different as I feel much more relaxed about my current situation and as a result I feel like I'm communicating better (just had a potential job interview) whereas before I noticed a nervousness presence. Much more natural.

Thank you for the information that you just sent; Matrix, Forgiveness, and Divine Goodies.

Cheers and Blessings,
~Bert/Makhani, Portland, Oregon

Dear Toni and Kelley,

Thank you very much for my session. It helped me a lot to let go of some personal issues. I hope to be able to continue next month also. I will email you and set up a time when I can do another one. You two are terrific! Thank you again.

NF in CA.

Hi Toni & Kelley,

I was SO tired when I got home (from my session with you two),
All those weeks of tension finally gone!
I fell asleep in a bath filled with Epsom salts
And surrounded by candles to help the cleanse.

I had a very queasy stomach all evening.
I went to bed at 9:30 and apart from getting up to go to the bathroom,
I slept until the dogs woke me at 6:30.
Sparky whined a bit around 6pm I think, but I did not move,
So he said OK, you sleep, and we both slept for another half hour,
Until it started getting light. Then I got up without him trying to wake me.
He understood everything!

So thanks again for everything you two!
Grace Ann in So. N.M.

re: the acupuncture of my house:

Before the acupuncture clearing of my house, my cats had been misbehaving in several ways. Not fun! They used to be mannerly, but not in the past year or so. One was messing on the carpet in several places, and also having vomiting that the vet said was not a physical issue. The other cat, an older cat, was having vomiting issues, and not wanting to eat very well. I was not able to let them out of my kitchen area at all. After the clearing they are all able to be wonderful free cats, able to roam the house again freely. There has been no messing, or vomiting, and the elder kitty is eating much better. They are very happy to be able to do they want and to be an integral part of the family. They are great, and wise, "caretakers," and are happy to again be allowed to do their jobs. Such a difference !

Thank you Kelley!
SY in Texas

Dear Toni and Kelley,

Thank you very much for my session. It helped me a lot to let go of some personal issues. I hope to be able to continue next month also. I will email you and set up a time when I can do another one. You two are terrific!

Thank you again.
NF in CA.

Dear Toni,

I would like to write to you in appreciation for all that has happened not only in my life, but all in the lives of my family since I have been working with you, some of the outcomes:

With my granddaughter:
Jessica is doing really well and expanding her friendships and not being so connected to the ones that don’t support her.

With my daughters:
Liz…what was interesting was that the role she choose was very much on the basis of what was best not only for her but that would most support her and her family. I really believe that was a major step for her and a result of her session.

Marguerite is doing really well in her job, and her job is taking her and her husband to Melbourne (another state) at the end of the year, I just know that is their right place for the moment.

With my Mother:
I have just spoken to my sister, no one can believe the transformation that has taken place with my mother , she is a totally different person has her fight back, moving one of the broken arms, eating , had a shower , totally different attitude, thank you soooo much. I will keep you posted.

Mum saw the Orthopedic Surgeon today, they could not believe their eyes, they said she was the luckiest woman alive, the arm that no one new what to do with all of a sudden seems to have started to heal itself and is no where as bad as they thought, The Nurse showered Mum today and was unaware that she was supposed to not take the sling (cast) off, and when she told the Doctor what had happened he said that can’t be so, your arm would not have been able to do what it did if it was in the condition we thought it was in. I know it is a Miracle.

With myself:
"I feel like a shift has happened as in I really have started to see just how much I have grown and changed and how much I do have to be grateful for in my life."

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for your email, helped me heaps and today I had a phone call from clients I saw last week wanting to use me to sell their property. It is not just one thing, a lot has shifted with me since the last session."

"I had myself an unexpected amount of money come to me and today going to work even the house of my clients took a new positive look, and all day I just kept thinking where is my focus. I also felt much more in my power today and much more grounded."

I will continue to work with you and I am happy to share this with others who may be wondering “Can my life be changed?” Also thank you for all the different web sites you have referred me to.

In gratitude,
Jan in Aussieland

“As I was driving home one day thinking about my upcoming session with Toni, I found my thoughts going back over the past nine months and the work we’ve done together. I smiled knowing that I’m not the same person I was last year. I refer to Toni as my ‘wise mentor’ who has skillfully, professionally and lovingly assisted me on my journey of rediscovering my divinity and innate powers and abilities as well as how to live each day grounded, centered and with joy. I am truly grateful and look forward to many more magical and “ah ha” moments.”

