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New!! ~ Codon Activations ~ 

Acquire Expanded Access to your inner workings--upgrade your Codons to fuller potential. Your Codons-(amino acid combinations) are an integral part of your DNA!

~ Codon Activations ~  Of the 64 Amino acid combinations (codons) in our DNA only 20 are working, the other 44 Codons are dormant. The Indigo children and a few others have 24 functional Codons-4 more. Access more of yourself. Acquire the gift of the Codon Activations - (there are two activations). The Indigo children have a very strong connection to Source, are filled with selfless compassion and are free of judgement. This could be your chemistry with the support of the Codon Activation!!

This can be accomplished in person, over the phone or email. $88 per activation by phone and $108 per activation via email, approximately two weeks apart.

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Matrix Energetics  •  Scalar Laser Sessions  •  ILoveMyLaser  •  About Us  •  Testimonials
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