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This workshop, while learned with horses, is for any four legged animal or pet.

Dr. Kelley Elkins conducts a workshop for owners of horses to teach them the rudiments of how to speak to the bodies of their animals and ask where to work on their horses. What follows are the testimonials and stories of some of the participants!


"My experience with Kelley was a Healing Horses With Energy workshop. My goal in college was to be a veterinarian until I had a rude awakening of exactly how heartless it could be, which is when I decided to take a more personal approach to healing animals. I am in massage school now which is one step, and when I heard about Kelley’s workshop I was immediately interested and excited about what I could learn.

When I arrived on the day of the workshop I had a different feeling about myself, which Kelley later informed me was confidence. Something that I was not used to having around horses. We got to know each other, went over the basics, and then it was time to practice with the horses. I have never seen horses so calm and loving and what I believe to be appreciative. I immediately felt comfortable, which was easily done when the quarter horse LB was licking my face and hands the first time we met, or when Rowan the mare was literally hugging me with her neck.

I absolutely knew that if this is what energy healing has done to these horses then it was definitely a tool I wanted in my box. I have since practiced on my dogs and have had questions answered about their health that we had been wondering about for awhile. It was amazing to know that horses do not only experience physical pain but can actually carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, for us! Which is only more reason to give animals all the respect and compassion that we ourselves expect.

After the workshop was done I asked questions and Kelley and I talked for awhile. He is so passionate about what he does, his experiences are so intriguing. My passion for animals is one of the bigger elements of my life, so I know that I want to spend more time with Kelley learning and expanding my knowledge. I had a much needed wonderful day. I left feeling completely different about myself and my abilities. I am more than grateful for this new way of seeing things."

I am so sorry it has taken me so long, I have been busy trying to get my massages done at the clinic. I haven't forgotten about the day we had so it was easy to write this now. Annabelle is doing great. I practiced on my sister’s dog last weekend in Albuquerque. She has been acting up a lot lately, which means she has been getting in trouble too. I just wanted to make sure that she knew she was loved, and she did. She’s been acting up because of the lack of attention she has received since they had their second baby in March. I cannot explain how thankful I am for this new technique. How are you and the horses?
Jennifer M.


“Hello, Kelley! I was very pleased with your Healing Horses With Energy Clinic. This is very powerful stuff! And there's the bonus of bringing us closer to our equine companions. Thank you for an eye-opening session shedding light on the subject of healing.”
Pat Buls, The Gentle Tamer

“The horse workshop provided me a Tai Chi "healing energy" experience with our horse, Nahdion. I found the instruction to be clear, well organized, and rich in story examples. We did hands on work with our horses. We tried out the techniques we were learning. I appreciated the methodology. I think it helps me have a better relationship with our Arabian Stallion. The workshop manual is well written and provides an overview of what we did. So if you want to get a better relationship with your horse, Kelley Elkins' workshop is a must.”
David Boje PhD


(Click Here to view photos of Kelley with horses.)

“I used the string and did healing on Nahdion and Rowan both, before the my last 2 rides. I am seeing slow changes. The big thing for me was That Nahdion actually stood still for it! And there is something else going on in the process that makes me feel better too. I will keep it up“

Kelley reports about two participants:
“Elizabeth and Kylee, mother and daughter, arrived at the workshop with two horses - late…or so they thought. Turns out they were first. They had had some truck problems on their way.

During the workshop there were many good questions and comments… many from Elizabeth. At the end of the workshop it was the daughter, Kylee (the quiet one) that really shined…she did her healing on many of the horses at the workshop…often with everyone standing almost in awe as the horses would let go and relax under her hands.

A couple of weeks later I met with Elizabeth and received this feed back.

They left the workshop and dropped off the horse they had borrowed. On their way home, they had to stop because something was wrong with the truck. Water was pouring out of the engine. When they checked on their horse, they found that it had somehow managed to get its head under a rounded bolt in the trailer which had opened the flesh from the top of the head all the way down and around one eye. Elizabeth said they could see the bare muscles around the eyeball… (YIKES!)

