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A Next Step…Transformation and Healing
Shaman / SHES Minister
Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward
Minister of The Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship
Certified Practioner of Matrix Energetics

P.O. Box 429 Dona Ana, N. M. 88032

B.E.S.T. Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique
Advanced B.E.S.T.
Multi-Level Energy Healing
Quantum Dynamics Teacher and Facilitator
Conscious Energy Breathing Coach
Vision Quests
Spiritual Purification
Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga
Land/Property Acupuncture

Listen to an Interview with Kelley Elkins

Dr. Elkins adores his work. He is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher/physician. He also has a great sense of humor and is a kind, honest and genuine human being. As a result of his experience, compassion and understanding, clients allow him to advocate for them working with the Innate Intelligence of the Body-Mind-Spirit bringing about healing from within. Dr. Elkins' empathic ability and developed intuition allows him to have a great connection with Source which opens generous gateways in support of his clients.

His B.E.S.T., advanced B.E.S.T and Multi-Level Energy Work take people out of pain that has been both chronic and acute. Some clients have commented that miracles seem to happen through his work with them. Often times he surprises his clients by saying things no one knows except the Creator. Bringing this information to consciousness promotes healing, forgiveness, increases energy, light and well being for the client and the planet at large.

Dr. Elkins' understanding of the Body-Mind-Spirit complex and how it shapes health and dis-ease is a true gift. For the last two decades, Dr. Elkins has worked his emotional, spiritual process at a deeper level than most healing professionals. Having worked through enormous issues including Viet Nam makes him a wider, cleaner instrument for Spirit to come through. This coupled with Dr. Elkins' enthusiasm for reading medical, scientific reseach, ancient scripture and metaphysical information keeps him in the forefront of healers.

He is exceptional in that he is a true metaphysician; he knows and trusts the body mind is an awesome regenerative healing instrument. He has seen this over and over again as he healed himself from a near death experience and as he has supported others in their own individual life challenges.

Dr. Elkins trained with Dr.Ted Morter Jr, innovator of B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) at Parker College of Chiropractic (1986) and became a diplomat in 1990. He then trained in Advanced B.E.S.T. (2004). Dr. Elkins also worked as a veterinary technician in the Army in Vietnam (1970-71) and learned much about the psychology and relationship between the dogs and their handlers which supports the work he does with families, children and pets today.

His own evolution with energy has taken him into a MULTI-LEVEL ENERGY HEALER (gifts Kelley received from Source in 1999). He also employs REIKI (Master since '94), QUANTUM DYNAMICS (Teacher since '96), REBIRTHING (since '86) and VISION QUEST (learned in childhood from his father and his own connection to Mother Earth) into his work.

In 2007 Kelley learned MATRIX ENERGETICS from Dr. Richard Bartlett and became a certified practitioner in 2008. Matrix Energetics has expanded Kelley’s talents into a new arena of transformation to support himself and his clients in a fabulous new and different way. Matrix Energetics will open doors and windows for you into higher consciousness and accelerate your relationship to all of Life. Matrix Energetics has made healing and transformation really fun and easy.

Dr. Elkins' continued evolution of energy work and working with Mom Earth and all her creatures has harmonized him into the realm of Shamanism. Kelley truly is a Shaman. He has a beautiful connection and rapport with Mother Earth's four leggeds and wingeds. He is a very good tracker and wilderness buff. He loves supporting folks into connecting to the Earth and Source thru Vision Quests and Walk-abouts.

Working with Earth energies, he is adept at acupuncturing land, buildings, and homes to heal and increase the energy. He also is excellent at opening and healing energy vortexes.

All healing comes from Source and the person’s connection to that Higher Power. Many people have forgotten that connecting link. In an effort to support folks to remember, Dr. Elkins has become a Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward Minister in 2001 and a Minister of The Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship with Dr. Willard Fuller in 2005.

