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Scalar Wave Laser Sessions


Right now is a powerful moment. Everyone is getting knocked around in finances, health, relationships. The time is ripe for us to alter this and our destiny.

When we go into Stillpoint, a container gets created with the ability to hold different states of consciousness. In this space process happens. We develop a broader bandwidth and things process faster. Neutrality is here, which is well versed in process. The Stillpoint will do the work for us. Things are let go of here. When we have perpetual practice of not holding things, the field will fill in neutral essence. Click on Free Offer on Homepage to learn about Stillpoint.

We ARE an epidemic from our old season; we have been conditioned to hold things---our stories, traumas, hurts. This info stays, replicates passes old cell info to new cells. How do we clear it? Drop into Stillpoint and collapse the cell memory of the past.

There is an acceleration on the planet which is accelerating people’s programs and their reactions to the programs. It keeps BRINGING UP OLD conditions, keeping symptoms in place and knocks people around on a horizontal plane. We are all in sympathy…encased in our sympathetic nervous system and are being affected by everything and everyone.

When we rest and abide in Stillpoint, we are NOT holding on to things of the past. Unwinding happens here. Karma is cleared. When we collapse into Stillpoint, polarity is flipped, collapsing into neutral and old cell memory goes!

Stillpoint is the doorway to scalar energy. Scalar energy is a standing wave of perpetual energy.

Scalar Wave Laser Technology

A new age is upon us. We are coming out of a season of many thousands of years of being caught up in a way of being that has compressed us and wound us up. We hold in our bodies, minds, field--in our totality--a tense response to this past age. It is time to unwind and find our natural rhythm. Our every cell has memorized quite efficiently the holding on of past patterns. It is now time to let then go…to delete them…because we can!

Paul and Lily Weisbart have created a specialized technology in their Scalar Wave Lasers, Pulsars and Qi Fi that can liberate us from past cellular memory, aid in changing the physics of our bodies, environments and can transform our lives. Click on ILOVEMY LASER.COM on Homepage to learn more.

Scalar Wave Lasers carry coherent photons to our cells. With this laser technology our mitochondria INCREASES production of ATP, goes into the nucleus of our cells and downloads solutions for problems. Our older cells are more toxic—they have low cell power. The Scalar Wave Lasers clear this up and increase ATP in our mitochondria by 150%. When we can train our system to have more ATP—we have our own anti-aging program in place!

The Scalar Wave Lasers release nitric oxide for relaxation which increases white blood cells, stem cells, neurotransmitters. It creates the Stillpoint Response which allows DMT to increase. This vasodilates and opens up the body to more nutrition, more blood flow, more energy circulating in our system, so we can have bliss without sleep.

The more we use the lasers, the more it induces the sympathetic nervous system to shift to parasympathetic… WHERE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE…where we become neutral to the challenges in our lives as we unwind our cellular patterning and programs. As we do this, those folks in our environment start to also unwind their nervous systems and become calmer. So much happens thru entrainment...we got entrained by our families as infants to holding on patterns. Now we can entrain family, friends and neighbors thru the Stillpoint Response offered by the Scalar Wave Technology to let go!

The Scalar Wave Laser induces the Stillpoint Response and begins a whole new biology within us. We clear the old crust from within our cells, de-calcify the pineal and pituitary, regenerate and rejuvenate the whole of our being.

Scalar Wave Lasers And Matrix Energetics Sessions

Here at A NEXT STEP… Light Center for Transformation and Healing, Dr. Kelley Elkins and Toni Delgado combine the advanced technology of the Scalar Wave Lasers with the consciousness technology of Matrix Energetics, a fun loving and information altering technology to access the limitless possibilities available in the Quantum Field for change in people’s lives. Click on Matrix Energetcs on Homepage to learn more.

Please enjoy some of the testimonials from clients who have experienced the combined remote sessions of Scalar Wave Laser and Matrix Energetics with Toni and Kelley.

