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Rebirthing-Conscious Energy Breathing (Pranayama)

Learn to breathe energy as well as air! This avenue of release simultaneously creates relaxation as well as energy and a sense of incredible well being. The effect is long lasting and life changing. Conscious Energy Breathing (Rebirthing) supports us in championing our emotional thoughts and changing the conditioning of the past. It teaches us to let go and upgrade the quality of our emotional thoughts.

Rebirthing helps heal generational issues as well as emotional, mental, physical and spiritual matters. It helps reframe past experiences into Higher Understanding. It will wash away the muck from life trauma, purifying Body-Mind-Soul. It renews our vision of life. Wisdom and knowing fill our Being with the most outstanding grace, joy and supreme satisfaction.

Each session usually lasts 1 -2 hours. Multiple sessions are recommended.
Call Toni or Kelley at 575-382-8771 or email
or write Toni Delgado or Kelley Elkins
P.O.Box 429, Dona Ana, New Mexico 88032, U,S.A.

The Story Of Rebirthing

Excerpt by the founder of Rebirthing Leonard Orr: can be ordered from Inspiration University along with many other books by Leonard. See address down below.

"Rebirthing is a word that has many meanings. For me, Rebirthing has two main definitions. One is learning how to breathe energy as well as air. The other is to unravel the birth-death cycle and to incorporate the body and mind into the conscious life of the Eternal Spirit, to become a conscious expression of the Eternal Spirit.

Many people use the word Rebirthing to mean any emotional release or any rush of energy in the body that stimulates breathing.

I liberated myself from much of my death urge, birth trauma and family patterns before I learned to breathe. Most people today, however, learn to breathe first and get liberated later. This is the easier way.

My rebirthing story is the story of discovering the whole process. I am known as the founder of the Rebirthing movement. The main part of this discovery took about 10-15 years. The giant leap occurred in 1974-1975. The discovery is still going on for me. Every year I learn more about breathing and spiritual liberation in very practical ways.

After we learn to breathe energy, we can practice daily in our bathtub. A Rebirthing experience usually refers to the release of psychoanalytical pain and receiving healing energy while doing the connected breathing rhythym. The release itself is not usually painful or dramatic. The connected breathing rhythym can instantly remove pain from the mind and body. Connected breathing has been used instead of anesthesia during dental work, setting of broken bones, dressing burns and other such painful experiences.

It is allowing divine energy to move in the body and "surfing" on this energy. It means breathing away negative energy concentrations to clean and balance our energy, which is the soul, the aura, the emotional body.

A Rebirthing session means doing a simple connected breathing rhythym in which the inhale is merged with the exhale in an uninterrupted circle. It means to relearn to breathe energy as well as air the way we did unconsciously as children. Since every negative thought and experience inhibits the breath, by the time we become adults, we need to relearn how to breathe. I have never met an adult (who was not an immortal yogi) who didn't need to relearn how to breathe.

When people do the connected breathing rhythym for one or two hours, they feel pure life energy flowing through their body, dissolving tension and energy concentrations. I'd like to re-emphasize that Connected Breathing sessions are not painful or filled with drama. They are usually very pleasurable, fun and interesting-simply amazing.

Most people can learn to breathe energy as well as air in ten sessions with a good Rebirther. A good Rebirther is a breathing guide who allows your own life energy to do the session. They create an environment of safety for you to experience the miracle of divine energy. Some good Rebirthers can also channel energy and make the session more powerful and pleasurable.

Rebirthing as unraveling the birth-death cycle takes longer than learning to breathe energy in 10 sessions. It takes 25-100 years or even longer. It involves personal liberation from birth trauma, infancy consciousness, family patterns and the death urge. It involves mind and body mastery.

When people have the ability to breathe energy, it is easy to release negative emotions and physical symptoms and pain that are caused by energy concentrations.

The common cold for example, in my opinion, is usually caused by birth trauma. A lot of people don't believe in birth trauma and have colds. Most people who do Rebirthing have fewer colds their first year of breathing energy and after a few years of breathing consciously, have their first coldless year of their lives. Rebirthing is the only reliable cure for the common cold because it is the only thing that heals the cause."

Inspiration University/ Rebirth International/Leonard Orr at 1-540-885-0551/fax-1230
or email: or
Also check out

What People Say About Rebirthing/Conscious Energy Breathing:

"Rebirthing is powerful. I began learning to breathe consciously in 1980 and I haven't stopped. It is an awesome built in tool and it is so incredibly life giving. Man's personal and global history is replete with war and kill and blame and we have a lot of healing to do. In an incredibly gentle and efficient way, the breath showed me how much anger I was holding. It also showed me how to release it. I recognize that we all share in the current global situation. I believe with all my heart that Conscious Energy Breathing supports the release of Collective Unconscious emotional thoughts and that Higher Understanding and Peace come from this process. This has been revealed to me thousands of times in my own process and as I support others on their Earthwalk. I want more conscious breathers on the planet! Thank you for your part."
In Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service, Young Toni Delgado

"My work with Conscious Energy Breathing (Rebirthing) has changed my battle with inner enemies into a source of positive energy renewal. It has removed a weight from my being and opened the flow of my writing. I highly recommend working with Toni Delgado."
Dr. David M. Boje, Ph.D.

" My first experience with Rebirthing was in the middle of a killer migraine headache. It took me thru the excruciating pain and opened a new way of self healing. This new way of breathing helped me not only out of physical duress, it helped upgrade my emotions, my thoughts and how I looked at the world and my place in it. I am grateful that Leonard Orr is still teaching this fantastic technology to people all over the world. He has been doing this for thirty years because It Works!"
Dr. Kelley Elkin, D. C.

"My conscious breathing work with Toni Delgado has been a wonderful tool to increase my awareness of the information available to me through my own body. With this awareness, I have been able to identify the expectations I created that led to unhappiness, worry, and hurt. I learned to let go of those expectations and accept more healing, love, and joy in all aspects of my life. Thank you, Toni, for being a wonderful teacher!"
Grace Ann Rosile, Ph.D. wrote:
"Wow, I used to use Leonard's methods in my practice! For those who have had abusive childhood's, this is wonderful! Mine was particularly abusive and his methods helped me become the socially acceptable person I am of today. Detachment is a large part of it, too. People who are this worried about the world are probably not dealing with their own problems. The human race has always been competitive and warlike. When we, each of us, can send out love and acceptance, we better all mankind. I feel so sorry for Sadaam having to stay in that hole. He isn't scary any more. That's how all "monsters," become. Imagine the karma some of these people have built up for themselves. Change is happening in deeper ways than we can imagine. Change always stirs up anxiety, but we are the beings that can change it! When we focus on our power through love, we help ourselves and others."
Love & Light, Rose G

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