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  Vol. 189: June, 2016   Animal Pals
Song Sung By James Twyman For The Fukushima Peace Conference
Major Worldwide Announcement by James Twyman
Ammachi's North American Summer Schedule
Which of These Six Is Your Core Challenging Belief?
This Mom Wrote An Open Letter To Woman Who Gave Her "The Look"
Houseplants That Clean Air And Better Your Health
Ben Davidson: The Sun/Earthquake Connection | Space News
Exercises For The Brain Heart Connection
Lasers And Teeth
Master Tonic…A Modern Day Plague Tonic
Ginger Cinnamon Tea
Fluorine-Based Toxins Accumulate In The Body & Cause Multiple Health Problems
Undeniable Evidence: Fluoride Causes Cancer!
6 Ways To Detox Fluoride – A Known Neurotoxin – From Your Body
  Vol. 188+: May, 2016   The Fuji Declaration
The Soul Of WoMen May 15th, 2016 Fuji Sanctuary, Japan
Awakening The Divine Feminine In The Heart Of Humanity
Animals Saving People
Saging And Aging
On Breath and Breathing ANGER
Breatharianism: People Who Claim Not To Eat
TED Talk: Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To Your Brain
This Family Didn’t Eat Organic. Watch What Happens To Their Bodies
How The Dairy Industry Tricked Humans Into Believing They Need Milk
  Vol. 188: May, 2016   Arati (Celebration of Lights) Of The Universal Mother
The Soul of WoMen LIVE Webinar May 7, 9:00am-10:00am
Develop The Skill Sets To Become Empowered - Matrix Energetics
Are You Awake? Or Just Informed?
17 Fears That Make Us Fat - John Assaraf
The Faulty Mathematics Of Medicine Part 3 & 4
Tongue Cleaners
This Little Plant Can Reduce The Toxins In Your Home By 85 Percent
Carrot Blanca
  Vol. 187+: April, 2016   Panda Cub Loves Taking Selfies
1 Minute 3 Seconds Of Pure Delight
Free Braco Live Streaming APRIL 12, 13 & 14, 2016
Divine Support Comes On The True New Year--Dr. Pillai
Rebirthing Breathwork Training With Leonard Orr
Bring Leonard Orr To Your City...
The Soul Of Women World Synchronized Meditation May 15, 11PM NY Time
Consumed--The Movie
Quickly Detox From Mandatory Vaccine Injections - Mike Adams at Natural News
The Faulty Mathematics of Medicine Part I - Dr. Richard Schulze
Banana Milk: The Newest Alternative To Milk
10 Superfoods To Ease Hormone Imbalances & Inflammation
  Vol. 187: April, 2016   ‘70’s Soft Rock
Elephant Keeps Breaking Sprinkler So She Can Play In The Water
Mother Meera Live Streaming
The Science of Sound – Proof that You Truly Are a Cosmic Instrument
Why Is The Media So Afraid Of This Woman’s Work?
Organic Diet Cuts Pesticide Exposure In Children, UC Berkeley Study Finds
Germs Obliterated By Medicinal Smoke (Smudging), Study Reveals
  Vol. 186+: March, 2016   Celebrate World Water Day March 22nd
Ultralight Joins Birds At Bosque Del Apache: Beautiful!
Penguin Who Swims 5,000 Miles To See His Human Pal Every Year
Richard Sidey | Expedition Photography - Fabulous!
Attach To The Real, To God
Planetary Heart Synchronized Meditation March 11-13
Levitate the United States
Elevate The US Election Synchronized Meditation
The Revolution of Freedom Is Taking Place In Your Mind
A Principal Met A Student She Expelled, And It Changed Her Approach To Discipline
  Vol. 186: March, 2016   Make Yourself Bigger
Baby Bunny With 'Paralyzed' Hind Legs Zips Around
Join James Twyman LIVE Online Sunday, February 28th
MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ~ Planetary Heart Meditation
The Levitation Course Is Ready
Your Greatest Distraction Is Always Yourself
Living With Your Partner Makes Your Bodies More Similar
Wireless Wake-Up call
All Wireless Devices Emit Microwave Radiation
Mobile Phones Are ‘Cooking’ Men’s Sperm
Why Heating Your Food With Microwave Radiation Might Be A Bad Idea
Lead And Cadmium Found In Popular Chocolate Candies
The 10 Best Herbs For Lung Cleansing
  Vol. 185+: February, 2016   Dave Matthews Band - You & Me
Being A Nature Photographer--Best Job In The World
World Synchronized Meditation / The Rainbow, The Battle And The Wolves
Peace Agreement Signed For Syrian Conflict
The Planetary Heart / Mother India Synchronized Meditation
The NINE REALMS Of Mass Awakening Happening Right Now
Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey
This Is Hands-Down The Greatest Drug Commercial Ever Created
The Science Behind Phonemic Intelligence
Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons Are Worse Than You Think
The Fraud Of The American Cancer Society Exposed
7 Ways To Detox The Kidneys Naturally
Cat Burglar!!
  Vol. 185: February, 2016   Love
The Elephant and the Tractor Driver
Uplifting Fun Video Around The World
Date Change For Prayer Vigil With James Twyman
Choosing To Be Free
Mother's Reaction To Her Son's Fit Of Anger Can Teach Us All A Lesson
Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines
7 Common Nutrient Deficiencies And How To Recognize Them
  Vol. 184+: January, 2016   Quote Of The Month
Enlivening And Relaxing East Indian Music
The Power Of Affirmative Prayer
Story Behind Monty Roberts
15 New Year’s Resolutions Every Person Should Actually Make
Science Reveals That Your Thoughts Have Almost Everything To Do With Your Health
7 Natural Foods That Detox the Liver and Boost Health
Neuroscientist: What Fasting Does To The Brain & Why Big Pharma Won’t Study It
Scientist: What Will Happen If You Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil
America’s 50 Worst Charities Exposed
List of Companies Using Monsanto Products
  Vol. 184: January, 2016   Relaxing Indian Background Flute Music
What Would Love Do?
James Twyman ~ ISIS Peace Meditation
Julia Roberts On True Beauty
Nikola Tesla Drawings Reveal Map To Multiplication
Proof That the Human Body Is A Projection Of Consciousness
On Breath And Breathing
Help With Colds, Cough, Flu, Menstrual And Stomach Pain
  Vol. 183+: December, 2015   Be Thirsty Heart
Orangutan Finds Magic Trick Hilarious – Video
Why Is Ganesha So Important?
Obstacles Are Part Of Change
Listening!!! Krishnamurti
13 Buddhist Jokes That Will Enlighten Your Day
The Brain's Miracle Super Powers Of Self Improvement
Physical Immortality And Radical Life Extension
Dates – The Healthiest Fruit On This Planet That Can Cure Many Diseases!
  Vol. 183: December, 2015   We Keep Growing
Lord Of The Rings And Hobbit Music
November Is Native American Heritage Month
Magic Never Dies
Single Mom Pizza Delivery Driver Gets Shocking $1,400 Tip From Church
Discourses On An Alien Sky #1 | When Planets Were The Gods
Body Aliveness Series "Pelvic Rock" Exercise For Lower Back Pain
This Man Found The Cure For All Diseases
  Vol. 182+: November, 2015   Celebrate Yourself
Free Live Streaming Of Braco's Gaze
Gratitude Is The Doorway To Superconsciousness
Free Energy Devices
Maya Angelou
Things, Things And More Things
The Aspirin Alternative Your Doctor Never Told You About
10 Foods Proven To Harm Your Health
  Vol. 182: November, 2015   Amma Chi's Winter Tour In North America
I Need A Hero
Principles Of Personal Transformation
Mother Of Autistic Boy Discovers Treatment That Cures Hundreds
You Can Say No To Vaccines!
Best Exercises To Relief The Sciatica Nerve Pain And Cure Sciatica
Psychologists Say Coloring Is The Best Alternative To Meditation
Relaxation And Breathwork: The Key To Freedom
Gerson Therapy Cures Cancer
  Vol. 181+: October, 2015   Beyondananda On The Controlling Ego
Live Streaming With Braco October 17, 18 2015
"Earth Day" For An Awakened Humanity Coming Soon
John Lennon Plays In 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency
Expansion Of Light
Stillpoint With Paul Weisbart
A Chorus In Miracles Online Screening
A Chorus In Miracles ~ The Music
Self-Made Millionaire Studied 1,200 Wealthy People
Organic Food Demand Growing Faster Than Domestic Supply!
GMO Crops Totally Banned In Russia
64 Nations Say No to GMO, Yet U.S. Govt Nears Illegal GMO Labeling
  Vol. 181: October, 2015   The Three Jewels Of The Tao: Compassion, Moderation And Humility
The Golden Key
Elephant With Video Cam
Live Streaming With Braco
A Chorus Of Miracles
Is There Life After Birth?
31 Long-Forgotten Native American Medical Cures
Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment : It’s Too Effective And Too Cheap
Repair DNA And Oxygenate Cells With A Simple Citrus Fruit
  Vol. 180+: September, 2015   Life Is A Job--Father Guido Sarducci
Bear Rolling Down Hill--Maybe Life Isn't A Job After All
Wayne Dyer's Beliefs On Religion
Be Responsible For All Your Every Action
The Great Initiation With Dr. Pillai
Scalar Wave Laser And Matrix Energetics Sessions
Watch As Amazing GcMAF Treatment Kills Cancer Cells In Real Time
  Vol. 180: September, 2015   How Wolves Change Rivers
The Highest Good
One With God ~ James Twyman
Goddess Kali Showcased On The Empire State Building In NYC And Here's Why
Live Streaming With Braco
Mother Meera's Darshans In US And Canada
Intentionally Shifting The Mystic Morphic Field
Don't Get Run Over!
A Chaotic Heart Rate Is A Sure Sign Of Health!
Breathing Headaches And Fat Loss
The One Ingredient You Should Add To Your Breakfast Every Day
  Vol. 179+: August, 2015   Jimmy Durante...Did You Ever Get The Feeling...
Sat. Aug 15th Online Event Of The Year And A Meditation To Prepare You
Being Aware Of Our Energy
The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence: A Path To Personal, Social And Global Coherence
You Are In Relation To Everything!
Stages Of Conscious Awakening
You Have Been Given And Are A Sacred Trust
Stillpoint--A Way To Neutralize All Thought And Experience
Be The Solution--Living Bridges Of India
Renewables May Soon Be Ready To Replace Nuclear Power In New York
  Vol. 179: August, 2015   Follow What Is In Your Heart
Don't Forget Guru Purnima July 31st
Waking Up America
The Tiny Dot
Little Book Of Big Potentials
The Sun Is Going To Sleep
Affirmations From Leonard Orr
Monsanto Has Known Since 1981 That Glyphosate Promotes Cancer
Monsanto Invests Billions In New Carcinogenic Herbicide To Replace RoundUp
Former Pfizer Vice President Tells The Truth About The Pharmaceutical Industry
The Surprising Root Cause Of Anxiety And Depression
How We Got Duped Into Believing Milk Is Necessary For Healthy Bones
  Vol. 178+: July, 2015   Cool Change Little River Band
Guru Purnima July 30-31st
Phonemic Intelligence's Death By Medicine (2014)
Banned In Europe, Safe In The U.S.
US Government Admits Americans Have Been Overdosed On Fluoride
Glutathione: The Mother Of All Antioxidants
  Vol. 178: July, 2015   Courtney Brown The Far Sight
Notes From The Universe
John Cleese On Divorce
Cultural Values Of The Lakota
Matt Damon The World Is Topsy Turvy
Deepak Chopra – How The Universe Pulled A Vanishing Act
14 Year Old Wants GMO Foods Labeled So We Can Be At Choice
Chia Seeds Vs. Flax Seeds: What’s The Difference?
9 Nutrients You’re Not Getting Enough Of
  Vol. 177+: June, 2015   Amma Chi's 2015 Summer Tour
I See The Light - Tangled Lyrics
The World Doesn't Exist Until You Look At It!
How To Get To Sleep: 8 Surprising Tips And Tricks
Are You Over-Breathing?
Key To Increasing Energy And Reducing Inflammation In These Foods
  Vol. 177: June, 2015   Ram Tzu Speaks...
I Am Willing!