Scalar Wave Laser And Matrix Energetics Testimonials:

"My session with Toni and Kelley was profound on every level. During the session I experienced aspects of my Self in a uniquely deep and penetratingly clear way. Their work was very much a ray of light shining upon (amazingly) exact, personally-relevant issues, and somehow became an intimate, flowing adventure of healing and activations; revealing, expanding and reconnecting; with a sense of being birthed into my next level, moving me through a gateway. Toni & Kelley.... thank you!! I feel in my heart something that I can't quite name about the session, about both of you together; your consciousness, gifts, & skills provide such a unique, substantive platform, facilitating what I can only summarize as a healing; yet, it also feels like the beginning of a wondrous, new adventure. Truly remarkable, powerful, healing, and enlightening!

- Becky"
Northern Calif.


Good morning Toni and Kelley,

I hope this finds you well, young and happy!

I would like to thank you for working with me once again! Things have changed tremendously over the past 30 years since I started working with you!!! I am very excited about all the new tools becoming available to us all.

I did not pose an intention because I wanted to just have source guide the process for my highest good.

Before the session started I went to a quiet place and started doing some Stillpoint breathing. I got quite relaxed and ready. I wondered what I would feel and how it would present itself. So I just let that thought go.

Feeling centered and ready I knew the session started because a powerful energy came in and started a complete body scan. It felt like someone was unrolling a blanket over me from my feet to my head. This process lasted about 2 or 3 minutes. Slow steady, very gentle scan. I could feel the huge presence of a powerful yet gentle energy.

After the scan I focused on going deep without falling asleep, which was very easy. As I went deeper I got hints of Eucalyptus and jasmine, pastel greens and blues swirling in and around me. More scents of flower essences and swirling energy. Then I felt myself be lead very, very deep. It was a gentile and easy, effortless space. I did not fall asleep but was at the edge of what I felt as other realities or realms. Time stood still and I felt like I was everything, and nothing!

Then, just as quickly as it started I could tell when it ended. The energy suddenly but simply lifted, pulling me up with it until I was there in my room once again, completely refreshed, awake and blissed out! I haven't felt that refreshed in years!

There is something very magical about this scalar wave laser technology! This laser, accompanied by the vast array of techniques you both utilize make this one of the most powerful, gentle and profound healing experiences I have ever had. Get ready Toni and Kelley... you are going to be VERY busy!!!

David Anderson
Taos, New Mexico


Good Morning,

"I received a remote laser session from Kel and Toni a few days ago. Right away I could sense a physical relaxing in my kidney/adrenal area( from the unwinding Kel was doing in the kidney/tailbone/occipital bone spinal triad). During the next few lengthy walks I take early mornings I haven't had to rush home for the bathroom. This is very delightful, indeed ! Where I energetically felt wound like a 13 hour clock, I now easily interrupt the stress and contracted feelings and can pause in a more neutral place as I revisit the situation.

Where there has been strain in my marriage due to my husband's chronic illness, and an over vigilance on my part, I feel more peace and acceptance.

Toni's insights allowed me to identify a couple of longstanding emotional patterns which have been creating very anxious, mis- applied , unconscious "ambitions" or compass points which were eating vitality and giving me little fulfillment. Deep sigh of relief there !!!!

This dual approach treatment has been so easy to integrate, and has allowed me to move into different, easier points of view about my life "conditions"! Quite elegant!!! Thank you, Kel and Toni"

Alix in Albuquerque, N.M.


Good morning Toni & Kelley!

I want to thank you both for the work you do, for me... for all beings.

After having been in a cast for three months my shattered metatarsals needed to have my own body weight on them and i was in dull but chronic pain walking without wearing the immobilizing boot. After your remote treatment using the scalar laser on my foot, hip, adrenals, and sacrum I wanted to report what has been new and different.

I felt an immediate difference. I had been "babying" my walking gait, having been out of the cast for only three days when you worked on me. If i had been sitting for a while, my first few minutes of walking were extremely slow in pace, deliberate, and if I put any weight on the complete ball of my foot I would wince. I have to wear a supportive hiking boot/shoe for several months.