Love, Peace and Harmony,
Maryann from New Hampshire

This from a family who came for one session:

“Dear Toni and Kelley,

Many great things have manifested in our lives since we last saw you. Most importantly, Sarah’s headaches have been reduced to “every once in a while” which is more like normal. Great!!! She and her sister are actually in Baltimore Maryland, on their own, to attend a techno music festival. Veronica and I both fully understand that ME had everything to do with it.

Veronica and I have gotten much closer and have continued our studies in consciousness and search for our own truth. We have been blessed with more than enough money to finally attend ME 1 & 2 in Denver. The seminar, hotel and travel are all paid for! We will be interested in attending your monthly practice sessions once we complete these levels. We are so excited about the transformations in our lives and so looking forward to learning more about playing with ME.

I have recommended both of you to a friend and colleague. He is having lower back pain and seeing a Chiropractor. He is still in pain and I know ME can have great effects on these types of conditions. Hopefully he will call or e-mail you. We will stay in touch and look forward to working with you both in the future!

Steve & Veronica Self”
Las Cruces, N.M.

Hello Toni and Kelley:

I hope this note finds you both well. I wanted to send greetings and let you know that I am doing great. I am currently in Amsterdam and feeling ever so grateful for the new courage, energy, and peace that I have thanks to your care. I am on my way to Kenya to visit a friend. Another thing I am grateful and even for all the travel bumps in the road that got me here.

C.P. Las Cruces, New Mexico

Received this from a client:

I have a headache on my left top side of my head that I can't seem to get rid of.
It is just energy.
Although I have tried to get rid of it, I was wondering if you could look into it and dismiss it for good????

A bit later after we played with her energy, we got this:

WOW !!!!! I FELT THAT! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I feel better than I have felt in a long time! I think I will hire you for regular 'tune-ups'!
Thanks again.

Phoenix, Arizona

As I looked in the mirror this morning I didn't recognize, at first, the face I was looking at, until I, the face, smiled back. The transformation that I am experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is beyond words and my comprehension -- what I do know, though, is that it's wonderfully miraculous. Young Toni is a masterful conductor of the Matrix Energetics work, and ME has brought life back to me is a new and joyous way. I am truly grateful and my heart is filled with peace and love.

Maryann from Earth
(New Hampshire)

I really enjoyed my session last week. It was wonderful - and connected me to myself in a lovely way. That whole day was special - it seemed to be full of synchronicity, and when I ran in to people, they seemed really really glad to see me.

What is new and different since then? Hmm -- that is not quite as black and white (but then I think that often we don't see the most obvious things...). I do think my facility for "blending with the land" and all that that means has been bumped up. Seems easier, and deeper.

I love your simple moving-into-the-heart induction, and have been working with that a lot. I have been eating like a starved kitten, especially in the evenings, but I don't know that that has anything to do with our session. I will keep watching for what is new and different (Seems like a good practice anyway). And I deeply thank you once again for our time together.

Blessings to you,
Wayne in Santa Fe, N.M.

I am honored that you would share my words with others--may they magnetize many new souls to your loving work!

EVERYTHING is new and different! i loooved the session with you. it held such a sense of innocence, my pervading sensation has been of fun, and freedom.

my signposts read: Aum Namaha Shivaya, What's New and Different, and Good is Unfolding!

i am seeing major shifts in the biggest most challenging projects that selby and i are working on... getting past gatekeepers, being heard, hearing YES, making progress...

... effortlessly shifting patterns.... and seeing the ones that are on the verge of shifting with great clarity...

ongoing gratitude.....

baby is fine, waking up inside me just as i write this, movements smaller as he expands and prepares for the runway down to earthly existence...

what's new and different! a clear, clear sense of my energy body as a sphere, my physical body at its center, and the ability to pull light into its center, my body, and feel spaciousness enter, releasing everything, approaching the realm of dematerialization.

love to you from baby babaji and his crew ;)

Tanya on Maui

"Pretend" Pretend for a moment that you are whole - you are well - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Pretend that you are all you were born to be. How does one do that? Spend time with Toni and Kelley. "Get out of your head space and go into your heart space," Kelley says, or was it Toni? It doesn't matter because having a session with both of them, they become one. I realize that what is "new and different" about this 2 1/2 hours session is that I felt more present than any other in the 12 years I have worked with my healers. Was it them, was it me, was it Matrix Energetics? All I know is, it was, and now the work has turned into play and that the heart space is where I "want to dwell". And I don't even have to pretend."

