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Senility is a passage that people usually experience close to the end of their lives. Senility often accompanies old age. Senility is a dis-ease marked by symptoms of dementia to include mental deterioration, loss of memory, loss of bodily function, loss of strength and energy, loss of self. Sometimes senility is accompanied by other terminal dis-eases and decrepidness. People can experience senility any time, even in their twenties and thirties.

We actually create senility from our conditioning, programs and death urge. We all come in with some of the aforementioned and we learn more from domestication: our family traditions and societal conditioning.

When senility comes upon you it is a frightening experience and it becomes terrifying when you believe it will take you over and destroy all that you are and have known.

What we have opportunity to recognize is that we can absolutely champion our programs, our family traditions and societal conditioning. And yes, WE CAN OVERCOME SENILITY AND ALL TERMINAL DIS-EASES. We can also overcome death urge and death itself.

The yaqui sorceror Don Juan who taught many priviledged students (Carlos Castaneda, Merilyn Tunneshende and others) said that in the human condition, we have four obstacles to overcome to gain mastery over ourselves. The first is Fear, second is Clarity, third is Power and fourth is Old Age or Senility.

Leonard Orr, the Father of Rebirthing or Conscious Energy Breathing says that senility is the final exam of the human condition. Leonard was the first senility graduate in the Rebirthing Movement.

When we learn to master our breath and our emotional thoughts, we are on the road to self mastery. When we have this and other systems in place before the passage of senility comes on us, our chances of outlasting it are increased. The practices of self mastery (which include Rebirthing, Quantum Dynamics, Spiritual Purification, the Twelve Steps to Total Freedom- taught by Jim Dvorak, and more) then pull us thru it and up into another realm of Aliveness, Creativity, and Awareness.

Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray , me (Toni Delgado) and others have championed senility. We are Senility Graduates. You can be too.

Once you overcome the symptoms of old age and champion your death urge, you can consciously choose to be here as long as you like. You can choose to be Physically Immortal. You can learn to consciously Ascend into the One. You can live as an immortal yogi of God. You can even learn to transfigure.

No longer will you create from limitation, because you will be ONE WITH THE WISDOM OF THE UNIVERSE. You will be balanced and integrated as never before. You will have a splendid knowing, appreciation, understanding and respect for yourself and All of Life.

To learn more, get my book Dancing With Death Thru Senility Into Eternality. It is a handbook thru the process of senility. Order your book today online at or or Ordering from supports A Next Stepůmore.

Also for Toni's book and many other books on this subject including Physical Immortality, Conscious Energy Breathing-Rebirthing and more call Leonard Orr at 1-540-885-0551/fax-1230
or email: Also check out

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