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The word chakra is sanskrit for wheel or disc. A chakra is described as a "wheel like" spinning vortex. The physical body has seven primary master chakras. The chakras refer to the energy centers also called our subtle or nonphysical body. They accompany our physical body and are a part of our spiritual nature which we experience as thoughts and feelings. It is possible to measure the nonphysical body through Kirlian photography and other technologies.

Anodea Judith in her book Wheels of Life says chakras are made of patterns of our mental/physical programming. "These energies remain lodged in the chakras as part of our consciousness governing our actions. The way we feel dictates the way we act. This in turn governs the type of experience we are likely to have... magnetizing the energy that the chakra is likely to draw to itself". Thus these patterns self perpetuate aliveness or decrepidness, benefit or sabotage.

Our opportunity then is to become aware of what those patterns are, to clean, balance and revibrate non-beneficial patterns and alter them to supportive life decisions, actions and states of being. The tools we teach at A Next Step not only increase the awareness of your mental-emotional programs, they also allow you to alter them to more life supportive energies and patterns.

Click on Ascension Chart at bottom of page to find a unique map and system of healing to revibrate your Chakras into more energy and aliveness.

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