The Essential Key Of Intention - Matt Kahn
The Borax Conspiracy / How the Arthritis Cure Has Been Stopped
7 Anti-Inflammatory Power Foods For Arthritis
  Vol. 176+: May, 2015   Superposition
No Thing
Me And My 4 Year Old
The Helical Model-Our Solar System Is A Vortex
My Secret "Addiction" (And How I Overcame It)
How This Doctor Is Changing Patients’ Lives, One Cooking Class At A Time
Natural Home Remedies For UTI Or Bladder Infection
Importance Of Vitamin C
The 10 Most Functional Foods In The World Which Destroy Cancer Cells
  Vol. 176: May, 2015   Hymn To The Divine Mother - Devi Prayer
Rainbow Revelation
Goodness Wins
Things Anita Moorjani Learned From Her Stage Four Cancer & Ensuing NDE
Become A Farmer
How To Grow An Avocado Tree For Endless Organic Avocados
Adorable Baby Elephant Has Trouble With Bath Time
Animals, Rebirthing And Physical Immortality
Chemtrail Source Material Finally Unveiled
5 Reasons Not To Use Microwaves
Info On What Is Going On With Our Bodies These Days
Top Ten Reasons To Support Mercury-Free Dentistry
Most Important Vitamin Women Need and Haven’t Heard Of
How To Detox From Fluoride
  Vol. 175+: April, 2015   Human Responsibility
Exalted Sun, Gayatri Mantra, Millionaire Yoga
Politician Armed With The Teachings Of Abraham
Chitta Vritti Nirodha For Stopping Mind Chatter
What If Uncomfort Is Not Wrong? Dr Dain Heer With Access Consciousness
Interview With Babaji from Pathways Radio
We Can Choose How We Want To Age
How Radiation From Fukushima Is Affecting The West Coast
Fracking Used To Inject Nuclear Waste Underground For Decades
Coca-Cola Pays Nutritionists To Promote Coke As Heart Healthy
10 Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar
40 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar And Their Benefits
Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen
Are You Magnesium Deficient?
  Vol. 175: April, 2015   What Is Your Model For Consciousnesss?
”How Breathwork Can Heal PTSD & Anxiety” Free Livecast Webinar
Ocean Voyager Whale Documentary - The Biggest Sea Creatures
“Swami’s Beyonananda's State Of The Universe 2015”
FOOLS' GOLD / The Shaman And Fool's Gold
The Happiness And Misfortune Of A Man
Hundreds Of Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes Delivered To Community Colleges, Food Banks, High Schools, Churches And More
Record US Farmers Switching to Non-GMO Crops in 2015
Millions Of Gallons Of Water Being Pumped Out of California
What Happens To Your Stomach If You Don’t Drink Enough Water
5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water out of a Copper Vessel
Soda Pop
Natural Ways To Combat Heartburn by Libby Baker
Adrenal Fatigue - Symptoms And Natural Remedies
  Vol. 174+: March, 2015   Listen, Oh Drop
Spring Navaratri March 21-28 (IST)
Badger Intelligence
The Mystery Of Consciousness
Fantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit
Bigger Than Science, Bigger Than Religion
Food VS Medicine–Should Diet Changes Come Before Prescriptions?
Obscene Drug Mark Ups
Conventional Feminine Hygiene Products: A Women’s Issue With Toxic Implications
Herbal Supplement Scam: GNC, Walmart, Target, Walgreens All Implicated
Flaxseeds Protect Against Radiation Exposure
  Vol. 174: March, 2015   Yay!!! Spring Is Coming!!!
The Real: Papaji
The Real: Babaji
The One Thing Every Enlightened Master Says Matters
Rebirthing Breathwork/Spiritual Purification Training
Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Excerpt
Five Insights Challenging Science's Unshakable 'Truths'
The Five Tibetan Rites
Why You Should Quit Drinking Diet Soda
How To Stop A Heart Attack In Just 1 Minute
The 8 Best Foods For Your Heart
  Vol. 173+: February, 2015   There Is Only Love
Healing Song From Tangled The Film
Chanting The Maha Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya
Maha Shivaratri -- Tuesday, February 17th
Exhilarating, Bold And Crazzzyyy?!
A Mom's Treasured Memory From A Valentine's Day Past
Once A Rising Star, Chef Now Feeds Hungry
Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East
Leading Neuroscientist; ADHD is Not a “Real” Disease
Top 5 Foods For The Pineal Gland
A Simple But Powerful Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Bunions
6 Best Superfoods That Are PACKED With Skin-Healthy Nutrients!
  Vol. 173: February, 2015   The Field Of The Heart
M-Joy: Practically Speaking Audio Book
The Capacity To Be Alone, Is The Capacity To Love
Mind Blowing Picture Taken of Andromeda Galaxy
Comets, A Great Flood And Electric Geology
An Intervention
Dr. Pillai's Phonemic Intelligence Movement
5 Rhythms Dance
The Monsanto Monster: Genetically Modified Food
New Study Finds GMO Soy Toxic To Kidneys, Liver, Reproduction
Read Ingredient Lists: The FDA Admits They Can’t Do Their Job
5 Ingredients That Should Have Never Been Approved By The FDA
How To Remove Uric Acid Crystalization In Joints (Gout And Joint Pain)
  Vol. 172+: January, 2015   Our Deepest Fear
The Sun's Changing Direction In "Mythology"
Dr. Shiva Has Been A Voice Of The Farmer For Decades Now...
Debt, Fraud And Other Secrets Of The Banking System
Three Convergences In Breathwork
How One Man In His 70s Avoids Alzheimer’s, Stays Physically And Mentally Fit
GMO-Free Food Sales Explode Amid Public Awareness
Here’s A List Of States With The Most Toxic Tap Water
  Vol. 172: Jaunary, 2015   The Silent Prayer
The Best Love Songs Of The 1960's
Alive Inside: A Story Of Music & Memory
ETs And The Spiritual War In The Heavens
Two Core Techniques In Breathwork
What A Shaman Sees In A Mental Hospital
The Crucifixion Ruse
Four Vitamins To Increase Your Intelligence
The 6 Vegetables That Will Save Your Life
  Vol. 171+: December, 2014   Nirvana by El Bosco
Preparation For The 2014 December Solstice
Proof Of Love: What God Said
"A Guided Meditation To DeCalcify the Pineal Gland"
Hanuman--An Awesome, Powerful Monkey
Solfeggio Frequencies
From Russia with Love | Dr. Peter Gariaev & Linguistic Wave Genetics
The Two Basic Aspects Of Breathwork
9 Reasons You Should Eat Turmeric Daily
  Vol. 171: December, 2014   "We Are Star Dust" - Symphony Of Science
Forces Of Nature
Mother's Blessing With Snatam Kaur
Putting An End To PTSD
Let Your Kids Ride The Bus Alone
Alzheimer’s Disease Linked To Pineal Gland Calcification From Fluoride
Some Of My Best Friends Are Germs
Miracle II --- Get Rid Of Parasites!!
  Vol. 170+: November, 2014   The Peaceful Power Of Confidence
‘What Is Love?’ – Why We Need To Reframe The Big Questions
George Carlin And The Environment
Media Articles Show Ebola Pandemic Fear Mongering
Healthcare Industry: The Circle Of Profit
Healthier Options From Health Freedom Alliance
  Vol. 170: November, 2014   Traps Of Vanity And Affected Humility
Teachings of Babaji: Fear of Death
The Sound For Wealth -
The Mantra That Makes Anything Possible
Grace: The Universal Constant
General Bert: "ISIS, Ebola..."
New Attack: Some Silver Still Available
Staying Well In The Time Of Ebola
Regarding Dis-Eases
6 Kinds of Pills Big Pharma Tries to Get You Hooked on for Life
For Arthritis Pain
A Magic Fairy
  Vol. 169+: October, 2014   Be In Your Heart
I Saw God The Other Day
Benefits Of Coconut Oil & The 4 Oils That Are Dangerous To Use
What You Need To Know About Ebola By Dr. Richard Schulze
Nano Silver 10 PPM From Dr. Rima Heals And Prevents Ebola
How Industrial Ag Is Making The Soil--And Us--Unhealthy
Grow A Year's Worth Of Protein And Vegetables In 25 Square Feet Of Space!
  Vol. 169: October, 2014   I Take Refuge In Dharma
George Harrison's Last Performance
6-Year-Old Outsmarts Us All, Explains True Meaning Of Life
Navaratri: Nine Nights With The Divine Mother
Goddess Quiz: Find Out If The Goddess Is Active In Your Life
Turning Adversity Into Alchemy
How Badly Is Fukushima Radiation Damaging The Pacific Ocean?
Six Dangerous Prescription Drugs You Should Think Twice Before Taking
  Vol. 168+: September, 2014   Mendicant
Jen Brickner... The Baby Taught To Never Say Can't
Compassion In The Brain Dr. Pillai
Enjoy A Matrix Energetics Experience In Your Home
3 Videos To Shift Your Perspective, Showing Just How Small We Really Are
This Popular Oil Could Protect You From DNA Damage Caused By GMOs
8 Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Is One Of The Most Powerful Health Tonics
Laugh Of The Day....Off To College...Dropping A Hint...
  Vol. 168: September, 2014   Love And Light
"Conversations In The Matrix" - FREE Webinar 8/30/14
California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation
Proof DNA Can Be Re-Programmed With Words & Frequencies
How To Heal Cavities Naturally With Oil Pulling
Take Off Your Glasses And See
Corrective Lenses Break Down Eyesight-Improve Vision Naturally
  Vol. 167+: August, 2014   About Mundan: Shaving the Head
Eckhart Tolle : Overcoming The Addiction To Thinking
Chant "Hari Bol" To Change Your Prosperity Consciousness
Mother Meera Back In The States Next Month
You Have The Ability To Change Your Destiny Now!
The Dangers Of Bottled Water In Your Car – Sharing The Risks!
600 Reasons Turmeric (Curcumin) May be Worlds Most Important Herb
Ebola Crisis And Nano Silver 10 PPM Update
  Vol. 167: August, 2014   Selfless Dog Makes Nightly Trips To Fetch Food For Her Family
Power Sound To Boost Self Esteem
The Mind Blocks Miracles
Rewrite Your Destiny!!
You Cannot Manifest That Which You Cannot Conceive
Using Water As Medicine: Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach
About Heart Attacks
7 Reasons To Stop Eating Bread
Alternative Breads To Consume
Heavy Metals Defense Supplement
  Vol. 166+: July, 2014   How To Think Powerful Thoughts--Dr. Pillai
Guru Purnima Saturday, July 12th
High Magic by David D.
Cesium Eliminator from Mike Adams at
Add The Words Physical Immortality To Your Vocabulary by Leonard D. Orr
Gandhi's Great Grasp And Use Of Humor
  Vol. 166: July, 2014   John Murphy - Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)
The Mini Light Body Program By Dr. Pillai
Mother Meera Returning To Canada In July
What God Does To Your Brain
Fukushima USA! - Gov't Hiding Serious Radiation Danger
Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie
Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: The Klerksdorp Spheres Explained
More Info On The Klerksdorp Spheres
Foods With Highest Antioxidants Are The Cheapest
Two Minute Cleanse To Move Out Gut Parasites And Toxins
  Vol. 165+: June, 2014   For Fathers And Sons Everywhere
Restoring Harmony In Nature
El Bosco Nirvana
Detachment As Explained By Babaji And Shastraji
Shut Out The World In Your Own Personal Isolation Chamber
Pluto In Capricorn 2008 To 2023 / Earth Transformed
Pluto In Capricorn - 2008 Until 2024
Maple Syrup Does More For Your Health Than Just Sweeten Your Food
Cleaning Fruit--Chemical Free And Easy!
  Vol. 165: June, 2014   What Is Social Media?
This Is The Time Of Woman
On Children by Kahlil Gibran
8 Year Old Builds Crystal Grids To Clear Negative Energy
Meditation--How Long Each Day?
One Man's Passion To Love The Earth
New, Easier CPR - A Must Watch!
Dr. Richard Schulze's Blog
7 Ways Our Children Are Being Brainwashed
Five Foods That Can Treat Insomnia And Improve Sleep
Foods That Are Key In Causing (and relieving) Headaches
  Vol. 164+: May, 2014   Problems Of The World
Slomo: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid
NonConformity/Creativity Listed As Mental Illness
Karma Dissolving Mantra
About Telling Lies
Caring For Horses Eases Symptoms Of Dementia
Unconditional Love Horses Have For Us
Ingredients You Probably Didn't Realize Are In Your Hair Products
  Vol. 164: May, 2014   Prayer To The Divine Mother
Heal The Soul
Heart Field x Grace = Exponential Personal Power
Matrix Energetics Seminars In May 16-25
Parallel Universes Of Self
R.I.P. Psychiatry: The “Chemical Imbalance” Theory Is Dead
Who Moved My Cheese?
