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Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is an amazing Consciousness Technology that is catching fire around the globe. This is happening because we are ready for it. The time is NOW for us. The light is green for Humanity to move forward into expanded states and playful experience, into Miracles and Magick, into Choice we may not have known for a long, long time, in maybe forever!

With M.E. (Matrix Energetics) we are able to access Doorways, Windows and Gateways to Quantum Possibilities where we learn to live in GRACE. There is an EASE that comes over us, thru us, from us and a playfulness that opens within us as we begin and continue with the M.E. experience to allow shifts and change in our lives.

By playing with M.E., conditioned patterns we have memorized so well do not plague us as in the past. We learn to interact with the information and energy that is us, as we play with the light that formulates our essence. Life feels so much more manageable as we recognize we can relate to this information differently--in a neutral manner and not feel so overwhelmed by the inevitable changes and conditioned fears that are so prevalent in today’s society.

Our hearts and heart space offer a totally different way of seeing and experiencing. This changes our perception of what we are receiving as information from the world around us and within us. We learn thru M.E. how to tap into this sacred space daily. As a result, our relationships with others, ourselves, our known and unknown, seen and unseen world shift dynamically.

Issues to include health, illness, finance, relationship…you name it…it is all light and information and all readily addressable with Matrix Energetics.

Kelley and I always felt blessed in our individual pathwork with the technologies we have been privy to and Now with Matrix Energetics we are having so much more fun doing it! Instead of fretting about things, we now experience a lightness of being…we are so very Grateful for this life and its many lessons.

Thru the opening of unlimited possibilities in the Quantum Field or Zero Point Field we are able to facilitate people into liberation, enjoyment and enlightenment.

Matrix Energetics works quickly and efficiently. We notice shifts in clientele as “new and different” right away in most cases. In some cases new and different happens over a period of time.

Much of our service is done remotely--over the phone or email.

Email or call us to set up a session with one or both of us today! Why delay your pleasure?

It was Saturday, the first day of Matrix Energetics Level One. It was my first day of personally experiencing this rare and wonderful consciousness technology. We were in a practice session, which means everyone that was in attendance was paired up to work the Two Point strategy (two places on the body where your interest is drawn) we had just been taught.

I was paired up with a woman who was much bigger than I. Even though I had witnessed more than three dozen people collapsing the night before and earlier that day…I thought, ”Well, that won’t happen to me!” So, here is this woman two pointing me and I see and feel my body going down. I am consciously thinking to my self, “Hey, she’s pushing me down.” And I’m leaning there for I don’t know how long, thinking nothing is happening. Pretty soon she is helping me up and I realize that I have been drooling all over this poor woman’s arm! I sit up and recognize that I am definitely in an altered state of consciousness.

What happened? The two point created an opportunity for my body-mind to shift/change. I was supported by this woman into the Zero Point Field where I unconsciously accessed Limitless Possibility and Probability. And it was so effortless that I wasn‘t even aware that it was happening.

Matrix Energetics is the gift of Consciousness Transformation that is being taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett of Seattle Washington. He is currently offering these seminars across the nation and it is spreading like wildfire. Why is it spreading? Because it is time. It is time for all of Humanity to open its arms wide to its Good…to its Seed of Greatness. It does no good to talk about the Life Abundant and not live it. Matrix Energetics opens the doors for us to Live it!!!

Kelley and I have been working with cutting edge technology for the last two decades and what we learned from Richard blew our socks off. We always knew that Universal Intelligence was available to us in more ways than just thru the Akashic records. We wanted the Energy of Universal and Cosmic Potential to be available to us. Matrix Energetics does this for us. We learn how to access and open doors and windows that were formerly only available thru sci-fi.

Best of all, being with Matrix Energetics is incredibly playful and fun. The Energies and Intelligence of Matrix and the Matrix Angels love us so very much. They enjoy interacting with us and supporting us thru this work-play.

When Kelley first used M.E. with me, I felt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz when she was melting. I had disappeared into the quantum field and felt like I was a pair of eyes in space. It was a great sensation that allowed me to be the experience of being formless and free of the conditioning of my body-mind.

Experiencing it over and over allows you to get free and experience yourself in a new and different way. You become enthused with everything and light hearted--attracting more of the same to yourself.