A Next Step…Transformation and Healing
Spiritual Healer/ Earth Steward Minister/Shaman
Certified Practitioner-Matrix Energetics

P.O. Box 429 Dona Ana, N. M. 88032


re: the acupuncture of my house:

Before the acupuncture clearing of my house, my cats had been misbehaving in several ways. Not fun! They used to be mannerly, but not in the past year or so. One was messing on the carpet in several places, and also having vomiting that the vet said was not a physical issue. The other cat, an older cat, was having vomiting issues, and not wanting to eat very well. I was not able to let them out of my kitchen area at all. After the clearing they are all able to be wonderful free cats, able to roam the house again freely. There has been no messing, or vomiting, and the elder kitty is eating much better. They are very happy to be able to do they want and to be an integral part of the family. They are great, and wise, "caretakers," and are happy to again be allowed to do their jobs. Such a difference !

Thank you Kelley!
SY in Texas


For 3 nights I had such severe pain in my lower left jaw that I was not sleeping. The pain seemed to be centered around on a tooth that had a crown and had been causing me some discomfort for sometime. My dentist told me months ago that I would probably need a root canal and sent me to a specialist who said "yes, schedule an appointment." I scheduled and cancelled 3 different appointments. I didn't want to have it done and felt inside me that I didn't really need it.

So now I was feeling this unbearable pain and I thought, "well, I guess I have no choice but to do it. I can't stand the pain and the ambisol and ibuprofen I was taking were not working." But there was another option....

Dr. Kelley Elkins to the rescue. I thank God that Toni & Kelley called me that day. I immediately began a Best Chiropractic intensive with Kelley (his own personal version of B.E.S.T. delivered by Source) and at the end of it the terrible pain was gone and has not returned! It felt like a miracle.

With the techniques Dr. Elkins uses he determined that the pain was actually being sent to my jaw from another part of my body so then he was able to focus on the real part of me that needed to be healed. During this time I also did some QD (quantum dynamics) processing, a Conscious Energy Breath Session and Toni helped me to pinpoint the emotions that I need to work with to assist with the healing.

Toni & Kelley are a great team and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants an alternative option from traditional mainstream practices (meaning drugs and surgery) to work on their physical or emotional problems.

Thank you, Debi E....Blessings.


I was working with a client with the complaint of low back pain and she was very pregnant which means she sat in a chair for me to work with her. She also had cracks on the palms of both hands that made it difficult to be a waitress even though she was very good at it and had many repeat customers. It was difficult being a waitress because her hands often bled.

The work I was doing at that time consisted of touch, bio-energetic synchronization technique or BEST. In this I recognized that a lot of what a patient presents is not necessarily from the now and actually can come from past life times. So I asked this client to relax as best she could and to tell me whatever came up for her as I was working with her.

She told me that she saw herself as a weaver in early renaissance Spain. She had been accused of witchcraft and had been taken by soldiers of the inquisition to be tortured by having her hands burned. I asked her to repeat after me a forgiveness dialogue, forgiving them, giving permission to them to forgive her and to forgive herself.

The session ended without a whole lot of change except that she felt relaxed and some how relieved. The next day she came for her appointment with her hands in the air, palms facing me, cheerfully yelling, Look at my hands, look at my hands!! The cracking was completely gone. The palms of her hands were supple and smooth with the normal lines of any palm.

She was so enthusiastic that she said she no longer was concerned about her back, recognizing that it was simply about her being so pregnant she was so very happy about her hands.

To this day I know that her low back pain was simply an excuse to come and see me that what she really wanted was relief from the cracked palms. And the wonderful thing was that all it took to do that was forgiveness God’s grace.

This client called before he left his home to come for his appt. His vehicle would not start and he asked Kel’s support with Matrix for himself and his car to get here for his session. His vehicle upon arriving sounded like it was firing on half of the cylinders.

Yesterday morning was seeming to start out rough, I felt irritated and in a poor mood. Sometimes it's easy to forget to pause, breathe, and ask what "this" is all about (this was one of those times)...and that's when it's especially awesome to have support available from another.