Elizabeth said a prayer to get them home (about six miles) and made it without problem. Unloading their horse, Elizabeth asked Kylee to get to work from what she had learned in the workshop to find out if the horse would need stitches…Kylee asked according to what she had learned and found out that the horse would not need stitches…that she would be able to do the healing required. Elizabeth said she looked at Kylee and said.. (something like), “Well, girl, do your stuff”, while she poured some disinfectant/ antibiotic over the cuts and applied some butterfly bandaides.

Elizabeth said the horse was now doing very well… that the injury had completely healed with almost no scarring and the horse’s face and head could be touched without pain or fear..

Fantastic! This is not the kind of incident that anyone would want to have. However, the outcome is super! There was no question in my mind about Kylee’s capacity … nor any of the workshop participants when the workshop was over. But this story is truly a wonderful example of what we can all do.”


(Click Here to view photos of Kelley with horses.)

"Don't ask me if what Kelley does helps the horse---ask the horse! After raising and training my own for 20 years, that is what I learned to do. It was very apparent to me that when my filly Rowan was collicky, Kelley helped her a great deal. Her relief from pain was quickly visible as I watched, and in less than an hour she was almost back to normal, and was nuzzling her head against his chest and following him like a puppy! Nahdion, my stallion, at first did not like Kelley---but he was not suffering from any problems at that time. A year later, when Nahdion had a case of colic, Kelley treated him. Again, in less than an hour, Nahdion's relief was visible, and his gratitude towards Kelley was obvious--he now sees Kelley as his good friend. I have a wonderful "traditional" vet whom I also use regularly, but when something is wrong with my horses, I call Kelley first."
Grace Ann Rosile, Ph.D.
Founder, HorseSenseAtWork

HI friends and neighbors, I used this method on my mare who was swishing her tail and looking at her belly and very restless And looking annoyed. She was already saddled and I was about to mount up, but I stopped and checked her energy and discovered she needed some energy balancing.

I spent maybe 5 minutes using the techniques Kelley taught me, and in that time, her eye got relaxed and soft, she began to chew, drop her head, her tail relaxed. Then I got on her And she was fine.

It is a simple system you can learn in a short time.

This healing energy workshop works on dogs and cats too, although we will not have them In the barn to practice on, you can use my horses and several people are Bringing their own horses.
Grace Ann Rosile 4/13/07

(Click Here to view photos of Kelley with horses.)


Dear Kelley,
I enjoyed the Healing Horses With Energy workshop immensely. The hands on interaction with those huge and beautiful creatures was awe inspiring. I experienced a connection with them that was truly wonderful, beyond words. Your instruction allowed me to open up new channels of communication and healing for both horse and myself. I actually felt their emotion and gratitude for the first time.

Before the workshop it was difficult to imagine being so close to horses, much less unconditionally loving them. Back in the 1970's and 80's I had some unpleasant horse experiences which resulted in becoming somewhat "horse-phobic". I now have a renewed and expanded love and admiration for horses, which carries over into myself and all of God's creation. Thank you for your great work!
Lee Placchi - Las Cruces NM


Thank you again for your inspiring workshop. It was every bit as enjoyable as the first. I found this one a great opportunity to pick up information I'd missed before, and became MUCH more confident in interacting with horses and working effectively with energy. The best thing I got was a refresher on how simple it is to get out of the way and let the healing begin.
Lee Placchi - LC, NM


(Click Here to view photos of Kelley with horses.)


“It was a wonderful opportunity to practice energetic techniques on large animals. The animals I worked on were already experienced in receiving treatments and helped to make the process run very smoothly. Once when I couldn’t extend my reach to touch both the neck and the hip at the same time, the horse turned is head to make it easier. The dowsing lesson was worthwhile and will be a valuable tool. I taught it to my young niece. “

FROM 4/12/08

“ I can’t think of anything to change (to make the workshop better). The time seemed to slip by effortlessly. I felt much was attended to--questions answered. My best experience with the horses was sensing their incredible patience! And sensing the exchange of energy between us! I felt some of the immensity of what I do not know and felt supported.” “I had such a dynamic energetic time working with the "boys" and the "princess."
Chris Thompson

(Click Here to view photos of Kelley with horses.)