Our clients have had similar experiences. Some who had been at a given level of consciousness, just took off and started experiencing more prosperity, more positive outlooks, more grace, higher relationships to loved ones, their bodies and finances. They now have more self confidence and higher levels of personal power to create exactly what they desire.

If you are ready for life changing experiences, we suggest sessions with us. Call or email us now to begin your adventure into The Zero Point Field of All Possibility and Probability.
Phone or in person sessions:

Matrix Energetics Testimonials:


This from a family who came for one session:

“Dear Toni and Kelley,

Many great things have manifested in our lives since we last saw you. Most importantly, Sarah’s headaches have been reduced to “every once in a while” which is more like normal. Great!!! She and her sister are actually in Baltimore Maryland, on their own, to attend a techno music festival. Veronica and I both fully understand that ME had everything to do with it.

Veronica and I have gotten much closer and have continued our studies in consciousness and search for our own truth. We have been blessed with more than enough money to finally attend ME 1 & 2 in Denver. The seminar, hotel and travel are all paid for! We will be interested in attending your monthly practice sessions once we complete these levels. We are so excited about the transformations in our lives and so looking forward to learning more about playing with ME.

I have recommended both of you to a friend and colleague. He is having lower back pain and seeing a Chiropractor. He is still in pain and I know ME can have great effects on these types of conditions. Hopefully he will call or e-mail you. We will stay in touch and look forward to working with you both in the future!

Steve & Veronica Self”
Las Cruces, N.M.



I really enjoyed my session last week. It was wonderful - and connected me to myself in a lovely way. That whole day was special - it seemed to be full of synchronicity, and when I ran in to people, they seemed really really glad to see me.

What is new and different since then? Hmm -- that is not quite as black and white (but then I think that often we don't see the most obvious things...). I do think my facility for "blending with the land" and all that that means has been bumped up. Seems easier, and deeper.

I love your simple moving-into-the-heart induction, and have been working with that a lot. I have been eating like a starved kitten, especially in the evenings, but I don't know that that has anything to do with our session. I will keep watching for what is new and different (Seems like a good practice anyway). And I deeply thank you once again for our time together.

Blessings to you,
Wayne in Santa Fe, N.M.



I am honored that you would share my words with others--may they magnetize many new souls to your loving work!

EVERYTHING is new and different! i loooved the session with you. it held such a sense of innocence, my pervading sensation has been of fun, and freedom.

my signposts read: Aum Namaha Shivaya, What's New and Different, and Good is Unfolding!

i am seeing major shifts in the biggest most challenging projects that selby and i are working on... getting past gatekeepers, being heard, hearing YES, making progress...

... effortlessly shifting patterns.... and seeing the ones that are on the verge of shifting with great clarity...

ongoing gratitude.....

baby is fine, waking up inside me just as i write this, movements smaller as he expands and prepares for the runway down to earthly existence...

what's new and different! a clear, clear sense of my energy body as a sphere, my physical body at its center, and the ability to pull light into its center, my body, and feel spaciousness enter, releasing everything, approaching the realm of dematerialization.

love to you from baby babaji and his crew ;)

Tanya on Maui


"Pretend" Pretend for a moment that you are whole - you are well - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Pretend that you are all you were born to be. How does one do that? Spend time with Toni and Kelley. "Get out of your head space and go into your heart space," Kelley says, or was it Toni? It doesn't matter because having a session with both of them, they become one. I realize that what is "new and different" about this 2 1/2 hours session is that I felt more present than any other in the 12 years I have worked with my healers. Was it them, was it me, was it Matrix Energetics? All I know is, it was, and now the work has turned into play and that the heart space is where I "want to dwell". And I don't even have to pretend."

MA from Maui


This client emailed in real distress over a new business partnership. We did a remote session with her and this is what she replied with a few hours later.

“I notice I feel freer. I notice I feel central to the business. I notice I can make informed decisions as I go and that... this is my ability and right, and in a peaceful yet strong way. I notice I feel more open and able to have a variety of things, aspects of these developing relationships, to co-exist. I notice I just breathed in deeply and my upper (heart area) back expanded and popped :)

... and I notice I am always touched with both of your's strength, clarity, and warrior-spirit. ohhh woooowwwweeee.
... I notice tears in gentle relief.

I am grateful to you.”