Facts On Honey And Cinnamon
Holy Oil Batman!!!!
  Vol. 163+: April, 2014   Deva Premal - The Gayatri Mantra Around The World
Find And Feel Your Heart Again
"M-Joy Practically Speaking: Matrix Energetics / Living Your Infinite Potential"
Pineal Gland and Activating Your Third Eye
Babaji - Supertramp Co-Founder Roger Hodgson, Writer And Com
Regarding The Chernobyl Disaster
Eureka! I've Found It! It's Me! - Dr. Kelley Elkins
Yoga-Mat Chemical Found In Way More Food Products Than Subway Bread
Bleaching Agents From Your Kitchen
Response To Comments On Beliefs / Marijuana Issue
  Vol. 163: April, 2014   The Opening Rose
Spring Navaratri March 31- April 8--
Matt Damon, Toilets, Water And Sanitation
What My Trash Taught Me About Being Happy
FDA Changed Aspartame's Name To "Amino Sweet"
Why Pot Should Be Decriminalized But Never Smoked
  Vol. 162+: March, 2014   New Earth Destiny - An Anastasia Inspired Documentary
Belief--Hover Boards
How To Detox Radiation Poisoning
Four Facts About Nascent Iodine + New Preparedness Pack
  Vol. 162: March, 2014   You Are Pure Awareness ~ Mooji
Shivaratri--Night Of Shiva
How The Wolves Change Rivers
Heal The Soul--Babaji And Muniraj
Equanimity Is Neutrality
Solfeggio Frequencies Set Body Into Full Harmony
Here’s Why You Should Convert Your Music To 432 Hz
ADHD Is A Fictitious Disease!!
4 Questions To Ask Before Starting Antibiotics
  Vol. 161+: February, 2014   Love Is Life: Love Mantra Kleem Creates Miracles
Beautiful Animal Communication Story
Radioactive Cesium-137 In Foods Can Be Blocked During Digestion
The Conscious Children’s Conference Webinar
The Organic Illusion
  Vol. 161: February, 2014   Never Hesitate To Plant A Seed Of Love...
Simple Guidelines to Life:
Total Permanent World Peace & Prosperity / Abraham Hicks
Sioux Chief Speaks of Government Chemtrails
Whatever You Think
12th Annual World Sound Healing Day 2/14/14
Winter Of Wellness
History Of Big Pharma
A Bit Of Humor--The Little Rascals in Divot Diggers
The Low Sky
Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan's Teachings
Some Soft Drinks Contain Cancer-Causing Chemical
A Taste Of Wisdom
  Vol. 160+: January, 2014   Change is the Law of the Universe
Just For Fun---W.C. Fields
Powerful Meditation-Remove Karma
Discover the Siddha Secrets That Can Rewrite Your Life
Why Walking through a Doorway Makes You Forget
Uruguay's President José Mujica: No Palace, No Motorcade, No Frills
Egyptian “Ankh Cross” Temple? Built By The Aztecs?
  Vol. 160: January, 2014   Osho: Baby, My Whole Work Is to Confuse You
Powerful Meditation--Remove Karma--Dr. Pillai
Discover the Siddha Secrets That Can Rewrite Your Life
Why the Phase Transition is Smoother than Most People Thought
Ian McCormack and The Lazarus Phenomenon
The World’s Funniest Magic Show
Simplicity 12 Easy Ways to Make Life Simple Again
Problems With Interference Beings?
Cell Phone Use Linked to Lower Grades, Anxiety, and Much Worse...
Money Games
How to Heal Cavities Naturally
  Vol. 159: December, 2013   Abundance Prayer
Little Grandmother: Tribe Of Many Colors For Fukushima 2013
Indigenous Council On Fukushima
No Victors Or Victims
Create Universal Peace
Mother Meera's January / February US Tour
11 Ways To Access The Field Of The Heart
Karma Yoga
Vitamin K
Take Care Of Your Veggies:
  Vol. 158+: November, 2013   Don't Talk Too Much
Sounds Can Activate The Brain's Compassion Hub
Baby Responding Or Remembering
Acknowledge, Accept, Allow
Remove The Negativity That Blocks Us From Our Good
The Panch Pakodas That Make Our Lives Complete
Ascension Symptoms
  Vol. 158: November, 2013   Quan Yin Invocation
Idiot Compassion
David Copperfield - Flying
Albuquerque New Mexico's Balloon Fiesta
5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM
15 Things We Need To Stop Doing
Perception Filters
Hydroponics: A Year's Worth Of Veggies And More In Just 25 Square Feet
Top Seven Natural Cures For Cancer That Got Buried By the FDA, AMA, CDC
Transforming Cancer Can Be Done At Home!
Surprising Nutritional Powerhouses
These Vegetables Can Protect You From Fukushima Radiation
4 Reasons Chocolate Is Good for Your Health
  Vol. 157+: October, 2013   Mind Over Matter--FREE Hangout with Dr. Pillai
Universal Consciousness Knows Itself Through You
Best Friends - A Kid, A Dog And A Puddle
Throw It All Away
What Is Still To Arrive
Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Happy
How to Stop Your Bad Luck
Saraswathi's Secrets of Consciousness
God's Fragrance
Do What Your Heart Advises
Science And Spirituality Become One!!
Dump That Carton Of Orange Juice Down The Drain
59% of the 'Tuna' Americans Eat Is Not Tuna
  Vol. 157: October, 2013   Om
Gregg Braden On Consciousness
Dr. Pillai - The Power Of Navaratri (9 Days Devoted to Divine Mother)
Navaratri Goodies Available At
Mitakuye Oyasin Prayer---To All My Relations
Relationship With Our Innermost Being
Amma Meets Congress People In Washington DC
Grace Light
Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form
Healthy Lifestyle Changes Might Reverse Cell Aging
Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Natural and Organic
Several Plant Based Compounds Are Radio-Protective
  Vol. 156+: September, 2013   The Mythic Call: A Return Path to the Stars
What If A Miracle Occured?
The Mini Light Body Program With Dr. Pillai
Crop Circles In Africa
People Are Awesome 2013
Fall Navaratri October 5-13
"I Am Your Own Self"
On Becoming An Adult With Joseph Campbell
Free Clark Book -- Autoimmune Conditions
Your Voice, Make It Heard
Tulsi Tea from Organic India made from Holy Basil
My Life Will Never Be The Same
  Vol. 156: September, 2013   I Am An Instrument Of Peace
Gregg Braden On Consciousness
There Is No Other, There Is Only Our Reflection
What A Wonderful World
How To Give An "A"
The Spiritual Nature Of Hair
The Purification Rite Of Mundun
Autobiography Of A Yogi Online
Life Is A Playground
Do We Have The Consciousness To Change This?
Cultural Illiteracy And Science Illiteracy
MMS Reverses Autism
The 2-Minute Habit That May Prevent Alzheimer's
  Vol. 155+: August, 2013   Peace Vigil with James Twyman in Egypt and Syria
You Can't Save Anyone
How To Survive Disaster
Arati Everyday Makes Your Life So Much Easier
The Cure For All That Ails You
Modern Medicine Is An Epidemic
Lessons I Learned From My Dog
Living In A Hologram: Our Holographic Reality
  Vol. 155: August, 2013   Let Go The Hooks
The Law Of One
Mini Light Body Course With Dr. Pillai
Miserable & Magical: A Graduation Speech for Paradoxical Times
Stress Burnout And Breathworks
Brain Health Improvement with Coconut Oil
Babies Laughing
Leaked Video Proves Red Cross Tested Miracle Cure for Malaria
Mushroom To Inhibit Breast Cancer
Dry Skin Brushing For Lymphatic System
  Vol. 154+: July, 2013   Fill Your Minutes With God
Dancing Shiva Nataraja
July 21st--Guru Purnima With Dr. Pillai
Dr and Master Sha’s Download Videos On Demand
Can A Handful Of Committed People Change The World?
Extending The Light Of The Heart
Living In Trust, Joy, Prayer, Love, Celebration
Breathe, Then Believe
Dr. Richard Schulze Videos Online
Beat Bloating Naturally
  Vol. 154: July, 2013   Letting Go Of Judgments
Go Back To Source
Mother Meera In Canada In August
The Power Of Oneness Moola Mantra
Early Days Of Babaji In Haidakhan 1970
Get Back To The Garden
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
RAM DASS On Healing with the Masters
Money And Life
Soul Filled Ways To Reduce Stress
A New Spiritual Breathing Excercise
Flouride Removed From Water By Tulsi Plant
Tulsi Plant Can Be Used To Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water
Does Your Couch Contain Cancer Causing Carcinogens?
Do It Yourself Reflexology
Resonance--Beings Of Frequency
Did You Know???
  Vol. 153+: June, 2013   The Amazing Promises Of The Zero Point Field
Matrix Energetics Seminars
Building Rapport With Universal Consciousness
About Drowning
  Vol. 153: June, 2013   Babaji Speaks: Sheep and Foxes
Eckhart Tolle : How do I respond to another's pain-body?
Power of the Subconscious Mind Seen Through the Power of Emotions!
Amplifying Love, Appreciation & Gratitude
Matrix Energetics In Albuquerque, NM in July
Food Forests!!!
5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame Invocation
Default Consciousness
Playing with the Pauses in our Breathing by Dan Brule
ZERO TV... the number of people who do not watch tv is growing fast...
One dose of coconut oil can boost brain function - cognitive performance
Construction With Bottles
  Vol. 152+: May, 2013   The Ego
Where We Are All Headed
Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness
Field of the Heart: Gateway to All That Is and All That Is Yet To Be Experienced
Regarding the Higgs Boson ‘quote unquote’ God Particle
Home Grown Food
Five Ways To Strengthen Your Immunity Using Simple Food Choices
Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water
  Vol. 152: May, 2013   Discovering Your Formless Self
The 7 Fundamental Principles Of Huna
Talk To Your Inner Being--Abe Hicks
Concentrate Upon What Is Real
Finding Your Inner Voice--The Field Of The Heart
A Loving Response
Get Off Your Thyroid Medication And Start Consuming Coconut Oil
Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil
When Water Is Scarce
Mantra For Producing Life Saving Fluid In Your Body To Sustain You
A Goddess Story
A New Wonder Material!!
Black Walnuts: A Local Remedy
  Vol. 151+: April, 2013   Grow Your Food
Eat Your Landscape!
Reduced Fees--Remote M.E. Sessions--2 More Days
Abraham Hicks~ You Can Be Happy Under Any And All Conditions
Graham Hancock - The War On Consciousness
Finding Familiarity In The Unknown
The Changing Nature Of Stress
How Is Your Electron Spinning?
The Psychology Of Evil
What's Your Opinion Of The GMO Controversy?
  Vol. 151: April, 2013   Worship
Reduced Remote Session Fees April 1-15
Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener In South Central L.A.
Amazing Singing Plant Technology
Dr. Pillai -- Moola Mantra to Attain Everything
Matrix Energetics Waking Up In The Matrix Seminar DVD
Dinner With Andre--Whole Film
The Practice Of Appreciation
Haidakhan Went Online
Future Of Education--Sugata Mitra
Faster EFT With Robert Smith
Outer World Signs Of The Birth Of The New Earth
The 8 Most Nutrient Dense Foods
Radioactive Metal Being Used For Furniture And More
  Vol. 150+: March, 2013   Practice Appreciation
Relationship--The Natural Flow
The Dance Of Tandava Shiva
Mother Meera In US In May
Wayne Dyer--The Shift
The Anastasia Books Are Amazing
What’s Up With The ‘Dot’ On The Forehead ?
Exciting Students With Unsettled Science
The Drala Principle
Sweet Potatoes Reign Supreme
Sweet Potatoes Alleviate PMS Symptoms
Dairy Industry To Hide Aspartame In Dairy Products
  Vol. 150: March, 2013   Your Mere Presence....
8 Hz The Healing Sound Of Dolphins
The Observer
The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence
Let's Get Clear About Fear
Glacier Calving
Move Into The Wiggle Room
Richard & Melissa On "Move Into The Magic"
Visualization/Meditation: The Shift from Separation to Oneness
Why You Should Plant More Trees – Trees Grow Happier People
Harnessing the Power of Mercury Retrograde
Real Justice
Doctors Kill 2,450% More Americans Than Guns
  Vol. 149+: February, 2013   How Forgiveness Heals
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
Shreem Brzee Challenge!
