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Quantum Dynamics
“Self Inquiry is the highest form of maturity”...Martin Luther King Jr.

Quantum Dynamics allows us to release upsets in ten seconds or less. It makes us lighter in all ways. It addresses all the chakras and bodies, especially the emotional. Quantum Dynamics is a tool that not only works... you can feel the difference now!

Quantum Dynamics can support you out of stuckness and through change unlike any other tool. It helps anyone see their beliefs/habits and change their positions. As a result their lives and realities absolutely shift to being at choice and in charge.

If you’ve been too afraid or hesitant to move forward, upward, inward - Quantum Dynamics is for you! You can become a fearless warrior/warrioress, filled with courage and inner strength, able to tackle all of life’s challenges easily with this tool.

Q.D. uncovers our subconscious sabotage patterns and allows us to release them quickly. It targets our emotions from tapes/programs of the past and allows us to revibrate them into energy and light.

Q.D. is activated in the body with an attunement (which can be done long distance over the telephone). The attunement creates a battery pack of support for you and for you to use with others if you so choose.

The power of the spoken word and breath are used in this tool. Q.D. works on the cellular level altering your chemistry and your past, present and future. It is a powerful life supportive and life changing tool and as such works beautifully psychotherapeutically and with all healing experiences.

This is an excellent conflict resolution tool for families, communities and groups. This tool will change the communication and chemistry of any environment, including the planet at large. Quantum Dynamics has helped people all over the world gain clarity and personal inner strength. It supports them sorting through their life issues and upsets; it allows them to metamorphasize into emotionally and spiritually mature beings.

When people see only through the limited vision of their programs and old conditioning, they have tunnel vision and are trapped in contracted thinking - feeling. Q.D. absolutely supports mankind’s evolution out of that way of being. Choice - Change - Ease become the lifestyle with Q.D.

Testimonials for Quantum Dynamics

"To summarize in a line or two will not do justice to the work. The best I can do is to say 'IT WORKS!' and 'I LOVE IT'. For the last twenty odd some years, I have been shopping for a way to understand "What am I doing here, why does it hurt so much and how can I stop the pain"? I have spent a lot of time and a small fortune on books, seminars, etc. Every book I have read and every experience I have attended has had its merits, but it has been difficult to find a tool that can be used at any moment during my daily living. Q.D. is such a tool…".
Doris E. Terry, Bosque Farms, N.M.

"This is the only tool out there I know of that has the ability to recreate and change old patterns and conditioning that have kept me stuck, with the greatest ease, speed and fruition. Once I had Q.D. in my body and learned how to use it, I would never be the same again. Even at times of fear and self distrust, I would continue to get lighter, more conscious, more alive and more at peace with myself".
Lynn Newman, Santa Monica, Ca.

" Q.D. is a tool that allows me to get in touch with my feeling body and release emotions below body death that no longer serve me. Q.D. enables me to reveal the truth and lightness of my being".
Cynthia A. Bjerk-Plocke, Tucson, Arizona

"With Q.D. I am creating an awareness of who I am and what I want this lifetime. Before Q.D., I lived a life based on other's expectations. As I grow into myself, Q.D. is more powerful and supportive everyday."
Josh Goodman, Chicago, Illinois

"Quantum Dynamics/Conscious breath work therapy is a powerful personal growth experience. It has allowed me to shift my state of consciousness to a more positive state at will."
Jim Rodgers, Las Cruces, N.M.

"I lived my life trapped in a space of false happiness, believing I was doing my best and that that was as good as it was going to get. I found Toni, Kelley and Quantum Dynamics because I deeply desired to understand how to heal in a holistic and spiritual way. I have experienced personal transformation at a level of awareness that makes me feel alive and joyful, trusting in the beauty and bounty of the Universe. My healing process is far from over, but the inner peace I can know any time I like is more satisfying than anything else I've experienced. I'm worth it!"
Laura Licona, Las Cruces, N.M.

by Jim Dvorak innovator of Quantum Dynamics
reprinted from Tools For Conscious Awarenss Volume 17, February 2002

An upset occurs when 2 or more conflicting thoughts are playing on any subject and at least one of them has an emotion attached to it that is below rage. If we have only one thought/emotion about a subject, it will be created in our outer reality pronto even if the thought was below consciousness.

The superconscious mind creates energy, the subconscious mind creates stuff out of that energy and the conscious mind says what to create. It doesn't all necessarily happen on the same day as the subconscious stores things. It stores everything we decide, say, smell, hear, see, taste and feel.

If we have 30,000 copies of "I love chocolate, it tastes great" stored in the subconscious, by the time we are 12 and then we get a zit and someone in authority tells us it is from eating chocolate and we are having hate and embarrassment (confusion and shame) about our face in the mirror, that too will get attached to chocolate. Then when we are 17, we read in a magazine that chocolate is the cause of weight gain and by then we have 60,000 copies of "this stuff really does taste great" and 1,000 copies of "shame, hate, confusion." Think of what happens when you are 40 and read an article about chocolate and high blood pressure! Now you can just imagine the kind of crap you will be able to create in your outer reality by the time you are 60 and decide to enjoy some chocolate. Chocolate is a safe example to begin to understand how an upset may get started and grow over the years.

The real problems occur around sex, money, self acceptance, relationships, drugs, control and authority to name a few of the biggies. As with chocolate, there are no absolute agreements in our world about most subjects, so there is potential for many upsets in most people's lives. Other ways we may get conflicting thoughts and emotions in our own subconscious are, agreeing deeply with someone and then going unconscious in their presence; similar but not limited to sexual relations and less so, eating with others and then going semi-comatose as all the blood from your brain rushes to your stomach to aid in digestion. This includes other possibilities like agreeing with a Doctor before surgery and then accepting anesthesia and going unconscious. More bizarre ways of getting conflicting thoughts in our subconscious would include getting cursed by someone who knows what they are doing have a lot of power or just get lucky.

Cleaning up the subconscious is called processing by most beings that are involved in doing that. I have been processing myself and others for about 25 years. There are several tools available that actually work to process your conflicting thoughts and emotions til you can create what you want when you want it. One of the tools that I have personally developed is called Quantum Dynamics and it allows the user to release any upset in 10 seconds or less. Most people who use Quantum Dynamics for processing think it is a great tool.

Processing upsets can clear up your life and make it possible to get what you want easier and faster, AND processing helps the planet and the whole cosmos especially right now. Its like we are in this huge dormitory and no one has done any cleaning for almost a year. It is great to begin to clean your own area around your bed, closet and desk but just think, you will be the one finding the trash can, broom mop and etc. You will also be the one clearing a trail to the trash can and replacing some of the light bulbs not only in your room but down the hall and in the stairwell to boot. You might even wake up a few others in the process and they might get encouraged to clean up their area. 2 weeks from now you might be in a group that is deciding what color to paint the bathrooms and when to install new carpets in the dining rooms.

Processing helps more beings than you can at first imagine and you get all the credit. If you are alive on Earth now you have already been helped by others who have processed in the last 50 years especially. Do you think Armageddon wouldn't have happened without it? The subconscious hates to process upsets because it has a great resistance to change the same way a teenager hates to clean their own room. My mother used to come into my room about once every 3 weeks with a trash can and use her forearm to sweep everything off of my table and dresser...Armageddon for my projects and messes. The last mini ice age on Earth was like that. So far the processors of this planet have held the big sweep at bay, do you want to help?

Jim Dvorak

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