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Jesus said,”All that I do, you shall do and more.” Both Jesus and the Buddha did hands on healing. Reiki is a hands on healing that allows us to channel the same Universal Life Force Energy that these two Avatars (a person who has made God consciousness and was born onto the Earth plane) used while on Earth. Reiki is divine assistance that we may use on ourselves, our loved ones, clients, fellow workers, cars, radios, washing machines, forests, jungles, all species, Mother Earth, all situations.

Reiki is about being love, sending love, healing relationships. And... we have relationships with everyone and everything. Reiki helps us embrace our humanity and supports us in unfolding into our divinity. It is an energy of the healing heart. We can consciously be channeling this compassionate energy all the time.

Reiki is a foolproof system of healing. You cannot do it wrong because you are not doing it anyway. With Reiki we become humble instruments for the energy of God - Goddess. The Reiki attunements give confidence to the practitioner that the Divine Creative Essence and Wisdom are with them to heal any situation in their lives. This gives permission to get out of the way and allow it to happen. 


Reiki I Attunement: $108.00  Calls forth a Reiki Master to be part of your healing entourage. Gives the ability to do hands on healing for the self and others. All Reiki attunements can be given long distance

Reiki II Attunement: $208.00 Widens that straw that allows Universal Life Force Energy through you to broaden your healing capacity for self and others. Also allows for long distance healing.

Reiki III Attunement/Mastership: $308.00 Widens the straw you are for ever more Universal Life Force Energy. This attunement process is for those using Reiki daily on themselves and others. You are given the ability to attune others to Reiki.

Initiations for all three levels of Reiki may be done long distance via the telephone.

Reiki Session: $108.00 per hour Lovingly, gently unblocks congestion, discordant energy in the body on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Non-invasive.

Hands on Reiki sessions and long distance Reiki sessions available by appointment. $108/hour fee.

Testimonials for Reiki

While on a hike with Kelley Elkins a couple weeks ago, I was witness to the power of Reiki. Kelley slipped on a rocky slope and went down pretty hard, badly bruising and scraping his arm. I watched as he performed Reiki on himself. Within 10 minutes the injury had subsided to minor scraping, the bruising was gone. Amazingly, we continued hiking for several more hours as if nothing had happened! I have no doubt that it works, and look forward to my own introduction to Reiki at the next workshop.
Lee P - Las Cruces, NM

Reiki & Q.D. Testimonial: GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE AND ME

Amazing stuff, this energy that is everywhere and everything...

I'd reached a point of extreme frustration with my computer, which is essential to my making a living. Compounded by old conditioned desires to control the situation, I'd finally run out of patience. Not to mention other daily needs that also needed all felt to be too much to handle alone.

That's when I called Kelley. With some welcome support, un-serving energies moved out of the way. Unpleasant physical manifestations subsided quickly. Following these energy shifts, I focused Reiki energy on the computer itself. A few minutes later while testing the machine further, previous malfunctions had vanished!

How many "ghosts" had this machine accumulated over the last several years of service? It's clear now that the count is considerable.

Recognizing and acting upon this simple truth was all it took to change my world today.

I give great thanks to those who support and bless me with life and lessons in truth.

Sincerely, Lee Placchi, Las Cruces, NM

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