MA from Maui

This client emailed in real distress over a new business partnership. We did a remote session with her and this is what she replied with a few hours later.

“I notice I feel freer. I notice I feel central to the business. I notice I can make informed decisions as I go and that... this is my ability and right, and in a peaceful yet strong way. I notice I feel more open and able to have a variety of things, aspects of these developing relationships, to co-exist. I notice I just breathed in deeply and my upper (heart area) back expanded and popped :)

... and I notice I am always touched with both of your's strength, clarity, and warrior-spirit. ohhh woooowwwweeee.
... I notice tears in gentle relief.

I am grateful to you.”


This client called before he left his home to come for his appt. His vehicle would not start and he asked Kel’s support with Matrix for himself and his car to get here for his session. His vehicle upon arriving sounded like it was firing on half of the cylinders.

Yesterday morning was seeming to start out rough, I felt irritated and in a poor mood. Sometimes it's easy to forget to pause, breathe, and ask what "this" is all about (this was one of those times)...and that's when it's especially awesome to have support available from another.

I had a regular morning session with Kelley at 10am and was further irritated when the Jeep wouldn't start. After several tries it ran very rough and we were on our way.

During the session, Kel supported my moving some "stuff" that was up, using Matrix Energetics. Relaxation occurred in just a few minutes and the irritation subsided. I felt peaceful, and the "things" that had previously seemed so irritating had transformed into small trivial items with clear opportunities in easy reach.

When I left, the Jeep started perfectly and ran great...a clear confirmation of how one's environment can reflect what's going on within. There was really nothing wrong with the Jeep, it was simply my own "stuff" getting in the way.

Thanks to Kel and Matrix, my world was shifted FAR more quickly than I was able to do alone at the time.

Lee Placchi
New Mexico
ME Certified Practitioner

“Toni asks, "What do you notice that is different?" The simple answer is that I notice that I am alive, as alive as I can remember being since I was a child spending perfect days walking in the forest, seeing grass grow and knowing what the birds and animals are saying. As alive as I have been as an adult, swimming with dolphins, hearing what they are saying to me, swimming with humpback whales (as a legitimate research assistant) with those creatures as big as a Safeway truck, not feeling ONE bit afraid, knowing I am doing what I am meant to do at the moment. Only finding out afterward that Toni had done a session on me at the particular time when I knew someone was going to come into the room and knowing who that person was; knowing how to respond to a person before that person asked a question or made a statement; being able to stay apart, when craziness was happening all around me-not being pulled into it nor worrying that I would get pulled into it. What do I notice that is different Toni? How simply this sounds, but here's the complex part - I feel clean inside.” I want to continue with this.

Aloha Toni,

These past two years have been an incredible journey of healing, discovery and adventure. I have found passion I never new I had. In work, in play, and in loving.

I have learned many things and look forward to learning more about myself, about life. I enjoy watching others in my life that I have touched. Watching them now grow in so many ways. Every day is a new adventure.

I wake up excited to see what comes my way. I feel a peace so strong that I know I am doing what I should be doing.

Doors are shutting and new ones are opening. I have people I have known for years commenting on how happy I am, that I live in the moment, and that it looks good on me. I would have to agree with them. I like my life, I like living.

My life will never be the same again and it has a lot to do with meeting you.

Thank you!
A Hui Hou, (Until we meet again)

Other Testimonials:


For 3 nights I had such severe pain in my lower left jaw that I was not sleeping. The pain seemed to be centered around on a tooth that had a crown and had been causing me some discomfort for sometime. My dentist told me months ago that I would probably need a root canal and sent me to a specialist who said "yes, schedule an appointment." I scheduled and cancelled 3 different appointments. I didn't want to have it done and felt inside me that I didn't really need it.