I had a regular morning session with Kelley at 10am and was further irritated when the Jeep wouldn't start. After several tries it ran very rough and we were on our way.

During the session, Kel supported my moving some "stuff" that was up, using Matrix Energetics. Relaxation occurred in just a few minutes and the irritation subsided. I felt peaceful, and the "things" that had previously seemed so irritating had transformed into small trivial items with clear opportunities in easy reach.

When I left, the Jeep started perfectly and ran great...a clear confirmation of how one's environment can reflect what's going on within. There was really nothing wrong with the Jeep, it was simply my own "stuff" getting in the way.

Thanks to Kel and Matrix, my world was shifted FAR more quickly than I was able to do alone at the time.

Lee Placchi
New Mexico
ME Certified Practitioner

“Dear Kelley,

Thank you so much for rescuing me on Monday and for bringing in the help to heal my head. It was only later I realised that not only did Mummy call me Donald Duck because my feet weren't straight when I walk, but also she used to tell me what an ugly baby I was, I don't remember telling me how her ugly duckling had turned into a swan, though I know that was what she thought. So thank you for tuning in so brilliantly and so intuitively. I am so thankful to everyone who helped, I was in a scary place as I was there on my own, miles from home dealing with what had been a life or death experience at the time. It was a scary experience for a nine year old waking up in hospital, not knowing why I was there, and then being asked all sorts of questions by the doctor and not knowing the answers. I did not even know my name, the day of the week, the month. I am so grateful that this trauma has been released, it would have been awful had you all not been there and able and willing to help me through it.”

T. G., UK



My name is Wayne and this letter is being penned after spending 12 hours - over 2 days - and receiving 12 treatments with Dr. Kelley Elkins. I am 53 years old/young and I have been in chronic/severe pain for 34 of those years. Much of my physical pain can be traced back to my tour in Viet Nam where I was a door gunner in a helicopter squadron. Like so many others, my chopper was shot down while on a mission. My injuries included a separated skull resulting in severe migraines, blurred vision, and low dull ringing in my ears. A dislocated shoulder, knee, and a cracked knee cap, several cracked ribs, a collapsed lung, cracked jaw bone, broken leg, wrist and ankle, a deep bone hip bruise, broken nose, bruised kidneys, internal bleeding and a sundry of bruises and contusions; was unconscious for 30 days, received the Last Rites twice and was basically given very little chance for surviving on my many injuries. However, my physical pain was nothing compared to the mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain/crisis experienced.

After my crash I spent 16 months in various hospitals where doctors tried to piece me back together the best that they could through surgery and physical therapy. Unfortunately, only my physical ailments were addressed. I was labeled anti-social with suicidal tendencies. (Imagine that) Once they deemed me well enough physically, I received a medical discharge. The physical pain was overwhelming and triggered the abuse of drugs and alcohol to the point of extinction. Meanwhile my "emotional and mental" capacities were falling apart at the seams. Flash backs, deep rooted shame, rage, fear, guilt, blame, suicidal thoughts, and a need to withdraw from everyone. Ironically the more that I tried to numb myself, the more severe the pain became; flash backs, deep rooted shame, rage, fear, guilt, blame, suicidal thoughts, and alienation intensified and my abuses were nearly killing me.

Thankfully, all of my pain, drove me to my knees. I experienced a total break down and then my "real war" began....By God's Grace and Love I finally realized that I dearly wanted to live, not exist, not merely survive in my numb, dumb, and dead "Blackness". With all of my Heart and Soul I began the journey back to the light. Many hours, days, weeks, and months, years, were used up attempting to heal and grow. Many traditional methods were used and explored. After years of struggling, a new "crisis" arose. I ruptured a disc in my lower back which required surgery. Due to the pain I was given a powerful medication and my downward spiral began anew. I fell deeper and deeper into my "Blackness." I went from one traditional treatment to the next, and nothing would relieve the pain. I lost my will to live. I was at a loss as to where to turn to next. I finally got to the point where I didn't want to go on any longer, I just wanted to go into oblivion. That is when I met Kelley Elkins.

