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B.E.S.T./ Advanced B.E.S.T./Multi-Level Energy Healing

B.E.S.T. is Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique. This is the realigning of the energies of the Mind-Body-Spirit. An excellent example of how it works is recognizing that the body is electric and like any complex electrical system, it has features analogous to breaker switches

In a house when too much electricity is being pulled thru a wire, a breaker  switch will go into the "off" position. The electricity is not allowed into the wiring, thus preventing possible electrical fire

Using an extreme example: when a limb is damaged to the extent of requiring  amputation, "breaker switches" automatically move into the "off" position. Consequently, the amputee gets mixed messages about the missing limb such as a "phantom itch" or "phantom pain." What is happening here is that parts of the  brain/mind do not know that the limb is missing; the message is stopped at the  breaker switch at the time of injury. In addition to this, memory unconsciously holds and maintains the "breaker switch" in the "off" postion. This creates a  constant drain of energy on the body-mind.

B.E.S.T facilitates the release of the held breaker switches so that they can return to the "on" position. Healing can finally occur or finish. This can happen regardless of elapsed time.

In 1989, a client lying on the table in supine position kicked his left leg out and up so wildly, he almost lost his laced up shoe. He looked startled and asked me, "What have you done to my ankle?" At the time I was standing at the opposite  end of the table gently holding points on his head. I replied, "I haven't done anything." I asked him what happened to his ankle?" He said, "That's impossible!" I asked him again what happened? He said, "20 years ago, that ankle caught an AK-47 round in Viet Nam." I replied, "Well, a part of your brain/mind  just found out about it."

While these are potent experiences, any real or perceived danger - inter- uterine, in infancy, child, thru adult - creates the same result: SHUT DOWN. And this shut down is maintained until the switchboard or switches are addressed,  and allowed to return to the "on" position. Only then can healing occur or  become complete. This is the beauty of B.E.S.T.

B.E.S.T then is a natural and intelligent choice for all life experiences and  especially for those individuals with PTSD and related physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stress. Working with Dr. Kelley Elkins is also an intelligent decision in addressing all life situations and pathologies. Why do drugs when you don't have to ? Make an appointment with Kelley today!

Advanced B.E.S.T

Advanced B.E.S.T is a superb evolution of the former technique in that it addresses more layers of the client's process emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually in each session. Dr. Ted Morter, Jr. (innovator of B.E.S.T.) and his support system have done a beautiful job with this new avenue of assisting the patient.

This newer B.E.S.T. allows the patient to access more information about themselves (that they have been holding and unaware of) without drama and without Kelley needing to know anything about it. Kelley is able to advocate for the client in a quiet, subdued and profound manner. Patients experience a quickening in the improvement of their health and process. They are able to relax and retrain to better, more supportive methods of function.

Multi-Level Energy Healing - Dr. Kelley Elkins

Multi-level Energy Healing (MLEH) is the evolution and development of B.E.S.T. as it was given directly to Kelley from Source during Toni's senility years when Kelley was at his wits end with how to help Toni thru her catastrophic illness. (See Senility page). During this time, Kelley found he did not have enough tools, so he asked Mother-Father God for more support. What he learned aside from new tools was that more important than the technique are THE QUESTIONS ASKED OF SOURCE. If the question is worded correctly, the most appropriate and direct answer will be given. Kelley was "shown" seven more levels in addition to the three levels he had been been taught by Dr. Morter, the innovator of B.E.S.T. in 1990. They were a tremendous help in moving Toni through the majority of her senility as well as helping other clients.

MLEH also uses non-invasive soft touch. It realigns the energies of the Body-Mind-Spirit. Recognizing the body is electric and complex, it has features similar to breaker switches in a house. Whenever we perceive we are going to be harmed or in fact are harmed (including all surgery), we throw breaker switches to the"off" position. As a consequence, our "power" gets turned off. MLEH facilitates the release of that switch to the "on"position, so healing can occur or complete. This will happen regardless of elasped time.



