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Light Body Ascension Chart

This is a superlative Chakra Chart that holds the opportunities to heal, balance and revibrate each individual chakra. It combines 9 different systems of healing . The Chart contains the thought forms, emotions, parent thought, master judgment, subconscious, higher and superconscious emotions of the seven major chakras. It has the colors that support the revibration of each chakra along with the healing tatwa (symbol), musical note and breath cycle.

It is also a magnificent colorful reference for teaching emotional literacy. Great for Body and Energy Workers, Reiki practitioners, Rebirthers, Therapists...for anyone interested in healing themselves and/or helping others. They are double laminated for use in wet rebirths and tub process (utilizing the element of water to purify and support us in our process).

Large Chart - 14" X 20": $25 + $8 p/h = $33 in U.S.
Outside of U.S. contact us for postage fee

Send money order to:
Toni Delgado
P.O. Box 429
Dona Ana, New Mexico 88032

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