Rupert Sheldrake At EU 2013--"Science Set Free"
Healing The Sexuality-Spirituality Split
Ganesha Goes Round The World
  Vol. 149: February, 2013   Is Aging A Thing Of The Past
A Magnificent Fire Goddess...And Only 11 Years Old!
10 Things For Conscious People To Focus On In 2013
Symbols Of An Alien Sky--Official Movie-ThunderboltsProject
Nassim Haramein: Black Hole, Unified Field Theory And More
Essays On Breathing And The Wholeness Of Life
5 Myths That Medical Doctors Have No Intention of Abandoning
  Vol. 148+: January, 2013   The Maha Kumbha Mela
Leonard Orr--Weekly Tele-Seminar Series
Breaking The Illusion Of Limitation
Can Babies Teach School Kids Not To Bully?
Prayer For World Peace
Take The Initiative-Assume Responsibility
On Spiritual Practice
Breath And Breathing--Different Strokes for Different Folks
How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions
Vaccines Did Not Save Us-2Centuries Of Official Statistics
  Vol. 148: January, 2013   God Grant You Always
Emotion Is Vibration
The Process Of Miracles, Manifestation And Service
Haidakhandi Mother Arati
The Aquarian Age
Landfill Harmonics
Paleolithic Giants In America
Oprah's First Hour With John Of God
Creating More Wellness thru the Practice of Conscious Breathing
The Subjectivity of Experience & the Futility of Hardcore Psi Skepticism
Killer In Your Refrigerator
Complaining Damages Emotional Health and Relationships
Polarity Is Our Hallucination
The Upside Of Irritation
Guess What Kills One Person Every 19 Minutes?
  Vol. 147+: December, 2012   Glass Harp The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Rumi: What About My Heart?
10,000 Singing Beethoven "Ode To Joy UTube
Appreciation For Subscribers--Last Free Session
Panache Desai -- Stressed To Blessed
2012 Doomsday: Science or Superstition?
Resonance - Beings Of Frequency
Ascension Symptoms from What’s Up On Planet Earth
30 Years Of Vaccine Cover-Up Exposed
Top 20 Ways To Boost Your Immunity To Colds / Flu Without Using A Vaccine
  Vol. 147: December, 2012   Glass Harp The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
We Remember Everything We Have Learned
Little Grandmother- Humanity is Waking Up To The Ancient Secrets of Man
Phoenix Star Knowledge Conferences
Bashar - The Intelligence And The Power Of The Heart
Let There Be Peace on Earth
Multiverse Realms Of Existence
There Are Only 4 Questions Of Value In Life
Compassion And Tonglin Practice
Magical Moment With a Manta Ray
Recent Breathing Practice From Dennis Lewis
What's Really In The Food? The A To Z Of The Food Industry's Most Evil Ingredients
  Vol. 146+: December, 2012   Power Of The Heart
Live In The Center Of The Wheel
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Molecular Changes Of 2012
Gregg Braden Interview on Healing with the Masters
If You Love To Eat, Watch This!
Extending The Light Of The Heart
Matrix Energetics Is Totally An Inner Game
Crazy People At The Babaji's Ashram
Tobias Lars
  Vol. 146: November, 2012   Gems To Treasure
Whatever Work Is Needed--Teachings of Babaji
Move Beyond Judgments Into A New Reality
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Magnetism / Plasmatronics Will Change Everything We Know
Unlocking The Space Of Grace And Miracles
What Can Happen When You Play In The ZPF
Fear Of Lack And Scarcity
Higher Self-The Real Unconditional Observer
About Belief Systems-BS
War On Health Teaser
The Number One Cause Of Health
Are You Tense, Anxious, Irritable, or Depressed? Mouth Breathing
  Vol. 145+: October, 2012   Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham
Guest House
Making Peace With Ourselves
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Expectations And Beliefs-from Dr. Richard Bartlett
Move Beyond Judgments Into A New Reality With Matrix Energetics
Looking For A Good Doctor? Good Luck!
  Vol. 145: October, 2012   Mooji--Mind Your Own Business
Babaji Speaks: TIME
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Envisioning... from Esther and Abraham and Jerry
The Ten Dogmas Of Modern Science
Usefulness Of Heartspace
A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever
Pesticides In Produce
Tips For Avoiding GMO Foods
  Vol. 144+: September, 2012   Fall Navaratri To The Divine Mother
What Is Earthing?
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Locks Of Love
Change Is The Law Of Nature
Fear Is A Defense Mechanism!
Notice What You Notice-Notice What Is Different
The Knowing We Are
Alternative Money Ideas
Non-Stick Cookware, PFC's And ADHD
4 Natural Liver Cleansing Foods
Hui Yin: Tao Song for Blessing the Hui Yin Acupuncture Point
  Vol. 144: September, 2012   Archetypes For Grace, Art And Power
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Teachings of Babaji: Free of Fear and Attachment
Heartmath--A Change Of Heart Changes Everything
Dr. Hew Len, Ho'Oponopono And How It Works
10 Reasons For Hope & Optimism Or Why We're Not Screwed
In New Quantum Experiment, Effect Happens Before Cause
Apple Pectin For Radioprotection
7 Medicinal Herbs & Spices That Help Lower Blood Pressure
The Teachings Of Truth, Simplicity, Love
Preventative Health Suggestion
Angels Defined By Children
  Vol. 143+: August, 2012   Fitri Cerado-8 Years Of Age
Getting Stuck On Good Things Too
Abraham's Teachings -- from vortex to grid work? And about 2012
Be Rid Of Attachment-Teachings of Babaji
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
The Importance Of Solitude And Meditation
Go For What You Want!
7 Foods You Should Never Eat
  Vol. 143: August, 2012   8 Steps to the True Self
Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
The Bell And Conch Purify The Environment
Consciousness---A Seth Quote
Panache Desai-Amazing Healer
The Power Of Prana
Infinite, Eternal, Unlimited, Perfect, Complete
Feng Shui Empowerment Tip
Miracle II Best Soap For All Occasions
Controlling Blood Sugar May Help Preserve Your Memory
Cure For Jetlag
Don't Bungee Jump Naked
  Vol. 142+: July, 2012   We Teach Others How To Treat Us
Is There Intelligent Life On Other Planets?
Trust The Innate Divinity Within Us
Interview With Richard Bartlett And Melissa Joy
Notice What's Different--Not What's The Same
Kids In Satsang With Mooji
Who Determined The Mayan Calendar Ends 12/12/12?
The Benefits Of Earthing
Magical--The Power To Choose
Higher Path VS Ego - Babaji Speaks
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Children And Vaccines
  Vol. 142: July, 2012   Happy Guru Purnima
Under the Namibian Sky - The Movie
Mother Of God
Prayer For The Elements
What Is Nirvana?
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Richard Bartlett: Matrix Energetics and the Field of the Heart
Alert: Radiation Exposure
The Intelligence And Connectedness Of Elephants
Awareness Of Reality And Truth Of Our Being
Benefits Of Coconut Oil
  Vol. 141+: June, 2012   Sand Dancer
Teachings Of Babaji: Harmony
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Trusting The Divine Matrix
Accessing Your Limitless Potential
Reforming The Hearts Of Human Beings
Are You Living Your Dream?
Wild Roses-There's A Place.wmv
Do Not Avoid Your Emotional Reactions To Life
Lime & Sunlight Naturally Purify Water
  Vol. 141: June, 2012   A Guided Resting Experience - Intentional Resting
Time Compressing
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Mark Dunn Live Webcast Seminar June 9-11
MSG And Brain Damaging Excitotoxins
The Spirit Is Willing
58 HZ Secret Cancer Cure
5 Reasons Why Cast Iron Is The Greenest Choice For Cooking
  Vol. 140+: May, 2012   Kindle The Light
Come To The Edge
The Flying Baby
Practical Ways To Worship The Divine Mother
Gaia Is So Beautiful!
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Connect With Infinite Possibilities With Matrix Energetics
What Love Can Do…Experiences with Amma
Allowing Contrasty Emotions
Thoughts On Raising One's Vibration
Laughter With Heike
Don't Send A Man To The Grocery Store
Ming Men Teaching With Master Sha
  Vol. 140: May, 2012   Useful Questions To Ask Yourself
Om Caturvarga Pardayai Namah
Gratitude: A Game Changer
If I Could Change The World--Eric Clapton
A Look At Size And Perspective
The State Of Expectancy
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
We Are Pieces Of The Sun
41 Years of Anxiety & Depression Replaced by Love!! thru John of God
Spiritual Purification
Asparagus Cure For Cancer And Other Issues
  Vol. 139+: April, 2012   Thrive--TheFilm
Universal Peace-Teachings of Babajji
A Guided Resting Experience-Intentional Resting
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Invocation Of Abundance
Consciousness Playground Is Now Free!!
The Power Of Heart Space
Michael J. Fox On Acceptance
Difference Between Headspace And Heartspace
Return To The Sacred With Rebirthing
Dr. Richard Schulze’s Incurables Book Is Online
American Dream Team
  Vol. 139: April, 2012   The Wandering Soul / Love Is The Answer
Babaji Speaks: I Move Behind Space And Time
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
A Look At Now--Part VII
Wonderful New From Matrix Energetics
Jim Self And Solar Flares
Interview With Sai Baba on 2012
Simple Test To Determine Your Stress Level
The Wonders Of Coconut Oil
One Way To Cleanse Your Energy, Reduce Stress, And Sleep Better
Burns And What To Do With Them
  Vol. 138+: March, 2012   Brain VS Heart Space
Love And Serve Humanity
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
A Look At Now Part VI
High Frequencies For Chanting
Making A Difference
The Importance of Authentic Communication
Interview With Sri Shastriji
Never Underestimate An Old Broad
  Vol. 138: March, 2012   Paracelus
Living In The Moment
Light, Light, Light
Lord's Prayer In Original Version
Touched By A Wild Mountain Gorilla
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Feelings...From Your Heart
A Look At Now--Part V
Hiring The Heavens
30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself
Recent Breathing Practice From Dennis Lewis
Age Of Denial Transforms To Age Of Allowing
Laughing Buddhas - Meet Mooji
Babaji's "Miracles"
Coconut Oil Touted As Alzheimer's Remedy
Tao Song To Develop The First Soul House
Humor: Meet Ennio Marchetto
  Vol. 137+: February, 2012   Because Kindness Keeps The World Afloat
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Haidakhan Arati--Prayer To The Divine
Spring Is Coming!!!!!
I Am One With The Mind Of God
The Camino of Saint Francis - a new film by James Twyman
What's Your World View?
A Look At Now - Part IV
Consensus Trance
An Evening With A Doctor
Loving The Inner Child
  Vol. 137: February, 2012   Love Is Who We Are
What Is Love?
Richard Bartlett Creator Of Matrix Energetics
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Enough Love
The Installation Of New Consciousness
What Does Heartspace Feel Like? Neutral!
A Look At Now--Part III
News For New Mexico
The Forty Rules Of Love
The Ten Biggies In Rebirthing And Life
  Vol. 136+: January, 2012   Om Namah Shivay-Babaji
A Look At Now   Part II
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Sanatana Dharma-The Eternal Religion
Turkantam Om Namah Shivay-Blues
Mother Meera Foundation USA
Love Is Energy...Pass It Forward
A Loving Treatment
From A Whale Named Granny
The Feminine And The Masculine
David Icke--Enough Is Enough
  Vol. 136: January, 2012   So Much Magnificence
Lucid Living
Peace Mantra (Shanti Mantra)
A Look At Now Part I
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Appreciation From A Subscriber
Letter To A Young Activist During Troubled Times
The Only Whole Heart Is A Broken Heart
Interview With Babaji Of Herakhan
Gut Biota Never Recover from Antibiotic Use–Extends to Future Generations
Easily Detox In A Few Days With MMS
The Gratitude Dance
  Vol. 135+: December, 2011   John Lennon - Imagine
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
I Am Grateful
Season's Greetings
Catch And Release
David Wilcock: Occupy Your Self! Personal Spiritual Development
The Christmas Tree And The Mushroom Cult
Wishing you an Healthy and Holy Season
Advice And Reminders From The Dalai Lama
Special Breathing Practice From The Dalai Lama
Choose Love For Magic!