This client called before he left his home to come for his appt. His vehicle would not start and he asked Kel’s support with Matrix for himself and his car to get here for his session. His vehicle upon arriving sounded like it was firing on half of the cylinders.

Yesterday morning was seeming to start out rough, I felt irritated and in a poor mood. Sometimes it's easy to forget to pause, breathe, and ask what "this" is all about (this was one of those times)...and that's when it's especially awesome to have support available from another.

I had a regular morning session with Kelley at 10am and was further irritated when the Jeep wouldn't start. After several tries it ran very rough and we were on our way.

During the session, Kel supported my moving some "stuff" that was up, using Matrix Energetics. Relaxation occurred in just a few minutes and the irritation subsided. I felt peaceful, and the "things" that had previously seemed so irritating had transformed into small trivial items with clear opportunities in easy reach.

When I left, the Jeep started perfectly and ran great...a clear confirmation of how one's environment can reflect what's going on within. There was really nothing wrong with the Jeep, it was simply my own "stuff" getting in the way.

Thanks to Kel and Matrix, my world was shifted FAR more quickly than I was able to do alone at the time.

Lee Placchi
New Mexico
ME Certified Practitioner



“Toni asks, "What do you notice that is different?" The simple answer is that I notice that I am alive, as alive as I can remember being since I was a child spending perfect days walking in the forest, seeing grass grow and knowing what the birds and animals are saying. As alive as I have been as an adult, swimming with dolphins, hearing what they are saying to me, swimming with humpback whales (as a legitimate research assistant) with those creatures as big as a Safeway truck, not feeling ONE bit afraid, knowing I am doing what I am meant to do at the moment. Only finding out afterward that Toni had done a session on me at the particular time when I knew someone was going to come into the room and knowing who that person was; knowing how to respond to a person before that person asked a question or made a statement; being able to stay apart, when craziness was happening all around me-not being pulled into it nor worrying that I would get pulled into it. What do I notice that is different Toni? How simply this sounds, but here's the complex part - I feel clean inside.” I want to continue with this.


Aloha Toni,

These past two years have been an incredible journey of healing, discovery and adventure. I have found passion I never new I had. In work, in play, and in loving.

I have learned many things and look forward to learning more about myself, about life. I enjoy watching others in my life that I have touched. Watching them now grow in so many ways. Every day is a new adventure.

I wake up excited to see what comes my way. I feel a peace so strong that I know I am doing what I should be doing.

Doors are shutting and new ones are opening. I have people I have known for years commenting on how happy I am, that I live in the moment, and that it looks good on me. I would have to agree with them. I like my life, I like living.

My life will never be the same again and it has a lot to do with meeting you.

Thank you!
A Hui Hou, (Until we meet again)



Hi Toni,

Firstly a huge ‘THANK YOU” and boy oh boy, where do I begin. First miracle is my shoulder is healed. For maybe more than 3 months now, I have had so much pain in my left shoulder; I even had an ultra sound. I have been having massage and using cream every night of my life, last night is the first night I didn’t rub the cream in, when I was reading your notes, I thought o my God, my shoulder is healed, I normally wake up with it feeling very stiff but this morning lots of movement and no pain. It was beginning to make me feel quite hunched over but this morning my body is straight and my shoulders are back.

I have already scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom with clove bud oil and an old white bath mat is out of there and there is glow in the bathroom that I haven’t seen before.

I have been putting off cleaning up, saying after my exams I will go through and sort out, (good excuse) but today I have started and really looking forward to the clean up. I feel excitement about the clean and a new energy is with me……

I will focus very much on my new Mantra, in fact I am going to write it out and carry it with me, I feel so grateful for this session, I feel alive, I feel blessed, and supported.

Toni, I am so happy to have been guided to meet you. So for the rest of the day, I will continue to sort and clean, say my Mantra, continue to journal, allow this session to integrate and see where this leads.

Talk soon,


Matrix Energetics With Horses by Dr. Grace Ann Rosile

Three good rides!

This is some months after doing the Matrix seminar at the end of January. I have done 2 M.E. practice sessions with Kelley since then, and also Kelley came this past Friday to work with me and the horses on a very windy day. We had great success Friday, I rode Rowan and Silverado (described earlier) and just lunged Annahd.

