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Tatwas For Healing

Tatwas are ancient sacred symbols, given long ago in the Vedic texts. They have magnificent ability to heal our body-mind. As you work with them, they alter your DNA and clean your cells. Amazing grace this set of 7 Tatwas for the 7 Chakras. Used visually. They are beautifully colorful and laminated.

Set of 7, plus informational sheet (also laminated).
Cost : $60
plus $6 postage & handling in US
or $12 postage & handling abroad

While the Tatwas come from the ancient Vedas, the following Tatwas with the specific configurations of symbols were put together and lovingly hand colored by Jim Dvorak. Jim brought forth this ancient knowledge to be used in healing our emotional mental programming for specific needs.

Tatwa for Increasing Energy

Tatwa for Overcoming Right-Wrong

Tatwa for Clearing Confusion

Tatwa for Prosperity

Tatwa for Traveling (Dream Body)

Cost : $10 Plus $5 p/h = $15 in US
Contact us for postage/handling outside of US

Send money order to:
Toni Delgado
P.O. Box 429
Dona Ana, New Mexico 88032

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