Practice Humanism
Anonymous Donors Pay Off Kmart Layaway Accounts
Guide To Self Help Techniques
Working With Dogs Remotely
What A Dog Does When It's Cold!
  Vol. 135: December, 2011   Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring--Celtic Women
Appreciation For Subscribers--Free Session
Dissolving Tension From Stress--Intentional Resting
Amma's 14 Points For Aspirants
Enlightened Perspective
Look First At Yourself
Truth, Simplicity, Love
Playing For Change--Awesome Music Uniting Us As One
The Real Kriya Yoga
Mexico Acknowledges 2nd Mayan Reference To 2012
New Earth Time Line
What Are You Commited To?
Wealth, Success And Love
Do Your Duty--Karma Yoga
A Laugh With Abraham Hicks
Eat Chocolate Without Guilt!
Widely Used CAD Mammography Tool Fails To Find Invasive Breast Cancer
  Vol. 134+: November, 2011   Beautiful!! Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring
Your Awareness
What Do You Seek From Babaji?
The Power Of Gratitude
2012 According To Satya Sai Baba
A Quick Tip From Abraham
Rearranging Your Physical Structure From Within
Elizabeth Gilbert On Nurturing Creativity
A Gratitude Practice That Will Make You Rich
Free Session In Gratitude For Our Subscribers
The Prayer Of The Healer
Soul Language--Twin Babies Ib Conversation
Unprocessed Cocoa Vital For Health
Intentional Resting:
Unwinding Arthritis With Intentional Resting
  Vol. 134: November, 2011   We Have The Power To Imagine Better
Karma Is The Root Cause Of All Success And Failure
Kindle The Light-Babaji
Heart Opening Beauty: Beautiful Emperor Penguins
Subtle Perception And Subtle Awareness
Bringing Heaven Into Earth Thru These Bodies
Breath And Breathing Report
Mexican Clown Convention: Laugh For Peace
2nd Hand Smoke Tied To Children's Behavior Problems
Dealing With Dots And Strands: Eye Floaters
ConAgra Sued Over GMO ’100% Natural’ Cooking Oils
  Vol. 133+: October, 2011   Soul Enlightenment Weekend, October 21-23...Webcast
Teachings of Babaji: Whatever Work Is Needed
Breath--The Antidote For Most Things
Ancient Huna, Advanced Huna And Ho'Oponopono
The Installation Of New Consciousness
5 Ways To Listen Better by Julian Treasure
We Are Happening To Life
Beneficial Copper
Easily Detox In A Few Days With MMS
Government Now Admits Vaccines Are Dangerous
5 Regrets People Have When Dying
  Vol. 133: October, 2011   Focusing On The Desire For Money
Taking You Where You Are Supposed To Be
Advance Thru Karma Yoga
Om Namah Shivaya
Inspirations By Leonard D. Orr
Robert Anton Wilson Explains Quantum Physics
Children Learn What Yhey Live
Rebirthing Breathwork For People With Physical Or Mental Disability
The Magnificence Of The Universe
Unwinding Arthritis With Intentional Resting
The Secret Of Water As A Basis For A New Earth
Protecting Yourself From Geopathic Stress
Land And Building Acupuncture
Irritation Melts Into Compassion
  Vol. 132+: September, 2011   Subscriber Appreciation
Oneness The Movie
Swallow Absolutely Everything In Your Path
Fair / Not Fair
Consciousness Playground
On Breath And Breathing
Breath For Extending Running Capacity
Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning
Fresh Meat VS Processed Meat
Eating Your Emotional Thoughts
  Vol. 132: September, 2011   Be A Mover Of Mountains
The Wayseer Manifesto
Where Did The Towers Go?
You Are Not Your Choices
Realize The Truth--from the film The Matrix
You Are A Miracle Healer--from 'A Course in Miracles.'
Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience Clears In 4 Days
Fire Ceremony (Yagya or Havan)
Rebirthing Is Connecting To The Breath Of Life
Breathe into Being: Awakening to Who You Really Are
Two Very Powerful Music Videos
Top Five Self-Help Tools To Use If You Are Depressed
Aliveness Sessions--To Cut Loose Of Depression And Other States
Job And God
The Smell Of Rain
  Vol. 131+: August, 2011   Anthony Robbins On The Today Show
Science of Creating Reality: Black Holes & Vortex Vibrations
Babaji Speaks About Change
Amazing 3-D Technology--Oh My God!!
Ancient Understanding Of The Heart Field
Master Zhi Gang Sha -
The Mind Was Sick That Thought The Body Could Be Sick
The Divine Mind And The Yoga Of Eternal Life
A Moment In Time…Something To Ponder
Father Guido Sarducci's Five Minute University
  Vol. 131: August, 2011   The World Is Transitory
Pondering From Young Toni
Love And Serve Humanity
Inuit People On Sun Wrong, Stars Wrong, Earth Tilting On Axis
Mensaje De Babaji - Om Namaha Shivaya
Lush, Beautiful Haidakhan
It was DONE to ME - Why We Process Victim Energy
The Healing Power Of Beets
Master Tonic…A Modern Day Plague Tonic
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Placebo Works Even if Patients Know
Top 10 Fat Burning Superfoods
Stretch The Stress Out
  Vol. 130++: July, 2011   July 25th World Healing Event
Peace, Love, Harmony Movement
  Vol. 130+: July, 2011   Bending Toward Justice
'Oli Kumukahi
Where You Are Not
Be Alert. Be Aware. Do What You Feel Is Right In Your Heart.
The Shift In Perception -- from A Course in Miracles
Learn to Breathe Energy! Rebirthing Breathwork
Master Zhi Gang Sha -- The Power Of Soul
How Not To Raise A Bully: Early Roots Of Empathy
Canola And Soybean Oil Key Ingredients In Pesticides
More Than 25 Percent Of Children Now On Chronic Prescription Medications
Vaccination Information
The Unstoppable March Of The Tobacco Giants
  Vol. 130: July, 2011   Many Of Us Feel The Great Change
Love And Serve Humanity
Vision From Black Elk
Name Of God--Om Namah Shivaya
Symbols Of An Alien Sky (1-3)
Meaning Of Life Revealed
Freedom Means Letting Go
Be Alive!!!! Leonard Orr
Better Breathing Tip
DNA Can Be Influenced And Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies
Interview With Babaji
Being Creator from Doc Houston
Addictions-Oprah interview with Jeff VanVonderen
Prenatal Pesticide Exposure Linked to Low IQ Later in Life
Fat Burning Foods For A Flat Belly
Aspartame For Ant And Cockroach Poison
Our Roach Experience
  Vol. 129++: June, 2011   Fear Is A Confused State Of Love
  Vol. 129+: June, 2011   Powerful Songs For Powerful Healing
Use The Rush To Get Into The Hush
Consciousness And The Abuse Of Science
Be Awake Now!! Babaji Speaks
Consciousness Playground
On Breath And Breathing
3 Reasons Why the Average Person is So Far Below the Healthy Alkaline Range
Where To Go During An Earthquake
  Vol. 129: June, 2011   Twameva Mantra Meditation
Undo The Dreaming Of The World
Interview With Dr. Emoto
The Unity Of Creation
Stand for Natural Health or be Banned by the Establishment
Intelligent Energy by Leonard Orr
Health Is Freedom--Eliminate Toxins Before They Kill You
Blue Solar Water Dr. Len--Ho’oponopono
How To Make Blue Solar Water
Introduction To Eye Floaters
  Vol. 128+: May, 2011   What in the World Are They Spraying?
Tickling The Body Politic with Swami Beyondananda
Pesky Wabbits!!!
A Belief Is Only A Thought You Keep Thinking
Om Namaha Shivaya--More Powerful Than The Atomic Bomb
Interview with Dr. Len Hew about Ho’oponopono
The Clown Chakra
Appreciation For Old Values
Health Is Freedom--Eliminate Toxins Before They Kill You
  Vol. 128: May, 2011   Shaman Joseph Rael Calling In Aid From The Universe
Health--It's All About Consciousness
Only One Is Enough--Babaji of Herakhan
That I Would Be Good--by Alanis Morrisette
A New Way To Look At Your Life--with Joe Vitale
Even Eagles Need A Push
Land Clearing / A Message From The Irish Elementals
Breath And Breathing--by Dan Brulee
Solution To World Energy Crisis Has Been Achieved And Proven
Being Here In The Moment
  Vol. 127++: April, 2011   I Am One With The Creator
The Conversational Nature Of Reality
Don’t You Know You OWN And ARE The Universe?!
"Radiation Is Our Spiritual Practice"
19 Foods To Naturally Detox Radiation
Inmate Football Game
Tips On Pumping Gas
  Vol. 127+: April, 2011   Our Map Of Truth Resides Within
Japanese Nuclear Reactors Visualization
Man On Wire Documentary
How do you download info from God and connect with the Universe?
Ten Things To Learn From Japan
Dr. Emoto--Water/Radiation/Hado
Secret Space Program & Fukushima Nuclear Reactor
Best Report On Radiation Sickness Possibilities
Agnihotra--Homa (fire ceremony) and Radioactivity
Three Sites Where You Can Monitor U.S. Radiation Levels
EPA To Raise Limits For Radiation Exposure
Two Dogs Dining
  Vol. 127: April, 2011   Official Message from the Hopi Nation about Japan
Musings On Letting Go For Peace Of Mind
Instant Energy Shifts For Global Traumas
Medicines Of Light: Protection/Healing From Radiation, Neurotoxins, Bacteria/Viruses
The Anti-Radiation Diet--Healthy Tips
Alert: Radiation Exposure by Dr. Richard Schulze
  Vol. 126+: March, 2011   Magical Gift From Japan
Now Is The Time
Change The World
Abraham: How Source Sees Natural Disasters
Return To The Sacred--7th Annual Rebirthing Training
Do You Believe In Miracles?
The Power Of Vulnerability
Mega Doses Of Vitamin D Help Prevent Breast Cancer, Etc.
More Information About The Creation Of Dis-Ease
  Vol. 126: March, 2011   Being No-Thing
Effects Of Solar Flares
All About Karma Yoga
Our Lady Of Kibeho
Learning Breathwork For Optimal Living
The Healing Magic Of A Rubber Band
  Vol. 125+: February, 2011   Love Reveals Itself To You
Dropping Into Heart Space
Be Alert. Be Aware. Simplify
Do As One
About February 11, 2011
Will Smith--Possibilities Man
Love Actually Is All Around
Consciousness Playground-Youthening Download
If You Know What You Want, You Can Have It-It Works!
The Healing Power Of Archangel Michael
  Vol. 125: February, 2011   Little Grandmother "Return of the Ancestors" 2 of 3
Consciousness Doesn't Take Sides
Faces Of The Goddess
Open Ended Questions
What Is Love?
Manifest From The Heart Chakra
Gateway To Spiritual Consciousness
Partaking From The Solar Winds
Fire Ceremony / Havan / Yagya
Tips For Men On Women
Magic As Relationship With The Natural World
Catholic Horses
  Vol. 124+: January, 2011   Dervish At The Door
Wherever The Divine Mother Does Not Reside, There Is No Peace
Can We Create New Body Parts?
Consciousness Playground--Regeneration And Rejuvenation
Schools Killing Creativity - Sir Ken Robinson
Dr. Mark Dunn's Tele-Seminars
Manifestation And Firewalking Seminar
Catholic Bishops; More Exorcists Needed
  Vol. 124: January, 2011   A Season To Remember
Instead Of New Years Resolutions
Be Grateful
Patch Adams-Clowning Around
Little Grandmother Speaks On 2012
Regeneration And Rejuvenation--Conscious Playground
Warning Signs Of Health And Wholeness
Om Namaha Shivaya
3 Minutes And 60 Seconds Of Bliss
Mother's Blessing by Snatam Kaur
Medicine Of The Future--Abraham Hicks
Heart Space VS Head Space
Routine Feeds The Illusion Of Safety
How Do We Change Our Thinking And Experiences?...
Stillness-Quiet To Better Know Self / Environment
Salt, Sea Salt And Blood Pressure
Real Salt
Herbal Remedies for Cats, Dogs and Horses
  Vol. 123+: December 2010   Ode To Joy
Om Namaha Shivaya-Blues by Turkantam
In Appreciation For Our Subscribers
Recent M.E. Testimonial
A Crone's Tale For Winter Solstice
Self Cleaning With Ho'Oponopono
Saint Theresa's Prayer
The Big Fuzzy Caterpillar
Babaji's Leelas
The Game Of You
A Christmas Story-excerpt from the movie Mixed Nuts
Relationships--What About This Is About Me?