Yesterday I realized that I have been riding in fear for a long time now. Due to some bad falls, scary experiences on new younger and untrained horses, and I guess just getting older and more fearful, I realize that most of the time I am riding I am covering over the fear.

FRIDAY 3/26/10
I stood next to Rowan last Friday and said to Kelley, “I really don’t feel good about this. This is not fun.” Kelley said “It’s OK. It’s OK to feel fear. Ask yourself how can this be useful. Take the feeling into your heart. (I was crying then.) Now drop it down into your pelvis. Fear is your friend. How can it help you? Let yourself feel it. Drop it down into your pelvis. (Then I was over the crying.) Now connect from your heart space.” I felt unburdened, relieved, happy!

I got on Rowan and had a great ride! It took a few circles to get our signals straight. Then when I asked her to trot, her head came up a bit (not usual for her). Kelley said “Drop into your heart space.” So I did that, and with nothing else, her head dropped down. This happened three times (see earlier report).

SATURDAY (3/27/10)
The wind was picking up yesterday afternoon, So I rode Silverado first, then only lunged Rowan and Annahd. Rowan was fine, and Annahd was still spooking a bit at the swaying bushes, but much calmer than Friday.

SUNDAY 3/28/10
It was very chilly early, with an occasional brisk breeze. I started close to noon with Rowan. I sang the Namkar Mantra to her, which she always loves. I did not put her halter on her and tie her as usual, And she thought this was odd. I did put alfalfa in her bucket.

Then when I went to put her bridle on she moved away, as if she might go out the door (already saddled!). I was not following the “rules” for tacking up! And just before this, she failed to move out of my way when I entered her stall. I had to ask and touch her to get her to move. I felt like this was not a good “sign.” Then I said, “I make the signs (rules). I am going to do it this way, and it will be OK. I will stay connected from my heart, and it will be fine.”

As I groomed, I focused on staying in my heart space. I kept it up while we lunged. She walked slowly, and did not pick up the pace until the third time I asked. She did not want to trot when I asked, she just kept walking. I actually snapped the whip lightly and said a bit louder “Trot!” And it was fine. This was another choice point, where I said to myself, I make the rules, and it is OK for me to swish the whip, as long as I stay in my heart space when I am asking for what I want, and am open to hearing her response about what she wants. She was willing to trot!

And she began to loosen up and move bigger, and cantered beautifully and accepted more pressure on the bit to balance herself and stay round at the canter.

Then I called to Chilli to come to the barn, to be in the barn while I was riding, but he could not hear me (earphones and an ipod I think). I thought, well if I have to call for help, he won’t hear that either! To which I responded to myself, then I just won’t have any problems or emergencies! It is a gorgeous day! Rowan is not a spooker if I am not.

I decided I would not be upset or worried, just focus even more on heart space, and remind Rowan what good team we are together. (My actual words to her were “We are invincible together!”) I felt so connected to her that I was close to tears of happiness—it was the feeling I get from Matrix energy— a kind of bubbly feeling in the chest area.

Then I got on, and I realized I forgot my half-chaps, and also, that the saddle was a bit loose. I thought about getting off to “fix” things, then I said to myself, No I am not getting off, I will just stay centered and balanced! And I will feel you (Rowan) better without the half-chaps.

We walked calmly left and right, re-establishing her response to my guidance as I moved a leading rein to the right as we turned right, and even kept that right rein wide as we turned left to avoid her cutting in too sharp in our left turn. Then I asked for the trot, which she did not pick up right away. I gave a stronger nudge. Still no trot. I was beginning to wonder what was going on. I am usually slowing her down, she trots at the slightest hint. Without any upset or blame, I just gave a third and stronger nudge with both lower legs, and said calmly, “trot.” She trotted beautifully. Her head was up a bit, and I refocused on heart space which got no visible response, then I squeezed the outside rein slightly and she gave and dropped her head. Then I needed to use my inside calf to keep her bent and into the outside rein, while checking to be sure I had weight in the outside stirrup and also, that the outside leg was relaxed against her side and not sticking stiffly out as I realized I had done in my two prior rides. Here the lack of half-chaps helped me feel how my leg felt to Rowan. Also, the L&R saddle let me feel her back so much better than the Wintec. Our trotting went beautifully! I had only trotted one or two circles each way when Kelley was there on Friday. Now I trotted 2-4 circles in each direction, dropping back to walk in the transitions.

