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DNA and RNA Activations

Now You can Upgrade Your Personal Blueprint!

It is our inner knowing that drives us to heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds.

DNA Activation is the next step in humanity's evolution. The dialogue used in the activation decodes the two strand double helix and activates the blue print for the multi-strand DNA for which we were intended.

Well being and subtle changes in the physical, emotional, and intellectual occur as well as occasional spontaneous healings. The intent of the activation supports your journey into higher realms of consciousness, health, and rejuvenation.

Bring A NEXT for transformation and healing to your community, call or email. The two activations, two weeks apart are $88.00 each in person or over the phone (1-575-382-8771), and $108 via email.

The two RNA Activations are offered separately from the DNA activations for the same fees. The RNA is not addressed in the DNA activations.


Testimony after first DNA activation:

I have noticed a huge shift in the physical pain in my right knee, (actually both knees) very unusual vivid dreams, my study has seemed to improved, although I am still a little anxious about my two final exams coming up, there are days when I dont feel very tired at all with lots of energy, and then other days I feel very tired. I am also in the process of looking for a new job, and some days I feel very calm, knowing it will be perfect and will happen, and then other days I feel extremely impatient. I do feel more aware of myself and old patterns, so quite a mixed bag. I am looking forward to the next activation and also the RNA activations.

Jan Morrison, Australia

After 2nd DNA Activation:

I would like to tell you that after the second activation, actually, Im not sure I have the correct words even. On Saturday night I felt a fire burning in my throat, my entire body ached, but I feel like darkness, or a cloud, or tiredness, or a drudge or burden or may be even all has been taken from me. My head and my mind feel a freedom I dont think I have ever felt before.

Thank you so much.

I look forward to our next meeting.
Jan Morrison, Australia

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