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Emotional & Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual/Emotional Coaching is our primary focus at A Next Step....Center for Transformation and Healing, because we believe that this is humanityís highest opportunity. We know this to be true from our own personal experiences and insight into the human condition. Humanity suffers from constant craving.

This constant craving that we all feel is a state of being that has its  beginnings at Origin. Most people donít recognize it, they just feel driven by it. Itís almost as though we have this big hole in ourselves which we seek to fill. We have no awareness that this is what we are doing.

The empty feeling and continuing effort to fill this hole is what creates every  addiction on the planet. Itís what creates every divorce and every fear around  commitment to any kind of relationship. Itís what makes us feel lonely and isolated even when weíre surrounded by people.

It is our belief at A Next Step... that this constant craving is the result of feeling and believing that we are separate from God-Goddess. This decision is  ancient. As a result, we have a backlog of lifetimes of old conditioned,  suppressed emotions - -unfinished business to address with regard to Will/Spirit  or however we relate to Source.

Constant craving also drives us to want to know, to understand who we are, where we come from, and what life is all about. This information is available in our body/mind/ spirit and easily accessible through the tools we use and teach. Our  opportunity is to heal those issues, to release those decisions, to revibrate those emotions, to make peace with Mother Father God, the Earth and ourselves.

Time is not linear; we can address all of the past from the present moment of  now. And only those issues that your Higher Self deems important to address will get us through all of this. The tools taught and used at A Next Step allow this  to be easy.

As we do this, we will be healing the different puzzle pieces that make up who we are. We will also be calling back parts of ourselves that left us long ago.  As a result, we will become more whole, more unified. In addition, we will have  a new relationship with ourselves, the Earth and our Creator.

Coaching at A Next Step... is extraordinary. We go far beyond the traditional  route and the results are awesome. Clients are actively involved in their  emotional/spiritual pathwork . They learn tools that change their thoughts and  emotional reaction/ responses into energy and Light. They develop or enhance greatly their relationship to Source.

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