Both walk transitions were very good--no sudden jolt to slow down. After very nice trots in each direction, and nice downward transitions (which felt different to me in the L&R, so they were not quite as smooth and balanced as they have been at times) and that was it! We were done!

I petted and praised her, and asked her to “nod” as I used to do years ago---she did it immediately. I was so happy and excited by our ride---and she was happy and calm, and seemed to say “This was easy--no big deal! Why are you so excited?” This, from the horse that last week I thought I might never ride again, as she lunged at the gallop!

Then I tacked up Annahd. As usual, he was a bit lazy in lunging. I urged him to move forward several times, and finally got him going. Left and right were both good. Then I got on, and he was very very sluggish at the walk. I just kept after him without getting annoyed. He pooped while walking (one point for me!) and finally was moving better. Then we trotted, and his head was mildly up and down. We were going well about half the time. In our figure eights, our transition to the left was always good, then half a circle later we would lose our forward motion and contact on the outside rein, which made our transition to the right unbalanced. I worked at keeping the reins steady and not giving in too much when he would go round and stretch down---I kept saying aloud to him, “I’m not giving an inch!” and “you must come here.” And soon he did, and we did a perfect figure eight, with his head down the whole time, almost too far down as in stretching, but steady and forward the whole time. Success! I halted and asked him to nod. He did not want to. I nudged his side and he dropped his head a little bit. I said, no, I want more. I said this about 4-5 times. When he had dropped his head a few inches farther down, I hopped off and praised him. He did his job, but he made me really work for it. That’s OK, that’s Annahd.

Reflecting afterwards, I realized that today I felt more NEUTRAL when I “corrected” him. I thought I was unemotional previously, but this ride showed me I was not. In the past I would get disappointed, or get slightly aggressive in demanding he do what I asked. I could not see it (or feel it) at the time, but now in comparison to today’s ride it is clear. By going to my heart space, my responses to his “bad” behaviors were neutral—in fact, there were no bad behaviors, just behaviors I didn’t want and those that I did---like when I kept asking him to drop his head more, and more, and more. It was not punishment, and it was not demanding, it was assertive asking. Throughout the ride, I did not take the undesirable responses personally, I did not make him wrong, he was just being Annahd. Nor did I make myself wrong. I just kept asking for what I wanted, and pretty soon I got it. At the end, I felt our last figure eight was wonderful, maybe our best ever, in terms of feeling him relaxed and giving.

In sum, it appears most (if not all) of my problems with riding for the past several years have been due to fear and getting caught up in ego rather than coming from heart space. Heart drives out fear, and makes many actions unnecessary.

And the same physical action, the same use of seat, rein, or leg, when coming from heart, gets a better response. When I lunged Annahd yesterday, he shied down at the far left corner of the arena, his favorite place to shy. I was surprised to notice that my automatic response was from the heart, and it felt different.

Physically I did not do anything else differently. But I think it was because my response came from the heart, that Annahd did not spook or shy at all the rest of that session.

I can’t wait to try this stuff again tomorrow!
Grace Ann
Las Cruces, N.M.


Interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett
of Matrix Energetics
by Szuson Wong, Ph.D.

S: What are the major principles of Matrix Energetics?

R: Well, the major principles of Matrix Energetics are that we are just photons; we are basically patterns of light and information and when we begin to look at ourselves in that way and not as bodies- physical bodies, bodies having problems or minds having problems, or having emotional problems, or financial problems or all these things we begin to see that light as an interconnecting consciousness makes up the entire grid or network of the universe. When you look at things that way you can then begin to utilize the science in Quantum Physics and the principles in Quantum Physics of non-locality, which means there is no distance or separation with phenomenon. The idea that the act of observing something entangles you with what you are observing and the very observation itself, changes what you are looking at. At this level of the quantum of the photon, and the idea of the quantum entanglement, is once you have observed something and entangled yourself with the information, you become a part of that, so that you become one with what you are interacting with. What you do with this is change, slightly change what you are observing and see massive changes in these physical conditions.

S: I am aware that your background is in naturopathy and in did Matrix Energetics come about?