So now I was feeling this unbearable pain and I thought, "well, I guess I have no choice but to do it. I can't stand the pain and the ambisol and ibuprofen I was taking were not working." But there was another option....

Dr. Kelley Elkins to the rescue. I thank God that Toni & Kelley called me that day. I immediately began a Best Chiropractic intensive with Kelley (his own personal version of B.E.S.T. delivered by Source) and at the end of it the terrible pain was gone and has not returned! It felt like a miracle.

With the techniques Dr. Elkins uses he determined that the pain was actually being sent to my jaw from another part of my body so then he was able to focus on the real part of me that needed to be healed. During this time I also did some QD (quantum dynamics) processing, a Conscious Energy Breath Session and Toni helped me to pinpoint the emotions that I need to work with to assist with the healing.

Toni & Kelley are a great team and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants an alternative option from traditional mainstream practices (meaning drugs and surgery) to work on their physical or emotional problems.

Thank you, Debi E....Blessings.


I was working with a client with the complaint of low back pain and she was very pregnant which means she sat in a chair for me to work with her. She also had cracks on the palms of both hands that made it difficult to be a waitress even though she was very good at it and had many repeat customers. It was difficult being a waitress because her hands often bled.

The work I was doing at that time consisted of touch, bio-energetic synchronization technique or BEST. In this I recognized that a lot of what a patient presents is not necessarily from the now and actually can come from past life times. So I asked this client to relax as best she could and to tell me whatever came up for her as I was working with her.

She told me that she saw herself as a weaver in early renaissance Spain. She had been accused of witchcraft and had been taken by soldiers of the inquisition to be tortured by having her hands burned. I asked her to repeat after me a forgiveness dialogue, forgiving them, giving permission to them to forgive her and to forgive herself.

The session ended without a whole lot of change except that she felt relaxed and some how relieved. The next day she came for her appointment with her hands in the air, palms facing me, cheerfully yelling, Look at my hands, look at my hands!! The cracking was completely gone. The palms of her hands were supple and smooth with the normal lines of any palm.

She was so enthusiastic that she said she no longer was concerned about her back, recognizing that it was simply about her being so pregnant she was so very happy about her hands.

To this day I know that her low back pain was simply an excuse to come and see me that what she really wanted was relief from the cracked palms. And the wonderful thing was that all it took to do that was forgiveness God’s grace.


My best to you today.

I feel good. I feel happy.

I understand that we cannot assume that other people are open-minded about getting help from other dimensions. But I wish that other people I care about could experience this great sense of joy at being alive again, and to know that we have a purpose here, to evolve the cosmos, as Montessori said. I am listening to my intuition much more, instead of shutting that part of me off.

I am delighted to have met you, Kelley, David, etc. It’s been really good for me. The evidence is obviously that I am feeling better, and thinking better, and just being better.

My mind is full, but not with crap like before, but with ways to say what I want to say in my dissertation and in my life.

Thank you!

Diane Walker, ABD
NMSU, Las Cruces, N.M.

“... i really loved my time with you. thank you for your totally generous sharing with me!!!!!!!!!! thank you for the safety and Realness in Love in the midst of my going into places inside me where i've not ventured for some time. thank you for being Clear and Open with me, in particular with some of those questions about my concepts of life/us. thank you for being in honoring of my self/ process. THANK YOU !

... feels like i've stepped up a few levels - peacefully. feels like there’s MORE LIFE! in me... and, i'm excitedly and groundedly wondering, "what am i going to do with my self now??!!! Divine Mother! "

i'll email more soon. thank you and huge huge huge LOVE to you guys! thank you!!

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE, Becky Gillespie” CA

8/5/2006 “Dear Toni and Kelley,
How do I love thee, let me count the ways. How many times do I think of you a day?---I cannot count the times. It never ceases to amaze me how your teachings permeate my life and my teaching. You don’t know it, but you have graduated countless students--little mini T and K’s via MA (me).

…..I love teaching, the water is a glance away and all is learning.