Playing With The Power Of Emotional Words
Another Look At Our Past Addictions
The Pig Of Happiness
  Vol. 123: December, 2010   In Appreciation For Our Subscribers
Very Important From Little Grandmother
Consciousness Playground And Regeneration
Don't Let Not Having Feed Itself
Family First, Then God
The Sun Shines On Everyone
How To Heal Your Children
Is Your Child Doing Your Process? From Young Kelley
Is Your Child Doing Your Process? From Young Toni
Heart Space Technique From Kahunas
Tapping For Money
Familiar Politics; Politics Begins In The Family
Addictions--A Running Pattern
What You Did To Create Your Reality
Readiness To Recover Our Health
  Vol. 122++: November 2010   You Are OK
In Appreciation For Our Subscribers
Join The Conscious Playground & Rejuvenate
The Most Powerful Thing We Can Do
The Real Is Not Complex
Most Powerful Technique In The World
Accepting Our Worthiness To Create
The Group In Abadiana, Brazil
The Wounded Healer
  Vol. 122+: November 2010   Conscious Playground
Regeneration And Rejuvenation
You Are The Great I AM--Little Grandmother
Snatam Kaur Guruganesha~Shivoham
  Vol. 122: November, 2010   Life Is A Game
In Appreciation For Our Subscribers
Holidays Fast Approaching
Subscriber Testimonials On M.E. Sessions
One Simple Equation: Truth, Simplicity, Love
A Secret Scrolls Message
Kryon - Your Heart Knows Everything
Toward The One And Performance Breathing
  Vol. 121+: October 2010   In Gratitude - Last Free M.E. Sessions
Good News About Babaji Of Haidakhan
A Meditation From Babaji To Marge DeVivo
We Are All Connected
Contempt Prior To Investigation
Illusions--excerpts by Richard Bach
Be The Love Of Your Sacred Heart
Another Way Of Looking At Addictions
Interview With John Sarno On Pain
The Sacrament Of The Present Moment
  Vol. 121: October, 2010   In Gratitude
Empowering-Inspiring Video Message
A Belief Is Only The Thoughts You Keep Thinking
Babaji's Leelas
Inside A Breathing Session
Mary's Movie - You Are Love
Love Is All There Is
A Look At Self Love
Rejecting Addiction And Drama
Pain-No Pain Strategy
Beautiful Bhajan by Snatam Kaur - Aadays Tisai Aadays
Indian Police Look To Pyramid To Curb Accidents
Choosing Healthy Foods Now Called A Mental Disorder
5 Toxic Ingredients In Shampoos And Conditioners
Miracle II Soaps And Products
  Vol. 120+: September 2010   In Gratitude
We Can Change The World
Free Hugs In Sondrio, Italy
Babaji's Message To The World
12 Attitudes Of Mastery
Mother Meera USA Tour In October
The Crystal Palace Within And Opening The Halls Of Amenti
  Vol. 120: September, 2010   In Gratitude--free M.E. session
Symphony Of Science
Little Grandmother
Quantum K -- It Is Transformational!
Dr. Willard Fuller Ordination Program
Restoring The Tangible And The Intangible
Ritual And Living In Truth, Simplicity And Love
Most Effective Treatment For Depression
Matrix Energetics Is A Fantastic Way To Address Depression
  Vol. 119+: August 2010   In Gratitude--Free M.E. Session
The Art Of Jumping Timelines
Living Between The Worlds
Home Remedies Website
Hilarious Father Guido Sarducci
  Vol. 119: August, 2010   In Gratitude--free M.E. session
Woodstock--Joni Mitchell
Call Out To Me--Babaji
Bio-Scalar Meditation for Healing Self and Others
15 Life Lessons On Spirituality From Bugs Bunny
More Reasons Not To Use Chemotherapy
Never Argue With A Woman
  Vol. 118+: July 2010   Cosmic Weather Report: Year Of The Tiger
You Can't Not Pray To God From God
Osho--The Forgotten Language
Shifting Of Energies
Feeling Overwhelmed
Obesity Conspiracy: The U.S. Govt. Scandal that's Really Making You Fat
Gulf Poisoning Detox Protocol
All You Need Is Love--156 Countries
Difference Between Teachers And Educators
  Vol. 118: July, 2010   Liquid Mountaineering
To Live The Teachings Is The Ritual
FIRE a book by Leonard Orr
How To Master Your Appreciation Vibration
Living Matrix Energetics In Your Everyday Life
Bringing The Angels Into Your Life
How To Simplify Your Life And Get More Done
Brain Joy Technique
Whose Milk Are You And Your Kids Drinking?
  Vol. 117+: June 2010   Where Dolphins Dance
Your Beacon Of Light
Urgent Message from Dr. Masaru Emoto regarding oil spill in Gulf of Mexico
David Wilcock
Have No Fear
Babaji, The Unfathomable
Time Traveling Into Our Future
Cosmic Weather Report: Blasts Of Will
Be Real And Recognize We Are All Connected
  Vol. 117: June, 2010   Appearances
Big And Little Science
On Perception
On Beliefs
Ladies--Claiming Your Courage
Spiritual Parenting
Humor On Some Important Topics
  Vol. 116+: May 2010   Luck For You Now
Amma Chi--Born With A Smile
Trust And Knowing
A Hathor Planetary Message
The Heart Dimensional Attunement
Commentaries On Sri Aurobindo
I Love You
Pass The Butter Please!!
  Vol. 116: May, 2010   the mystery...
The Messiah Is Here!
Ultimate Optimism Or Have We Already Entered The New Age Of Personal Mastery And Heaven On Earth?
Just Let It Go!!
Sound Vibrating In All Creation
Prosperity For All - A Utopia?
Lettuce Understand
Live Truth, Simplicity, Love
How God Changes Your Brain - Yawning
Humans Could One Day Re-grow Limbs
Focus, Focus, Focus
Spiritual Development
Hell Explained By A Chemistry Student
  Vol. 115+: April 2010   The 5th Dimension: The Heaven Of Now
What Does Babaji Say About The World Situation?
Mother Meera East Coast USA Tour July 2010
How To Overcome Obstacles
Nirvana by El Bosco
Be Ageless
Father God's Message For Today 4/4/2010
Stop Using Natural Deodorants Until You Read This
  Vol. 115: April, 2010   You Remind Me Of A Star
Review Of The Fifth Agreement
John Of God Returning To Omega This Year
John Of God--The Miracle Man
Our Personal Experience With John Of God
Aspartame Now To Be Called Aminosweet--America's Deadliest Sweetener Has A Name Change
  Vol. 114+: March, 2010   We Must Release All Of Who We Are Not
Taking Personal Responsibility For Our Lives
Navaratri: Nine Days Of The Divine Mother
The Paradox Of Physical Reality
Starseeds Awake To Yourselves
A Call To Wake And Wise Up
Rebirthing Weekend With Leonard Orr--Las Cruces, NM--May 2010
Archetype For Power & Limitless Possibilities
Being A Leader--From Abraham
  Vol. 114: March, 2010   What Is Matrix Energetics?
The Physics Of Miracles
Playing With Matrix Energetics And The ZPF
Trust Your Heart teachings of Babaji
Sage Hunting
Hopi Message From Elders
Becoming A Cosmic Telepath
The Divided Mind by John Sarno, MD.
Remember Who You Are
Kel's Home Made Whole Wheat, Mesquite Bread
Benefits Of Laughter Yoga with John Cleese
  Vol. 113+: February, 2010   Kahlil Gibran On Love
Attach To The Real
Be At Peace With The Coming Changes by David Wilcock
For The Next 7 Generations: The Grandmothers Speak
Show Life You Have A Thousand Reasons To Smile
  Vol. 113: February, 2010   Send Your Love
Change Is The Law Of The Universe
A Heart Without History
2010--The Year Of Relation-Shifts
Rebirthing Evening or Weekend With Leonard Orr
Free Energy And ET's
Proof Of Love: What God Said
Contemplate The Word That Unlocks Your Energy
  Vol. 112+: January, 2010   Rise Above The Unreal
Last 12 Solstices And Equinoxes Til 2012
Significance Of The Fire Ceremony with Babaji
Consciously Using The Element Of Fire
BRACO Is His Name and He Is a Gift To Us All
Emotrance Stress Relief
Hands Glow In The Dark
  Vol. 112
Special Edition:
January, 2010
  Message From Babaji
Message From Muniraj
Blue Moon Magic on New Years 2010
  Vol. 112: January, 2010   The Cosmic Joke
What Is Real? Truth, Simplicity And Love
Activating The Natural Rhythm Of The Earth And Your Body
Practicing Aloha
Which Stories Do You Choose To Tell?
A Story From The Quantum Side Of Things
Big And Little Science
Breath Control Therapy
Amazing Turmeric
  Vol. 111+: December, 2009   Is My Decision Right?
Be On The Lookout For Symptoms Of Inner Peace
Inspirational Messages From Babaji
Tree Spirits Story
On Joy And Sorrow
Abraham Hicks And Friends Talk About Healing
S.O.U.L.® my School of Universal Learning
  Vol. 111: December, 2009   70,000 Angels All Blessing
Karma Yoga-Path To Peace And Happiness
Walking With The Devas
Janosh Art--Crop Circle Art
Nassim Haramein--Amazing Crop Circle Info
Are We Masters Of Time?
Angels: Explained By Children
Heart Focused Breathing To Reduce Stress And Anxiety
Don't Attach To Maya--Do What Your Heart Advises
Breathwork--Key To Releasing Limiting Distorted Thoughts
Breathing Meditation: Does It Help?
Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame of Forgiveness Breath Meditation
Mother Meera Inspirational Card Deck
Jamie Daniel - Certified Master Practitioner of Matrix Energetics
Programming The Nation
  Vol. 110++: November, 2009   The New Moon And New Energies
Seasonal Changes
The Physics Of Miracles
Simple Breathing Practice To Reduce Holiday Stress
Jed McKenna--What The Hell Is Going On
  Vol. 110+: November, 2009   Matrix Energetics
Fabulous Mantra To Lakshmi, Kali, Saraswati
Vaporizing Money Blocks
Awakening The Inner Sense
More About The Swine Flu
The Right Brain VS The Left Brain
  Vol. 110: November, 2009   Journey
Espavo--A Word To Remember
New Dollar Coins
Secretary By Day, Royalty By Night
Flu Vaccine Exposed
CBS Reveals Swine Flu Cases Seriously Overestimated
The Hazards Of Bread (humor)
  Vol. 109+: October, 2009   Beware Of Darkness--Song by George Harrison
Give Up Who You Think You Are
The Joy Is In The Purpose
David Wilcox and 2012
Do NOT Let Your Child Get Flu Vaccine--9 Reasons Why
Avoid This If You Want A Healthy Thyroid
  Vol. 109: October, 2009   Truth, Simplicity, Love And Service
No Fear
Firewalk In Tempe, Arizona with Marvin Allen
The Secret Teachings Of Plants: The Intelligence Of The Heart In The Direct Perception Of Nature
Health Insurance: Is It Necessary?
Reclaiming One's State Of Natural Health
Spotting Lies: Listen, Don't Look
The Great Illusion
Are You Dizzy?
A Breathing Practice To Reduce Stress And Anxiety
What To Do If You Are Forced To Take The Swine Flu Shot
Hemorroids: How Do You Know If You Have Hemorroids?
  Vol. 108+: September, 2009   The Glance Of Love
Change Is The Way Of The Universe
James Twyman's New CD--Buy It For Peace
I Want To Change My Life!
Life Is Supposed To Be Fun!
Do I Want To Be A Mermaid Or A Whale?
  Vol. 108: September, 2009   Real Strength
Humanity! Root Out Inaction!
Let The Universe Take Care Of The Details
Spiritual Freedom For Women
Reflections-We Have To Let You Go
Australian Story--Right As Rain
Consciousness Is Who We Are Interview with David Icke
Traditional Hindu Prayer To Be Offered At Meals
Five Simple Tips For Better Breathing from Dennis Lewis
What Research Says About Apple Cider Vinegar
  Vol. 107+: August, 2009   Stopping Worry
Babaji On Violence
John Lennon's Take On Peace
Your Light Is Needed Now
A Single Week That May Change The World
Are Swine Flu Vaccinations Necessary?