R: Well, Matrix Energetics, what we call it now, we just called it “ME” when it happened. In 1996, I was working full-time as a chiropractor and was attending Naturopathy School in Seattle, full-time, which involved 31 credit hours. I had not obtained a license in Washington to practice chiropractic so I had to drive all the way to Montana in order to practice. I did this two weekends out of the month. This started to fragment because when you are on the road 13 hours one way, and work all weekend, and then drive 13 hours back, while attending full-time Medical School, you get quite busy, so you learned to multitask. There was a lot of stress involved and my hands started to cramp up in an arthritic pattern. My fingers would close into my palms and it got to be quite painful. What I have been able to do is whenever I have a problem, I call in divine assistance. Call on the angels for help. I have been saved a number of times. I know many people have. And so, when this got to be too much and nothing was really happening, I just kind of called out for help and Matrix Energetics showed up. It is interesting it showed up looking a lot like the Superman character, George Reeves, from the 1950s TV series, which is just, I think, an example of my subconscious mind assigning a friendly archetype to the experience.

S: What is the vision you have for Matrix Energetics?

R: My daughter teaches with me. My son works with me. He runs the sound system for me. My granddaughter, who is 9 years old, can do anything in Matrix Energetics that I talk about. I would like to see this information, these abilities, available to anyone at all across the planet who wants them. I worry about a time when medications may be less easy to get, or if strange diseases or conditions start to multiply on the planet, or we have a situation where people cannot get free health care, or cannot help each other, or there are not enough doctors, or there are not enough solutions. With Matrix Energetics it is more about consciousness transformation than it is about quote “healing” of diseases or conditions . But this is something that is a large part of the experience of Matrix Energetics. Many people have been quote “healed” or transformed from life-threatening conditions. They have also transformed their finances; transformed relationships; transformed their view, which I think is the most important, their view of their place in the Universe and how they interact with it. Once you begin to see yourself as a part of what has been called “The Zero-Point Energy Field” or “Mind of God” and you are connected with it, it empowers you tremendously to have a sense of belonging; to feel like there is nothing you conceivably can not do, or at least attempt. It is a tremendous feeling of Love and of never being separated, actually being One with the Universe.

S: I have seen some pretty remarkable effects in the seminar. Has there been anyone or any of your patients who have not responded to Matrix Energetics?

R: It is interesting when you talk about responding to Matrix Energetics if you take it as truth that we are made of photons, then the act of observing all these precipitates change. It is something called the “collapse of the wave function” to briefly use a technical term, where you look at something from a point of infinite possibilities and then you choose. What happens is the collapse of the wave function. Out of that choice comes a new pattern or a new creation. So I believe that every time you are interacting with Matrix Energetics with this intent, something happens. Now whether or not someone is “healed” of a condition, or whether their aches and pains go away, or their finances are transformed in the way they might want, that is not something that is up to me, or something I can predict. But, what I have noticed is that even though the experience of Matrix Energetics is an instantaneous one, it happens immediately, the effects, the ripples if you will, of the experience can continue throughout someone’s life, in every aspect of their life, including apparently in their dream worlds. Many people contact me and tell me: “Well, I had this dream and you were in it and you were teaching me these things.”

Well, and I thought that is very disturbing because I thought my schedule was already full and now I am actually working in my dream world. But, I believe that the consciousness, the energy, and the information of Matrix Energetics have the potential to permeate through every aspect of a person's life. So even if they did not experience the change that they thought they would at the time, many people report to me that their lives are different - that they are richer, more powerful, more magical. To me that is really the point: Consciousness Transformation. I am very happy when tumors disappear, or diseases go away or people’s pain is eliminated. This is a great thing. But, it is not something you can promise. It is like I believe that if you ask for bread, you will not be getting a stone; if you ask for a fish you will not be getting a serpent. That is what it says in the Bible. So I think something positive and powerful always occurs. I can not say that I would always know what it is, or can in fact direct what happens.

S: In your book Matrix Energetics, you spoke about “changing the assemblage point” and immediately what came to mind was a modern-day Carlos Castaneda. How does that happen?