Mary Anna E. Waldrop”

"When I first started coming to see Toni and Kelley, I remember Toni saying ‘This path will open many doors for you and enlighten your life.’ I year later I reflect on this and am able to say that my journey has been all of that and more. Everything is crisper, livelier and much more than I can express.”
T. B. Las Cruces, New Mexico

"Kelley and Toni have facilitated change in my life dramatically. After an initial few days work with them, I have already begun to enjoy life again without the overwhelming feelings of anxiety, stress and depression I'd slowly sunk into over the years. I now have access to a great sense of well being, clarity and peace like never before. I feel connected again and have noticed a delightful difference in daily interactions with others. I'm very grateful for the experienced guidance A Next Step provides and look forward to learning more. Their techniques have helped create a wonderfully positive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing effect that goes far beyond what words can describe. This starting point has given me the confidence to make the most of anything I choose to pursue."
Lee P, Las Cruces, NM

"I'm finding I can acknowledge, express and release emotions and then they're gone. There is a great sense of relief and peace afterward. It was quite an "eye opener" for me to learn I've done certain things 'forever'. Seeing why certainly put my actions into a new perspective. Releasing while 'reliving' emotional experiences also helped."
Jill Williams, Albuquerque, N.M.

"I experienced a powerful transformation moving through pain into freedom. Kelley's subtle energy work coupled with Toni's Q.D. made up a feedback loop quite quickly. It felt great! That's why I kept coming back. Although it's a lifelong process, the effect is felt quickly".
Dr. Jack D. Wright, Ph.D., NMSU, Las Cruces, N.M.

" Toni and Kelley helped me work through the pain surrounding forgiveness. Through their work, I discovered that forgiving one's self and others, becomes a Divine gift that awakens one to freedom, health and a sense of peace."
Louis Sullo, Albuquerque, N.M.

"Toni and Kelley have helped me tremendously! They have allowed me to find a strong, renewed belief in myself. They have given me the knowledge of a few excellent tools that allow me to grow in harmony with Mother-Father God. The hurts that slowed me down in the past seem trivial to the healing that I am able to breeze through now".
David Anderson, Carson, N.M.

"I feel so much more alive and peaceful since I have been working with Toni and Kelley. I am awakening to my inner being, my inner essence, my inner love and compassion. I am awakening my heart. Life is becoming beautiful and serene. Q.D. has been the missing tool in my life. All I can say is that my work with Toni and Kelley is a fantastic, exciting and wonderful journey to wellness."
Pat Landschoot, Las Cruces, N.M.

"I am a massage therapist. Four years ago I received Quantum Dynamics through Toni's workshop. It is a tool I use practically every day for emotional and spiritual growth. It is a gentle way to consciously breathe through core debris. It Works! Toni is an excellent teacher. Her workshops are packed full of information in an organized, well constructed fashion. Toni and Kelley remain for me a loving support on the road to joy and enlightenment."
Uma Lave, Silver City, N.M.

"My Blessings and Love to you two!!
I think of you two often!! My life is more rich because of you all!! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use a skill or two that I have learned through one of you!! Life is Good!! I am grateful!!"
Las Cruces, N.M.
Trish Huband

“Dear Kelley,
Thank you so much for rescuing me on Monday and for bringing in the help to heal my head. It was only later I realised that not only did Mummy call me Donald Duck because my feet weren't straight when I walk, but also she used to tell me what an ugly baby I was, I don't remember telling me how her ugly duckling had turned into a swan, though I know that was what she thought. So thank you for tuning in so brilliantly and so intuitively.

I am so thankful to everyone who helped, I was in a scary place as I was there on my own, miles from home dealing with what had been a life or death experience at the time. It was a scary experience for a nine year old waking up in hospital, not knowing why I was there, and then being asked all sorts of questions by the doctor and not knowing the answers. I did not even know my name, the day of the week, the month.

I am so grateful that this trauma has been released, it would have been awful had you all not been there and able and willing to help me through it.”
T. G., UK

Bursting the Body Light Testimonials

For BBL part I from Beijing China

Thank you so much for the breathing exercise. I already passed it on to my mom :) So I will keep you posted on her experiences as well.

After breathing for a few cycles I could already find myself falling into the meditative state, at least in as much as I alone can define it. I basically just feel as though I fall into my own heart.