While what he was saying seemed, shall I say, strange, his gentleness, depth, and honesty intrigued me. So, I decided to try one last time to find release from my pain and self-imposed exile. So, on Saturday the 27th of March 1999, I went to Kelley in hopes that he could assist me in my healing. Yes, I was eager to try. Yes, I was scared beyond belief. Yes, I had intense doubts and fears. Yet. what else was I to do? So, with high hopes, and deep fears, and many disbeliefs the treatment began.... The first thing that struck me was Kelley's insistence that he was only a facilitator and that I was the actual healer and that all that I needed to do was have faith in myself, the process, and that I could heal if I so choose. This due to the fact that I am a Child of God and that God promises us that we can have abundance, wholeness and unconditional love. The second thing that struck me was his gentleness of the procedure. The third thing was his compassion and his intuitiveness. Fourth, I experienced a feeling of energy ensuing the release of pain followed by a sense of peace.

With each treatment the pain diminished being replaced with a warmth that soon spread throughout my entire body. By the end of the second day I knew that my hopes had not only been met but surpassed beyond my wildest imagination. I left Kelley a NEW PERSON. Not only was I pain free, there were other wonderful effects as well. The ringing in my ears had left. The blurring haze has departed. My sense of smell has increased. I feel this warmth vibrating deep from within that feels life giving and healing. I feel alive and whole for the first time in many, many years, if not the first time in my life.

I would like to encourage anyone, especially if they are a Vietnam Vet to make an appointment with Kelley and find out what he has to offer. When all else has failed, what do you have to lose except your pain? It was a truly amazing healing experience of the Mind/Body/Soul...In conclusion, I would like to quote, Martin Luther King "Free at last, free at last, Thank you God free from pain at last." I pray that you open yourself to this experience and that you find release, peace, and LOVE.


"My experience with Kelley was a Healing Horses With Energy workshop. My goal in college was to be a veterinarian until I had a rude awakening of exactly how heartless it could be, which is when I decided to take a more personal approach to healing animals. I am in massage school now which is one step, and when I heard about Kelley’s workshop I was immediately interested and excited about what I could learn.

When I arrived on the day of the workshop I had a different feeling about myself, which Kelley later informed me was confidence. Something that I was not used to having around horses. We got to know each other, went over the basics, and then it was time to practice with the horses. I have never seen horses so calm and loving and what I believe to be appreciative. I immediately felt comfortable, which was easily done when the quarter horse LB was licking my face and hands the first time we met, or when Rowan the mare was literally hugging me with her neck.

I absolutely knew that if this is what energy healing has done to these horses then it was definitely a tool I wanted in my box. I have since practiced on my dogs and have had questions answered about their health that we had been wondering about for awhile. It was amazing to know that horses do not only experience physical pain but can actually carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, for us! Which is only more reason to give animals all the respect and compassion that we ourselves expect.

After the workshop was done I asked questions and Kelley and I talked for awhile. He is so passionate about what he does, his experiences are so intriguing. My passion for animals is one of the bigger elements of my life, so I know that I want to spend more time with Kelley learning and expanding my knowledge. I had a much needed wonderful day. I left feeling completely different about myself and my abilities. I am more than grateful for this new way of seeing things."

I am so sorry it has taken me so long, I have been busy trying to get my massages done at the clinic. I haven't forgotten about the day we had so it was easy to write this now. Annabelle is doing great. I practiced on my sister’s dog last weekend in Albuquerque. She has been acting up a lot lately, which means she has been getting in trouble too. I just wanted to make sure that she knew she was loved, and she did. She’s been acting up because of the lack of attention she has received since they had their second baby in March. I cannot explain how thankful I am for this new technique. How are you and the horses?

Jennifer M.

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