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Photo Gallery
Kelley with local friends!

Here are some photos of Kelley with NAHDION, ROWAN WIND AND ANNAHD.

NAHDION is 28 years young (born 6/14/1980). An Arabian stallion with the Reiki III attunement--a Reiki Master… as well as, having memory of being a "healer" in past lifetimes. He is very active and loves being a "healer". He knows exactly what we need and knows exactly where and how to put his head into a person's back to move "stuff". He also knows how to move energy without even touching you. It is an incredible experience.

ROWAN WIND ( nine years young (born 4/15/1999) is a fabulously gorgeous mare. She too has recently decided to become a healer as well. She has received both Reiki I and Reiki II. Her desire is to open the hearts of mankind and she knows how to do this very well. Everyone falls in love with her.

ANNAHD is the offspring of Nahdion. He is five years of age (born 4/11/2003). His desire is to be a kid, play and have fun…and he excels at this. He is rapidly becoming a responsible young gentleman.

During the -Re-Uniting with Horses, the Power and the Love- workshops, NAHDION loves demonstrating his talent and sharing in the learning. Also, both his son ANNAHD (stallion) and Nahdion's lady, Rowan Wind thoroughly enjoy participating in your learning experience. Having been "worked on" many times, these beautiful horses invite your hands, your presence and are here to teach you what "hands on" is all about.

Nahdion, Rowan Wind and Annahd, invite you to participate, bring your horse or simply come and learn. These wonderful Arabians are valued friends indeed.

This workshop is a "hand on" workshop that teaches you to work with All four legged animals. We relearn thru these friends a relationship we have long ago forgotten. They help us remember our ancient connection to them, to ourselves and to all of life. It is a healing and transformative journey that we share with them.

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June '08 - Photo 300
June '08 - Photo 301
June '08 - Photo 304
June '08 - Photo 313
June '08 - Photo 322
June '08 - Photo 327

December '05 - Photo 619
May '08 - Photo 001
December '05 - Photo 624
May '08 - Photo 002

May '09 - Photo 938
May '09 - Photo 939

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