R: You know, people always ask about that part in the book because basically my friend, Dr. Dunn, who has studied with me for a number of years and is now out on his own, doing what he does best; he is a master in his own right. He had reached an impasse where he needed some impetus to change in order to get the idea. So, at one point, what showed up was a kind of relationship similar to the old Kung Fu master, where the master would just beat the heck out of the student until enlightenment occurred. So, I kind of took a move from the Kung Fu series, with David Carradine, and just smacked him in the chest. When I smacked him in the chest, my intent was that it would shift his awareness so that he could then access in the moment, you know, what I was trying to convey, which words or more gentle experiences could not. For him in that particular instance it worked, and that was the moment where he got help, I believe. He understood--it was like he had a consciousness shift that reassembled his awareness. So in a sense that was very much the intent of say, like Carlos Castaneda. Whether or not I did the same thing I can not say. What we can say is we moved his Assemblage Point. We certainly moved his point of view.

S: What were the most common conditions that you were treating or seeing in your patients?

R: Well, in chiropractic, what we most commonly see when people come in, is a back problem, or a pain, or a nerve problem, headache or something like that. But once they got into the experience with me, sometimes their entire reality would shift instantly. People would come in for a pain in the foot or something, and they would experience a change in their digestion; or they would forget to mention that they had a problem with dizziness or vertigo and they came in for a low back pain. It is funny because there was one gentleman who could not lay down, for me to adjust him. He forgot to mention to me that he had this terrible vertigo. So I thought that in order for him to lie down and for me to give him this adjustment that he wants, I am going to have to do something about his vertigo. When you are in the moment, these things can happen instantaneously. I do not remember what I did. I think I pretended to be John of God, and I engaged in “pretend surgery” and put my finger into his eye, you know, and I snipped here and snipped there and he kind of went unconscious and when he came to he was laying on his back. His back did not hurt anymore and his vertigo was gone. So, pretty much just improvising in the moment, but we see every imaginable kind of condition. We try to condition people not to necessarily focus on their condition, but to focus on what condition their condition is in. In other words, the consciousness that sustains the belief in the condition somewhat limits their ability to experience a change. Once they change the way they are viewing themselves in relationship to the Universe they change their condition, as a matter of fact.

S: When I was in the conference room, I noticed that you were simultaneously experiencing some of the energies that the other person was experiencing. Is it necessary to be an empath to do Matrix Energetics?

R: I do not think I am an empath. I can be. I could be. It is not very useful to feel people’s aches, pains, problems or develop their diseases in order to cure them. Like the case where they kept torturing the men, and almost killing them, so the empath would heal them? I do not think so! Let us not sign up for that! But what I teach people is to notice what they would not normally notice like the space around themselves--outside of themselves: the molecules, the carpet, the energy of a room. When you start to focus in a new way you can notice a person’s sensations, their experiences, and you can also notice other things. The most common thing people notice is that they are able to feel, see, hear, and sense things that they could not before because they were not paying attention to them before. It is not so much that they could not, it is just that when one suddenly decides to let new sensations in as part of one’s internal environment and external reality, they come in. Sometimes it is simply just a matter of opening a door. So when you open the door and you have the intent for these things to occur to the benefit of others and yourself, they do.

S: In the presentation, you mentioned communicating with your guides. Who are your guides?

R: A bunch of jokers, that is who they are. I do not know. There is one deep male voice that has been with me my whole life. I talk about him in the book...I say it is him but it could be a woman with a sex-change. Who knows! I mean, you can not really say, but I experience in my internal hearing a deep male voice. It told me to “slap the mat” when I was hit by a car when I was 10 years old and was flying through the air unconscious. “Slap the mat” is not what you would choose to say to someone to save their life unless it triggers some unconscious memory association, call it past life, call it what you will, but something that allows you to act instantly, right? Like “stop!” or “don’t look down!”, or something like that? “Slap the mat”. Very cryptic. It is exactly what I needed to hear. So I tucked and rolled and I came down just like a martial artist on the pavement and slid, rather than landing on my head, which would have killed me. So when you have something like that happen then, when that voice crops up in your life, which it did throughout my life, through my childhood and then on, you pay attention. Now, there are other teaching voices that come in. Who knows if they are just parts of one’s sub-personalities; if they are things that you have created with your subconscious mind in order to pay attention to information you have access to but would normally not pay attention to, or it could be a stronger personality. It is not for me to say. The point is, “is it useful?; does it, does the information make sense? Can you rely upon it?” Those 3 things I find with the teacher-guides voices, whatever they are, that I have, are true for me.