The 1918 Influenza Epidemic Was a Vaccine-caused Disease
Closed Vehicles Left In Sunlight
  Vol. 107: August, 2009   Serious Problems
Innocent Perception
Change Is The Law Of Nature
Healing Sounds Of Whales And Dolphins
We Only Experience Our Descriptions Of The World
Recalculating Happiness In A Himalayan Kingdom
Your Bodies Many Cries For Water
Getting Grounded--Skin To Skin With The Earth
How To Legally Say "NO" To All Vaccines
Revealing Autism's Beautiful Truth
  Vol. 106+: July, 2009   Only One Is Enough
Love Without End...Jesus Speaks
What Makes Laughter The Best Medicine?
Marriage Counseling
Catholic Parrots
Message to the Emerging Women of Power and Grace
Federal Reserve Missing Trillions: More Than Entire U.S. Budget!
The Vedic Planetary Types: Expressing Your Astral Avatar
  Vol. 106: July, 2009   Guru Purnima
Offering Light To The Guru
Breath And Breathing Report
Yes It Was Awful--Now Please Shut Up
The Law Of Allotment
Aging From Abraham Hicks
What Your Gray Hair Says About You
Aging--A Word From Young T.D.
  Vol. 105++: June, 2009   Celebrating The Rain In Africa with Perpetuum Jazzile
Concert For The Living Water--Love H2O
Honoring And Celebrating The Miracle Of Water
Money, Money, Money--Extremely Important Article
This Oneness...What We Think We Know
  Vol. 105+: June, 2009   Concert For The Living Water--Love H2O
Playing For Change
Advance--Take Care Of Your Health
The Empowered Human
Doctors Under Pressure To Not Diagnose PTSD
Dental Confessions
MSG: Silent Killer In Your Kitchen Cabinets
  Vol. 105: June, 2009   The Living Years
Instructions To My Beacon Of Light
The Commodization Of Consciousness
Think And Grow Rich
Mouches Volantes by Floco Tausin
Diet Sodas Linked To Health Problems
Cancer Update From John Hopkins
The Optimist And The Pessimist
  Vol. 104+: May, 2009   The Great Invocation
Coming Out Of The Dark
Chaotic Nodes
Your Stuff
A Restaurant With No Checks
Mass Counterfeiting Of American Coins
Counterfeiting Significant To China's Overall Economy
  Vol. 104: May, 2009   New Energy Arrives
Ramblings On Love, Life And Breath
New Technology Downloads Coming In July
Interview With George Green
97 Year Young Physician's Formula For Life
Daily Spiritual Purification Practices
Capsaicin--The Heat In Chili Peppers
Cayenne (Capsicum): Healer And Preventative
  Vol. 103++: April, 2009   The Prayer To Our Lord
Clearing Our Relationship With Money
  Vol. 103+: April, 2009   Global Crisis - A Birth
World Sound Healing Day Results
2009 Healing Sounds Intensive
Flu Was Not The Real Killer In 1918 Pandemic
Find Out What They Don't Want Us To Know
  Vol. 103: April, 2009   We Are At A Major Crossroad
Return To The Sacred With Leonard Orr
Taking Action--Words Of Wisdom
The Matrix Energetics Experience
Karen Armstrong And The Charter Of Compassion
States Getting Ready To Dissolve Federal Government
States Taking Back Their Sovereignty
***Nutrition And Behavior--Dr. Russell Blaylock
Aspartame--This Is Long Overdue
True Food Network
Time To Rein In Genetically Engineered Food
Once Upon A Time
For A Lift
  Vol. 102+: March, 2009   Everything Must Change
Women's Medicine Circle
For A Lift
From Marriages To Mortgages
How To Protect Your Child From Vaccines
'Electromagnetic Load'--Hidden Factor In Many Illnesses
Turmeric--Miracle Spice May Stop Cancer, Alzheimers And Arthritis
  Vol. 102: March, 2009   One Humanity
Dr. Brian O'Leary
Our Divine Cosmos
Dr. Mark Dunn
Ten Rukes For Being Human
John Of God At Omega Institute
Master Tonic...A Modern Day Plague Tonic
  Vol. 101+: February, 2009   Another Powerful Opportunity
World Sound Healing Day-February 14th
Chocolate, Chocolate And Vanilla
Food Safety: Peanuts And Corn Syrup
  Vol. 101: February, 2009   Love The One You Are Always With
I Wanna Know What Love Is
World Sound Healing Day Feb. 14, 2009
Violet Flame Prayer
Allodial Freehold Land Patent
10 Great Low-Tax Places To Retire
  Vol. 100+: January, 2009   Babaji Of Herakhan
Charter For Compassion
Making The Most Of It
Orac Values Of Foods
Food Is Your Best Medicine Chart
Reviews On Doubt Is Their Product
  Vol. 100: January, 2009   Do Karma Yoga To Be Happy--Teachings Of Babaji
Talking Stick-Native Belief by: Circle Of Healing
Breath And Breathing Report
Dr. Richard Bartlett--Matrix Energetics
Matrix Energetics Sessions
Mushrooms To Detox Soil
Eating Healthy And Organic On The Go
The Numerology Of Names
  Vol. 99++: December, 2008   This Is A Unique Solstice by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Winter Solstice Seeds of Light Meditation From Chris D
  Vol. 99+: December, 2008   God Created Time
Widespread Spiritual Awakening
The Science Of Happiness
God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita
Wingmaker Perspective
6 Ways To Reduce Inflammation--Without A Statin Drug
A 'Fricin' Elephant
  Vol. 99: December, 2008   Give Attention To The Present
Stopping Your Internal Dialogue
A Way To Stop Your Internal Dialogue
Truth, Simplicity And Love
A Hopi Elder Speaks
Connecting Heaven And Earth
Computers, Stress And Breathing
Six Behaviors That Increase Self Esteem
Good Information Websites
MMS - No Miracle - Just Wonderful Chemistry
Your Immune System--How To Take Care Of It
Holiday Special On Matrix Energetics
Money & Spirituality Take A Step Closer Together
  Vol. 98+: November, 2008   It Is A New Day!
Breathing Journal: My Real True Self
Why It Is So Important To Breathe Through Your Nose
Do You Have High Blood Pressure?
Need Help With High Blood Pressure?
Red Clover Blocks Neurological Damage From MSG
That's A Lot Of Bull
  Vol. 98: November, 2008   Magnetism
BBL-VFF Breath Meditation For World Peace
Good Karma--Instructions For Life
Our Moment Of Transformation
Gateway To Inner Peace
New Info On Cholesterol - two articles
- Lower Cholesterol Can Kill You!
- Low Cholesterol Increases Cancer and Death Risk Pregnant Women Warned About Using Perfumes
Ten Healthiest Foods Under $1
  Vol. 97+: October, 2008   What Do We Do When The World Looks So Crazy?
Help Is On The Way And It Has Been Here For A Long While
We're Not Alone--Politician And Pilot Spot UFO
First Contact? Are We About To See A UFO?
Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate
Some Beings Are Real Smart Mouths!
  Vol. 97: October, 2008   Fallacy Of Our Search
The Game Of Life And How To Play It
Water: Grander Water Revitalization Technology
Promising Solar Power Technologies
Humans Used As Guinea Pigs By U.S. Government And Military
  Vol. 96+: September, 2008   Phuro! Be Inspired!
Abraham-Hicks' Teachings In Brief
Abraham Speaks To Parents And Children
The New Earth Is Here
Why Tap Water Can Harm Your Kids
Cell Phone Dangers--What They Don't Want You To See
  Vol. 96: September, 2008   Slaves To Our Minds
BBL-VFF Breath Meditation For World Peace
The Universe As A Hologram
Top Ten Spices That Defend Against Aging
Heal Your Body By Louise Hays
Drug Company Corruption Endangers Our Children
FDA Says Bisphenol Safe For Babies To Drink
  Vol. 95+: August, 2008   Quotes From Mother Meera's "Answers"
Darshan With Mother Meera
Significance Of Devotional Singing
Bhajan For The Divine Mother
A Babaji Story
Re-Uniting With Horses Workshop
The Continuing Energies Of August...In The Eye Of The Storm
A New Presidential Candidate?
  Vol. 95: August, 2008   Hush In The Middle Of The Rush
BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation
Liberating Love
Focus On Levity!!!
Breaking The Death Habit
The Death Urge And Physical Immortality
Mother Meera In New Mexico And U.S.--Canada
Fastest Growing And Largest Cities In U.S.
Only Now Exists Wristbands
  Vol. 94+: July, 2008   Firewalking Seminar
No Wonder I Don't See You
Healing The Sexual-Spiritual Split
The Difference Between Men And Women
  Vol. 94: July, 2008   Ordinary People
BBL-VFF Breath Meditation For World Peace
Something To Meditate On
It Is A Powerful Time!
4 Hour Intro To Matrix Energetics--Santa Fe, NM
Coming! Guru Purnima July 18th Full Moon
Don't Be Mislead By Dairy Ads
6 Ways You Are Wasting Gas
  Vol. 93+: June, 2008   Lightness Of Being
Breath, Awareness And Nature
After Death Contact
How To Survive A Heart Attack
Kids In Church
  Vol. 93: June, 2008   Humanitarian Work - Babaji
Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness Breath Meditation for World Peace
Amma Chi in N.M. and U.S.--Canada
Mother Meera in N.M. and U.S.--Canada
I Rest In God
Ghostwriting Of Drug Trials In Pharmaceauticals A Sham
Ionfield Toothbrush: All Natural Toothbrush Of The Future
5 Veggies That Make Any Salad Super Healthy
  Vol. 92+: May, 2008   Look To The Divine Mother
Entire Solar System Undergoing Rapid Change
Being One With The Universe
Shifting Paradigms
Technique To Get Rid Of Ego
Stay Focused On The Light
  Vol. 92: May, 2008   Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness Breath Meditation for World Peace
Love, Compassion and Money
Healing Sounds Intensive with Jonathan Goldman
What In The World Are You Putting On Your Skin?
On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Rebirthing Breath Work Training And Spiritual Purification
  Vol. 91+: April, 2008   Matrix Energetics
Busting Loose With The Money Game
Non-Stick Cookware Continues To Prove Its Toxicity
Associated Press Probe Finds Drugs In Drinking Water
Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US Reserves By 10X
  Vol. 91: April, 2008   Living In Worship
Half Life
Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness Breath Meditation for World Peace
Let Go Of Needing To Know
A Transition Into The 2013 Galactic Mayan Time Spell
Being In The Presence Of A Master
Reminders Of Opportunities: Orr and Bartlett
Pain And Suffering
The Pain Body
Bringing Earth Closer To Heaven
Indian DNA Links To 6 "Founding Mothers"
Cancer Treatments: Chemo or Natural?
The Purpose Of The Dog
  Vol. 90++: March, 2008   A Week Of Fabulous Opportunity
A Critical Time For The USA and Mother Earth
The 14th Annual Solar Wave 2008
  Vol. 90+: March, 2008   Babaji's Smile
Interview--Dr. Richard Bartlett Of Matrix Energetics
Dr. Richard Bartlett In Albuquerque NM, May 15th 2008
Council Of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
High Powered Qigong Breathing
Gandhi's Principles
80% Of Your Immune System In In Your GI Tract
  Vol. 90: March, 2008   How Do We Serve?
Moving The Mountain
Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness Breath Meditation for World Peace
The Blue Butterfly
The Two Trees by Leonard Orr
An Evening with Leonard Orr in Las Cruces, NM
Whose Business Is It?
The Shift--Institute of Noetic Sciences
True Reflections
God Is Shining Through...
The Laughing Gap
Gems To Treasure
Doctrine Of Whole Food Signatures
Contaminated Beef Recall
  Vol. 89++: February, 2008   The Gathering Of The Dance Of Oneness
  Vol. 89+: February, 2008   Your Life Is What You Think It To Be
How To Fully Embrace The Gift Of Change
'Time And Transformation'
Return To The Sacred / Rebirthing Breathwork-Spiritual Purification Retreat With Leonard Orr May 30-June 8, 2008
Natural Breast Cancer Prevention
Breast Health Lessons
  Vol. 89: February, 2008   Hafiz: Care About Giving
Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness World Peace Breath Meditation
A Love Story: Shiva Becomes Ardhanarishwara
Strong Heart
The Hoax Of Modern Medicine
No Good And No Evil
Healing Horses With Energy
The Paragon Foundation
Clever Judgement!