“ I enjoyed everything! It was beneficial to me that everyone was supportive throughout the process of the workshop. Stories were great and the environment (physically, emotionally and mentally) was great! The most fun was the hands on with the horses. To be able to experience their energy along with mine… Pretty mind blowing!! My best experience was feeling each of the horses personalities. It was a different feeling to work with each of them. They all brightened my heart and energy!”

(Click Here to view photos of Kelley with horses.)

Matrix Energetics With Horses by Dr. Grace Ann Rosile

Three good rides!

This is some months after doing the Matrix seminar at the end of January. I have done 2 M.E. practice sessions with Kelley since then, and also Kelley came this past Friday to work with me and the horses on a very windy day. We had great success Friday, I rode Rowan and Silverado (described earlier) and just lunged Annahd.

Yesterday I realized that I have been riding in fear for a long time now. Due to some bad falls, scary experiences on new younger and untrained horses, and I guess just getting older and more fearful, I realize that most of the time I am riding I am covering over the fear.

FRIDAY 3/26/10
I stood next to Rowan last Friday and said to Kelley, “I really don’t feel good about this. This is not fun.” Kelley said “It’s OK. It’s OK to feel fear. Ask yourself how can this be useful. Take the feeling into your heart. (I was crying then.) Now drop it down into your pelvis. Fear is your friend. How can it help you? Let yourself feel it. Drop it down into your pelvis. (Then I was over the crying.) Now connect from your heart space.” I felt unburdened, relieved, happy!

I got on Rowan and had a great ride! It took a few circles to get our signals straight. Then when I asked her to trot, her head came up a bit (not usual for her). Kelley said “Drop into your heart space.” So I did that, and with nothing else, her head dropped down. This happened three times (see earlier report).

SATURDAY (3/27/10)
The wind was picking up yesterday afternoon, So I rode Silverado first, then only lunged Rowan and Annahd. Rowan was fine, and Annahd was still spooking a bit at the swaying bushes, but much calmer than Friday.

SUNDAY 3/28/10
It was very chilly early, with an occasional brisk breeze. I started close to noon with Rowan. I sang the Namkar Mantra to her, which she always loves. I did not put her halter on her and tie her as usual, And she thought this was odd. I did put alfalfa in her bucket.

Then when I went to put her bridle on she moved away, as if she might go out the door (already saddled!). I was not following the “rules” for tacking up! And just before this, she failed to move out of my way when I entered her stall. I had to ask and touch her to get her to move. I felt like this was not a good “sign.” Then I said, “I make the signs (rules). I am going to do it this way, and it will be OK. I will stay connected from my heart, and it will be fine.”

As I groomed, I focused on staying in my heart space. I kept it up while we lunged. She walked slowly, and did not pick up the pace until the third time I asked. She did not want to trot when I asked, she just kept walking. I actually snapped the whip lightly and said a bit louder “Trot!” And it was fine. This was another choice point, where I said to myself, I make the rules, and it is OK for me to swish the whip, as long as I stay in my heart space when I am asking for what I want, and am open to hearing her response about what she wants. She was willing to trot!

And she began to loosen up and move bigger, and cantered beautifully and accepted more pressure on the bit to balance herself and stay round at the canter.

Then I called to Chilli to come to the barn, to be in the barn while I was riding, but he could not hear me (earphones and an ipod I think). I thought, well if I have to call for help, he won’t hear that either! To which I responded to myself, then I just won’t have any problems or emergencies! It is a gorgeous day! Rowan is not a spooker if I am not.

I decided I would not be upset or worried, just focus even more on heart space, and remind Rowan what good team we are together. (My actual words to her were “We are invincible together!”) I felt so connected to her that I was close to tears of happiness—it was the feeling I get from Matrix energy— a kind of bubbly feeling in the chest area.

Then I got on, and I realized I forgot my half-chaps, and also, that the saddle was a bit loose. I thought about getting off to “fix” things, then I said to myself, No I am not getting off, I will just stay centered and balanced! And I will feel you (Rowan) better without the half-chaps.