Since the laser treatment, I am walking with more confidence, no longer leaning on the instep of my injured foot. The annoying pain is no longer constant! The swelling is still present but significantly diminished and I have increased flexibility in my range of motion in the broken toes associated with the healing metatarsals. I am now walking with less of a favored limp, almost none. Even going up and down stairs is now easier. I am still waiting for my physical therapy to begin at my clinic and I look forward to showing the therapist how well I am doing!

Thank you both so much for working with me.

Peace, Susan -- Maui


Dearest Toni, Kelly and Winnie the Pooh (Winnie is a stuffed animal who acts as surrogate for the person we are playing with remotely…he loves being in service and receiving the laser energy!),

What a gift you have given me!

I can't begin to explain just how wonderful my experience so far has been since our session.

I am still integrating and noticing what is "new and different"… all the time.

Everything is new and different!

Everything has changed. It feels like a new life, a new being, a new me. I have found the part of me that loves myself, that loves everything, that loves everybody. The me that is compassionate and understanding, that is not judgemental, that is connected to everything.

I feel lighter than I ever remember feeling. I feel helped and supported all the time and can relax in this knowing.

I see and receive gifts from the universe so often every day, every hour .... Its infinite! People are responding to me differently.

I send you blessings as I delight in the sensations of this new journey!

What do you recommend as the next step?

In Light and Infinite Love,
Anique – Luxembourg


Dear Toni,

I feel really lit up and like smiling all the time : )

Freed up, basically. A lot lighter and excited to do things again.

I'm so glad I contacted you. Thank you a ton!

Elvi Orr -- Virginia, USA


I woke up this morning feeling quite tired and heavy and funny it was then that I received your first email, perfect timing, so I just sat and focused on my body, surrendering and just being. I felt a lot lighter and actually could feel a gentle smile on me quite different. I do feel much looser and invigorated now and much more in my body. I will email again later today after allowing the integration of the session.

Kind regards
Janet -- Australia

And the day after her session:

Wow , what an amazing day I have had, I feel like for the first time in 8 months I have felt awake, a new sense of enthusiasm, I have had a massive spring clean in my unit. I was at the computer and something I have never seen before flashed on the screen, it say important updates to be installed please restart the computer, but what is was saying which is what was interesting it said reconfiguring and very interesting wording which I thought ok message from the universe I am being reconfigured. I really felt a new energy all day. I definitely want more sessions, I will know in about two weeks if some extra work I have applied for will be forthcoming, a friend called me today and said a friend of hers will be calling me, her sister is going through a divorce and wants to speak with me re selling the property so I am just putting out for the finances to be there.

Talk soon.
Kind regards
Jan - Australia



Hi Toni,

Firstly a huge ‘THANK YOU” and boy oh boy, where do I begin. First miracle is my shoulder is healed. For maybe more than 3 months now, I have had so much pain in my left shoulder; I even had an ultra sound. I have been having massage and using cream every night of my life, last night is the first night I didn’t rub the cream in, when I was reading your notes, I thought o my God, my shoulder is healed, I normally wake up with it feeling very stiff but this morning lots of movement and no pain. It was beginning to make me feel quite hunched over but this morning my body is straight and my shoulders are back.

I have already scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom with clove bud oil and an old white bath mat is out of there and there is glow in the bathroom that I haven’t seen before.

I have been putting off cleaning up, saying after my exams I will go through and sort out, (good excuse) but today I have started and really looking forward to the clean up. I feel excitement about the clean and a new energy is with me……

I will focus very much on my new Mantra, in fact I am going to write it out and carry it with me, I feel so grateful for this session, I feel alive, I feel blessed, and supported.

Toni, I am so happy to have been guided to meet you. So for the rest of the day, I will continue to sort and clean, say my Mantra, continue to journal, allow this session to integrate and see where this leads.

Talk soon,

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