First I felt my stomach feel heavy then I felt my hands and feet get hot. So I asked for my Baka (grandmother) to come and help me cleanse. Almost instantly certain memories started to rise in my thoughts, becoming stronger and stronger. Tears began pouring down my face and I could feel my stomach muscles tightening as my whole body became warm and... I want to say chaotic?! The emotions were flooding as if longstanding walls were finally broken.

I asked for Baka to come and help me calm down. Within seconds I felt as though a blanket of warmth and love was laid over me and my senses calmed down instantly. When I finally opened my eyes only 15 minutes had passed and I felt as though I had just woken up from a long nap.

After this I have not completed another cleanse but i have continued the breathing which has been really great. I still need to fully accept that releasing these emotions are necessary. (Easier said than done) Also, I suffer from migraines but when I feel my head beginning to hurt I just breathe and circulate my energy- it seems to be working for the moment. :

Once again, I cannot explain to you how happy I am to have followed my instinct and contacted you. Just from the one cleanse, I find that my mind is more at ease, so thank very much. Also I am attaching a very nice Chinese poem that found me right after my cleansing experience.

I hope that this email finds you in good spirits and good health! (I apologize for the length of this email).
Much thanks,

"Hi....just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful Light Body Activation meditations. The Cleanse is quite powerful and enjoyable.
Thanks for your time and great techniques.
Blessings, Sal

"I could never remember my dreams before. Now I use the breath before bed and I remember all kinds of dreams, more than I’m able to write down. Before the BBL breath I felt caught in a ‘thickness’; now anything I put a statement to with the breath becomes a conscious creation. My body is also healing faster (from a recent auto collision)."
Dr Norwood Y, Las Cruces, NM

"With the breath I’ve experienced so much release from forgiveness. I also have never been able to visualize. Now I experience beautiful pink Light - - It’s fantastic!! In addition people receive me differently - - they’re friendlier to me." (Marge is 77 years young).
Marge E, Las Cruces, NM

"The breath lightens me up a great deal. Everything is easier. I get the results I want and my life is totally different. I’m seeing more clients, making more money and my relationship with my husband (who also uses this tool) is much, much better. My husband is more focused, more motivated and more confident than he has ever been."
Roberta L, Silver City, NM

“It enables me to be in the present moment in a peaceful, heartfelt space. I’m acutely aware of my connection to Source. I have a joyful excitement about life. I’m filled with courage. It enables me to feel the spiritual support of my teachers and guides.”
Cynthia B, Las Cruces, N.M

“It turned off my mind so I can sit (meditate) for the first time in my life. It takes me away from everything; I feel greater detachment to the mundane. As a result I’m mellower over all. I’m able to catch myself-observe myself more. I’m also able to maintain altered states of consciousness longer than with other tools”.
Kelley E, Las Cruces, NM

“The major thing I notice all the time is that its taken the edge off. I feel better,less depression. I feel alive. My emotions are more lively-more vibrating. I’m able to express myself better and I also feel I don’t have the need to. Bursting Breath is a booster. Like a leap”.
Roberta L, Silver City, N.M.

“I feel extremely free, incredibly joyful.”
Mary Anna W, Maui, Hi.

“It has increased my intuition and changed my dream space. I love it!”
Leonid S, Big Sur, Ca.

“Toni and Kelly have coached and supported me in my journey to inner healing and self-discovery. They use tools that have quickly and effectively moved me from bondage to freedom. I am grateful for their wisdom and intuition. The last tool they shared with me, “Bursting the Body Light” has given me peace, lightness, clarity of thought and energy. I recommend it for everyone to use”.
Josie P, Las Cruces, NM.

"The Bursting breath has made me aware of how much chatter I have, Yet I no longer feel scattered. I've been aware that my "stuff" has been coming up for me to look at...I've been feeling very emotional. And the breath has been very supportive."
Mary H, Las Cruces, NM.

Reiki Testimonials

While on a hike with Kelley Elkins a couple weeks ago, I was witness to the power of Reiki. Kelley slipped on a rocky slope and went down pretty hard, badly bruising and scraping his arm. I watched as he performed Reiki on himself. Within 10 minutes the injury had subsided to minor scraping, the bruising was gone. Amazingly, we continued hiking for several more hours as if nothing had happened! I have no doubt that it works, and look forward to my own introduction to Reiki at the next workshop.
Lee P - Las Cruces, NM

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