We walked calmly left and right, re-establishing her response to my guidance as I moved a leading rein to the right as we turned right, and even kept that right rein wide as we turned left to avoid her cutting in too sharp in our left turn. Then I asked for the trot, which she did not pick up right away. I gave a stronger nudge. Still no trot. I was beginning to wonder what was going on. I am usually slowing her down, she trots at the slightest hint. Without any upset or blame, I just gave a third and stronger nudge with both lower legs, and said calmly, “trot.” She trotted beautifully. Her head was up a bit, and I refocused on heart space which got no visible response, then I squeezed the outside rein slightly and she gave and dropped her head. Then I needed to use my inside calf to keep her bent and into the outside rein, while checking to be sure I had weight in the outside stirrup and also, that the outside leg was relaxed against her side and not sticking stiffly out as I realized I had done in my two prior rides. Here the lack of half-chaps helped me feel how my leg felt to Rowan. Also, the L&R saddle let me feel her back so much better than the Wintec. Our trotting went beautifully! I had only trotted one or two circles each way when Kelley was there on Friday. Now I trotted 2-4 circles in each direction, dropping back to walk in the transitions.

Both walk transitions were very good--no sudden jolt to slow down. After very nice trots in each direction, and nice downward transitions (which felt different to me in the L&R, so they were not quite as smooth and balanced as they have been at times) and that was it! We were done!

I petted and praised her, and asked her to “nod” as I used to do years ago---she did it immediately. I was so happy and excited by our ride---and she was happy and calm, and seemed to say “This was easy--no big deal! Why are you so excited?” This, from the horse that last week I thought I might never ride again, as she lunged at the gallop!

Then I tacked up Annahd. As usual, he was a bit lazy in lunging. I urged him to move forward several times, and finally got him going. Left and right were both good. Then I got on, and he was very very sluggish at the walk. I just kept after him without getting annoyed. He pooped while walking (one point for me!) and finally was moving better. Then we trotted, and his head was mildly up and down. We were going well about half the time. In our figure eights, our transition to the left was always good, then half a circle later we would lose our forward motion and contact on the outside rein, which made our transition to the right unbalanced. I worked at keeping the reins steady and not giving in too much when he would go round and stretch down---I kept saying aloud to him, “I’m not giving an inch!” and “you must come here.” And soon he did, and we did a perfect figure eight, with his head down the whole time, almost too far down as in stretching, but steady and forward the whole time. Success! I halted and asked him to nod. He did not want to. I nudged his side and he dropped his head a little bit. I said, no, I want more. I said this about 4-5 times. When he had dropped his head a few inches farther down, I hopped off and praised him. He did his job, but he made me really work for it. That’s OK, that’s Annahd.

Reflecting afterwards, I realized that today I felt more NEUTRAL when I “corrected” him. I thought I was unemotional previously, but this ride showed me I was not. In the past I would get disappointed, or get slightly aggressive in demanding he do what I asked. I could not see it (or feel it) at the time, but now in comparison to today’s ride it is clear. By going to my heart space, my responses to his “bad” behaviors were neutral—in fact, there were no bad behaviors, just behaviors I didn’t want and those that I did---like when I kept asking him to drop his head more, and more, and more. It was not punishment, and it was not demanding, it was assertive asking. Throughout the ride, I did not take the undesirable responses personally, I did not make him wrong, he was just being Annahd. Nor did I make myself wrong. I just kept asking for what I wanted, and pretty soon I got it. At the end, I felt our last figure eight was wonderful, maybe our best ever, in terms of feeling him relaxed and giving.

In sum, it appears most (if not all) of my problems with riding for the past several years have been due to fear and getting caught up in ego rather than coming from heart space. Heart drives out fear, and makes many actions unnecessary.

And the same physical action, the same use of seat, rein, or leg, when coming from heart, gets a better response. When I lunged Annahd yesterday, he shied down at the far left corner of the arena, his favorite place to shy. I was surprised to notice that my automatic response was from the heart, and it felt different.

Physically I did not do anything else differently. But I think it was because my response came from the heart, that Annahd did not spook or shy at all the rest of that session.

I can’t wait to try this stuff again tomorrow!
Grace Ann
Las Cruces, N.M.


From Toni: This Multi-Level Healing Energy that Kelley teaches works on all animals as well as all their caretakers and their families. Kelley will be doing more of these workshops. Stay tuned. He is also available for private tutelage. or 1-575-382-8771

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