S: I see Matrix Energetics as a very expansive tool with unlimited ramifications, and if you can take it to another level it can really bring about huge Earth changes....

R: Good!

S: Is that what you perceive for the future?

R: Well, you know, it is interesting. Some of my spiritual training..... some of the teachers that I have been fortunate to study with have always said that it is a formula, an alchemical formula of light, energy and information that you would not find if you were in pursuit of it because when you found it, you would have already become it, so I think Matrix Energetics can be like that where the applications, the abilities, the healings, the miracles can continue to grow, expand and deepen for the entire world experiencing this energy because they have chosen to focus on it, therefore they bring it in. It is kind of like if you do not want Tinkerbell to die, then you clap your hands and you say: “I do believe in fairies. If you do believe in Matrix Energetics or something like that“, it grows stronger in you; your connections with it; your ability to access it; your skill with it; and your unconscious skills continue to flower and give fruit.

Since I believe it is a self-intelligent phenomenon, in other words not dependent on me and anyone is able to access it and can work with it without having met me, or learn from me, although it does help to read the book and things like that, it is going to grow stronger. Now you are pointing in one direction and seeing what might be possible. One of my students, he “two pointed” (this is one of the things we teach), that by measuring something, and being able to observe it and then observe it change, you can access the quantum states of possibility. He “two pointed” at a lake. All the pollution mysteriously disappeared. This is documented in Washington state. I can not remember the name of the lake, but you know what I am talking about.

There were so many gallons and gallons of pollution from so many years and they were suddenly gone! The EPA measured it and the lake was perfectly pristine. The newspapers called it a “miracle”. My student just felt we connected that day, and said: “I want to do something about the pollution in the lake," and them, poof! It happened. Now, is that a reproducible paradigm? Probably not. Due to special circumstances, who knows what they are. But the point is, the more you practice, the more you expand your awareness into the infinitude of possibilities of those things happening, the more likely they will continue to occur and grow in number and frequency.

S: Since anyone can access and utilize the skills and energies of Matrix Energetics, how do you feel about anyone possibly misusing it and doing something totally opposite of what you have just said?

R: I do not think it is possible. For one thing, we do not attract people that want to do those things, and I do believe there are guardian spirits in the Universe who watch over us, and watch over our application of these things and there are limits to what we are allowed to manifest or to do based upon the quality of our heart and the purity of our intent. This is something I am very proud of and that I can say without concern. The students, the people whom I have met and had the great joy to train have been exemplary. I am not talking about “nice”, or “spiritual”. No. I am talking about the taxi driver who hears me for 5 minutes on the radio due to some weird interference breaking into the station which he was listening to and then drives over compelled to meet me. Or the computer expert in London who comes across my website and hears a voice in his head telling him: “You must go to this seminar". These things I believe are intuitively or divinely-guided. I certainly believe in the principles hierarchy and harmony in the Universe; that there are guiding principles and guiding spirits who watch over us. They are very much a part of this expansive Matrix Energetics and they are the guardians of Matrix Energetics.

S: From the history of this culture and our planet we know that those who stand up and shine very brightly get sort of dampened and silenced, so to speak. How do you protect yourself from those forces?

R: I try and shine very dirtily. I try and look kind of muddy. (Laughing) I might be brighter than I appear. I am certainly brighter than I have a right to be. I do not believe in entering into a relationship of opposition with forces that would attempt to silence me and therefore when you are not in that vibration and not walking that path of opposition to something, you can just get along. You can get along quite a ways before someone realizes you are even out there!

S: I have one more question. There has been a lot of hype about 2012, that there will be Earth changes and power shifts. What are your feelings about that?

R: Well, there are a lot of prophecies about these things, about 2012 and so on. People thought that when 2000 came along, because of the way computers were set up, that we would have this massive crisis and a failure of our civilization. There are a lot of newsletters about hype and terror. We have thought the world would come to an end many times. We have been on the brink of nuclear war. I believe in the principle of Grace. I believe in these overseeing spirits. I believe anything is possible and it is not necessary to go through chaos and upheaval in order for change to occur. However, if change does happen to look like chaos and upheaval then I want to be doing everything I can to smooth the transition of the people, of our spirits, of our beings into whatever 2012 is going to look like. God-willing, I will be around to help!

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