For 3 nights I had such severe pain in my lower left jaw that I was not sleeping. The pain seemed to be centered around on a tooth that had a crown and had been causing me some discomfort for sometime. My dentist told me months ago that I would probably need a root canal and sent me to a specialist who said "yes, schedule an appointment." I scheduled and cancelled 3 different appointments. I didn't want to have it done and felt inside me that I didn't really need it.

So now I was feeling this unbearable pain and I thought, "well, I guess I have no choice but to do it. I can't stand the pain and the ambisol and ibuprofen I was taking were not working." But there was another option....

Dr. Kelley Elkins to the rescue. I thank God that Toni & Kelley called me that day. I immediately began a Best Chiropractic intensive with Kelley (his own personal version of B.E.S.T. delivered by Source) and at the end of it the terrible pain was gone and has not returned! It felt like a miracle.

With the techniques Dr. Elkins uses he determined that the pain was actually being sent to my jaw from another part of my body so then he was able to focus on the real part of me that needed to be healed. During this time I also did some QD (quantum dynamics) processing, a Conscious Energy Breath Session and Toni helped me to pinpoint the emotions that I need to work with to assist with the healing.

Toni & Kelley are a great team and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants an alternative option from traditional mainstream practices (meaning drugs and surgery) to work on their physical or emotional problems.

Thank you, Debi E....Blessings.



I was working with a client with the complaint of low back pain and she was very pregnant which means she sat in a chair for me to work with her. She also had cracks on the palms of both hands that made it difficult to be a waitress even though she was very good at it and had many repeat customers. It was difficult being a waitress because her hands often bled.

The work I was doing at that time consisted of touch, bio-energetic synchronization technique or BEST. In this I recognized that a lot of what a patient presents is not necessarily from the now and actually can come from past life times. So I asked this client to relax as best she could and to tell me whatever came up for her as I was working with her.

She told me that she saw herself as a weaver in early renaissance Spain. She had been accused of witchcraft and had been taken by soldiers of the inquisition to be tortured by having her hands burned. I asked her to repeat after me a forgiveness dialogue, forgiving them, giving permission to them to forgive her and to forgive herself.

The session ended without a whole lot of change except that she felt relaxed and some how relieved. The next day she came for her appointment with her hands in the air, palms facing me, cheerfully yelling, Look at my hands, look at my hands!! The cracking was completely gone. The palms of her hands were supple and smooth with the normal lines of any palm.

She was so enthusiastic that she said she no longer was concerned about her back, recognizing that it was simply about her being so pregnant she was so very happy about her hands.

To this day I know that her low back pain was simply an excuse to come and see me that what she really wanted was relief from the cracked palms. And the wonderful thing was that all it took to do that was forgiveness Godís grace.

"I am doing good. And feet are still doing good. That is amazing for me because my feet (used to) hurt me sooo much. The cough and tickling is doing much better. Looking forward to Monday." (After 3 visits. Linda was in an elevator that fell 10 stories. Her back and feet were in constant pain for 10 years!)

Linda Brown, Las Cruces, N.M.


Don't ask me if what Kelley does helps the horse---ask the horse! After raising and training my own for 20 years, that is what I learned to do. It was very apparent to me that when my filly Rowan was collicky, Kelley helped her a great deal. Her relief from pain was quickly visible as I watched, and in less than an hour she was almost back to normal, and was nuzzling her head against his chest and following him like a puppy! Nahdion, my stallion, at first did not like Kelley---but he was not suffering from any problems at that time. A year later, when Nahdion had a case of colic, Kelley treated him. Again, in less than an hour, Nahdion's relief was visible, and his gratitude towards Kelley was obvious--he now sees Kelley as his good friend. I have a wonderful "traditional" vet whom I also use regularly, but when something is wrong with my horses, I call Kelley first.

Grace Ann Rosile, Ph.D.
Founder, HorseSenseAtWork


Kelley's work is fantastic! It is relaxing and just plain good. Sometimes I feel beaten down and Kelley's work helps me feel good about myself and upbeat. I am really honored by Kelley's working on me. I haven't known anybody else so long that takes such good care of me as Toni and Kelley. I really apppreciate them. They are really good to me.

Marge Estell (our metaphysical octogenarian mama) Las Cruces, N.M.

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