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Land/Building Acupuncture

Sometimes not feeling well, not sleeping well and not fairing well in our personal and business pursuits and relationships can be the result of living or working in a location that has interfering energy.

Kelley and I learned how to acupuncture land and buildings when we were living on a property in 1993 that had a road that came directly at our home and property before turning aside to go around/past us…the energy of the cars/ trucks/ farm equipment and their passengers came right into our house.

During that same time frame, Kelley had read the book Needles of Stone Revisited, about the dark lines that run on the surface of the earth and how they can be stopped and diverted.

This same property also had several hauntings that needed to be dis-invited. Dealing with disincarnates and entities became a valuable learning for us.

Thru the years we have been given assignments to open and close vortexes, deal with hexes and curses, change the energy of varying edifices and property and other extraordinary experiences.

We never thought to ask for testimonials long ago from clients. Here are a couple of recent acupuncture clients: 

Acupuncture for Home and Property Testimonials

re: the acupuncture of my house:

Before the acupuncture clearing of my house, my cats had been misbehaving in several ways. Not fun! They used to be mannerly, but not in the past year or so. One was messing on the carpet in several places, and also having vomiting that the vet said was not a physical issue. The other cat, an older cat, was having vomiting issues, and not wanting to eat very well. I was not able to let them out of my kitchen area at all. After the clearing they are all able to be wonderful free cats, able to roam the house again freely. There has been no messing, or vomiting, and the elder kitty is eating much better. They are very happy to be able to do they want and to be an integral part of the family. They are great, and wise, "caretakers," and are happy to again be allowed to do their jobs. Such a difference !

Thank you Kelley!
SY in Texas

“I am wondering if it is possible for you to energetically clear our house? After you did it with the center some months ago, it truly felt different…I have felt past energy and information here, especially as there is a lot of things here, clutter, too many things and I feel the energy and information of those things that often overwhelms me…Yesterday, I went to the office room in our house, where whoever is taking care of the bills, book store, etc works, and I felt a dense stuck energy there.”

“The house clearing was really significant and I felt it right away. I started to feel more free and more safe! in my home, more clear and light. I felt a better flow. It was comfortable to be here, and somehow, it - or something - felt "soft". I saw a change in my husband too - he seemed more relaxed. I have slept really well and it feels good to move about in the house. Feels soft and comforting.   : )

With love and appreciation,


After all the spring cleaning and interior decorating I did - the Training Center looked and felt so wonderful! My Attention / Love / Energy created a true transformation - I was so pleased!

But then, after your work - - the effects on the house and property amaze me. I feel awe and deeply grateful for giving me a very real and direct awareness and experience of ... well, More. I perceived and felt more dimensions. I think of it being similar to when one doesn't know one has poor eyesight and they're going through the world, thinking they're seeing it As It Is... until they get glasses! And then WHOA! They realize so much more (Life) actually exists! But it isn't just visual, it is very much on a physical and feeling level too. Naturally they are then activated and engaged in so many more ways and levels!

Immediately following your work on the house, I noticed I was feeling more relaxed, OPEN, content, and positive. I noticed the house had a sense of foundational integration and cohesion. There also was a sense that the energy-flow had become strong, or solid, yet somehow smooth, like a liquid golden light gently flowing through the rooms. As I spent time in the house over the next day - - I really began to realize that the work has actually CHANGED ME! I feel like I've been in a disjointed or fragmented body but did not fully realize how it has been affecting me until I have a healing massage or something that opens me up, allowing me to be More ME, More Life; my energy is balanced and flowing and I simply feel Whole. It is only in comparison that I can even know what was going on!

I know that your work will also affect and benefit everyone who comes here, as well as the healing work and business that happens here. The possibilities are astounding. I can see that our homes and businesses really are extensions of ourselves. How, then, can we NOT tend to their "bodies" as we do our own?

Thank you, Toni and Kelley, for knowing all the amazing things you know, for doing what you do, and for being who you are. You provide real help and support in ways that I haven't even begun to master. It is genuinely comforting to know who to turn to (for those kinds of things that you help with) when they have come up in me, my relationships, and my environment!

With Love, Becky G. in Virginia


Hello Young Kelley,
Okay, now I understand what this process is all about. . .

Wow!!! When I came home this afternoon the sun was shining brightly through the windows – great reflections and shadows. Feels a lot more peaceful here. :) As I was cooking tonight I thought about how nice it’ll be to have some friends over for dinner, movies, etc. Never felt that way before.

I would also add that I am sleeping more soundly and peacefully, waking up earlier and rested. I’ll keep you posted.

Many thanks for your support.

Peace and Love,
Young Maryann in New Hampshire


it is blowing my mind and i love it ! ! !

So, that horrendous - all-permeating (UP INTO THE 'SUNROOM') mildew/mold stench in the lower room / garage.... it is pretty much GONE... a faint faint scent only... i just opened the doors this morning to follow up on the 'cleaning' that happened. and HOW DID I DO IT ? ? ?
oh, Mr. Kelley Elkins did his wonderous kalamawhowzie and cleared it for us 2 weeks ago !! THANK YOU KELLEY :) ! ! !

B. G. on northeast U.S. coast

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