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
  Vol. 88+: January, 2008   Prayer For The Great Family
George Carlin's Views On Aging
The Wise Do Spiritual Practices
A True Story Of My Healing
  Vol. 88: January, 2008   Gratitude For You
Setting Intention To Harmony And Joy
Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness Breath Meditation For World Peace
Subscriber Response Column
Not In Sydenham
Making A Living That Affirms Life
It's All Good
Lecture Highlights: Russill Paul
The Seven Wonders Of The World
Mercury Contamination
Halfing Heating Bills
  Vol. 87+: December, 2007   Generate Happy Brain Chemistry Right This Instant!
Finding My Father
Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
Remember Your Commitment
Matrix Energetics
Coalition Against Mandatory Vaccine
Sacred Geometry In Your Life
  Vol. 87: December, 2007   Freedom Means Letting Go
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
The Call To The Angelic Humans
Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself
Secret To Living Joyously
Our World Situation And A Solution
New Use For Vicks
A Tale Of Woe
Eternal Breath
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
  Vol. 86+: November, 2007   Prayer Of Gratitude For Our Bodies
Matrix Energetics
Awake! Arise!
A Prayer For Women
10 Ways To Receive Gracefully
I Write Of That Journey
Message About California Fires
Real Reasons To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods
Our Take On GMO Foods
  Vol. 86: November, 2007   Whatever Work Is Needed
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
How To Give And Receive Love More Effectively
ONE: The Campaign To Make Poverty History
Surrender Dorothy
Breath And Our Emotions
Leonard Orr Coming To Long Island
Eternal Breath--A New Book
Footprints In The Sand
Soy--Buyer Beware
What's In An Apple?
Pumpkin--A Great Food
  Vol. 85+: October, 2007   When Will The Moon Be Clear And Bright
Matrix Energetics
Quigong Healing And Miracle Making
Ho' Oponopono--It Works!!!
Remain Curious
Life Has Only Three Rules
Breath And Breathwork Principles
Have You Had A Mystical/Spiritual Experience?
  Vol. 85: October, 2007   Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
Ten Million Clicks For Peace
Adhere To One Principle
Do You Give A Darn?!
No Problems Here, Only Mysterious Blessings
I Walk In And Out Of Many Worlds
Accessing Your Spiritual Guidance
Having No Fear Of Death
Don't Weep At My Grave
Breath Qigong: Transforming The Energy Of Negativity
Surrender Box
A Cool Babaji Story
This Ain't No Country Club
  Vol. 84+: September, 2007   Wake Up People!
Love And Fear
Kriya Yoga
Who Am I?
Using Incense
Top Ten Tips For Body-Mind Health
Beyond The Secret
Staying Silent In Marital Spats A Killer For Women
Breathing & Blood Pressure Research
  Vol. 84: September, 2007   Help Spread The Word About The Global OM
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Are You Willing To Change?
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
Changing The Way We Pray
Pearls Of Wisdom From Shree Vishnu Dutt Shastri
The Art Of Not Being Offended
Heart Of Christ, Head Of Buddha, Hand Of God
  Vol. 83+: August, 2007   Stop The World--9/11
Nancy DeYoung And Modern Shamans
Which Bus Are You On?
Ask And It Is Given
The Diaphram: The Spiritual Muscle
Dolphins Deserve To Be Free
5 Veggies That Make Any Salad Super Healthy
Living Life Backwards
  Vol. 83: August, 2007   Patience
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama
Cherish Yourself
Faith And Firm Determination
Reflections--Genius Is Born Of Love
State Of Denial
Seven Ways To Be Happier At Work
Tibetan Monks Remote Viewing Of 2012
Messengers From The Wilderness
Wrong Funeral-Right Place
Bhartriji (Bhartrihari)
Concerned About Too Many Carbs In Your Diet?
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
  Vol. 82+: June, 2007   Gratitude
Two Wolves
A Call For Help
The Road To Opportunity
"Fire Energy Grid" July 17th
Attitude Is A Choice
Radical Forgiveness
Forbidden Knowledge, Natural Medicines, Power Of Information
  Vol. 82: July, 2007   Experiencing Technical Difficulty
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Open Your Heart And Master Your Mind
Do You Have A Child, Grandchild Or Know Of A Child Of The Crystal Vibration?
Space, Breath & Freedom
Relax, You're Already Perfect
How To Take Care Of Your Heart
Ammachi-Bliss Mother's Teachings
Ear Candling--Ancient Healing
Italian Pasta Diet - It Really Works
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
  Vol. 81+: June, 2007   John Of God In New York Oct. 1-3
5 Reasons You Are Still Stuck
Unconscious Attachments
Moving Agent Orange
The Science Of Getting Rich
Bodhisattva The Song
  Vol. 81: June, 2007   Bliss Mother's Summer Tour In U.S.
Questions And Answers From Ammachi
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
A Vibrational Match - Only You Can Deny Your Own Desire
Act As If...
Honey Bees
Body Awareness And Appreciation
Tips On Raising A Compassionate Child
On Smile
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
  Vol. 80+: May, 2007   Live Our Highest Intention: Peace
Ammachi On 20/20, Friday May 11
Preemptive Peace: A Living "Prayer"
Spiritual Purification Retreat With Leonard Orr
Focus On What You Want
It Is Time To Let Go
EMC2 And Autism: A Free Program
  Vol. 80: May, 2007   Bbl-Vff World Peace Meditation
Look To May 6th 2007
Having It All
Remember The Lord's Name
An Inconvenient Truth
Positive Resolve
Ghosts In The Computer And Me
New Sound Healers Website Online
Spring Forward
Which Life Do You Choose?
Learning To Live In The Present Moment
The Many Benefits Of Ultra Refined Fish Oil
Power Of The Divine Mother
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
  Vol. 79+: April, 2007   You Want Security
Intelligent Energy
The Importance Of Attack
A Thousand Names
Invitation To Love
Babaji - song by Supertramp
Healing Sounds Intensive 2007
Honey And Cinnamon
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
  Vol. 79: April, 2007   All Is A Miracle
Bbl-Vff World Peace Meditation
Healing Horses With Energy Workshop
The Real Terrorists
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
Put Love First
Om Mani Padme Hum
Why George Bush Is In Office
Information On 2012
Regarding 2012
Shiva, Shiva!
Importance Of Nose Breathing
Tao Of Natural Breathing
Ancient Seas Crystal Salt
  Vol. 78+: March, 2007   Inspiration
Inspiration From A Frog
Judgment Reflections
Healing Horses With Energy Workshop
Amma Sri Karunamayi
Harmonious Awakening
What A Wonderful World
Live The Life You Want To Live
Surya Namaskar Yagna
The Childhood Breath
Ancient Seas Crystal Salt
  Vol. 78: March, 2007   Those Who Are Truly Wise
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
I Love You : Quote From Ammachi
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
Accessing Spiritual Direction
Laughter Therapy
Another Way To Deal With This Troubled World
Enlightened Beings : Meditation Method
Tatwas: Vedic Geometry For Healing
Seek To Be Cooked
Medical Ingredient Alert
The Close Relationship Between Food And Health
Ancient Seas Crystal Salt
  Vol. 77+: February, 2007   World Sound Healing Day Feb. 14, 2007
Uncover Your True Face
The Four Agreements
The Happiest Man In The World?
World Wide Bus Tele-Seminar
Sound And Fragrance Of Enlightenment
21 Natural Highs
Dangerous Dose
Food Is Your Best Medicine Chart
Agnihotra - fantastic, ancient fire ceremony
  Vol. 77: February, 2007   Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For
Gayatri Mantra Water Ritual
The Fabulous Breath Of Life
Goals Of First 10 Rebirthing Breath Sessions
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
Imagine Song By John Lennon
Mastering Alchemy
New Gregg Braden Book
Generation YES!
The Generation YES! Experience
No Charge
WD-40 The Miracle Chemical
  Vol. 76+: January, 2007   Appreciate Diversity
Are You Listening???
Jealousy And Envy
The Age Of Infinity And The Scarcity Matrix
Depleted Uranium - A Crime Against Wisdom
To Live Without Suffering
How Forgiveness Can Improve Your Life
Bird Flu Fear
  Vol. 76: January, 2007   Guidance
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
A Call To Mother's Grace And Gifts
Behold...A New Heaven And A New Earth!
The Science Of Getting Rich
Year End Completions-New Beginnings
  Vol. 75+: December, 2006   How To Be Happy And Wealthy
Poverty Is Not Natural
Miracle II Holiday Sale
Cold And Flu Suggestions
  Vol. 75: December, 2006   Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
The Global Awakening To Our Kinship With Animals
Prayer Is Feeling
Prayer-Infinite Intelligence-Quantum Physics
Greater Levels Of Detachment
Build Your Trust Muscles
Raw Chocolate Fudge Recipe
Never Too Old
Frequent Breath Holding Reveals A Fundamental Disharmony
  Vol. 74+: November, 2006   Thanks To The God-Goddess Of Me
Meaning Of 11:11
Honey Remedy Could Save Limbs
  Vol. 74: November, 2006   Universal Responsibility
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
Amazing Ionic Toothbrush
Higher Purpose
Vyapohana Hymn of Purification
See Small...Prevent Big
Beyond Right & Wrong / The Pharoah Chewed Juicy Fruit
Seeds Of Transformation--Joy
Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Frequently
Two Men Seriously Ill...
  Vol. 73+: October, 2006   Bottomless Pit
Healing Horses With Energy
Please Help Generation YES!
Please Spread The Word About Generation YES!
Energetic Stillness / The Power Of Patience
Ancient Earth Religions Beyond Traditional Means: Ho'Oponopono
Ho'Oponopono---It's All Inside
Progress On The Spiritual Plane
We Influence Our Own Genetics
  Vol. 73: October, 2006   Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
The Therapeutic Power Of Mantra
Allergies Are Just A Memory
Experience Vou Ja De
Proof We Are All Connected
When Positive Is Negative--Accepting Your Light
Native American Stories About Creation
The Isaiah Effect
Gratitude For Life In General
TSL Notes Newsletter: A New Service From Babaji.Net
Temple In New Delhi Dedicated To World Peace
Chemistry Midterm Exam
  Vol. 72+: September, 2006   Babaji’s Message: Change The Hearts Of Humanity
The Non-Sweet Truth about Non-Nutritive Sweeteners
Sugary Drinks Are Piling On The Pounds
Positive Vibration
  Vol. 72:
6th Anniversary Edition September, 2006
  Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
Kumbha Mela
Dr Willard Fuller--Absentee Healing
No Small Meetings
Indigo Children As Lie Detectors
Like A Child Crying For The Moon
Fighting Today's Madness By Walking Our Talk
Om Namaha Shivaya
Kicking A Dead Horse
Why Schools Should Remove GE-Tainted Foods
Spiritual Jokes-Astrological Prayers
  Vol. 71+: August, 2006   Don't Take Your Life Too Seriously
You Are A Physical Extension Of That Which Is NonPhysical
Some Tips On The Practice Of Breathwork
Invoking Greatness
My Life Is My Sundance
AMA Asks Government To Regulate Salt
Nation's Largest Dairies Trying To Avoid Monsanto's BGH
Some Major U.S. Dairies Eliminating rBGH Over The Past Year
  Vol. 71: August, 2006   Bbl-Vff World Peace Meditation
Praying For Peace
Headed In The Right Direction
How To Handle Fortune And Misfortune
This Is What Love Is All About!
It's All About Cookies!
Discover Your Life Purpose In 20 Minutes
George Harrison's Spritual Life
Common Scents Snuff Out Superbug?
Essential Oils Found To Fight Bacteria
Banana--A Miracle Food
Love Mother Earth
  Vol. 70+: July, 2006   Physical Immortality
Eternal Life Energy
Jim Dvorak--Father Of Quantum Dynamics
New Release Of 'I Am Harmony'
Tantra Of Sound
Can't Compete With Love
Learning To Ride The Waves Of Life
Flouride Toxicity Damage
Infant Mortality Rates Drop Around Five U.S. Power Reactors After Reactors Closed...
How Drug Companies Beceive You
Hinduism Today Digital Edition
Download Books For Free
  Vol. 70: July, 2006   Peace Works
Joy-The Energy Of Love
Bbl-Vff World Peace Meditation
Just Who Do You Think You Are?
There Is Infinity To Learn Our Lessons
Why Do People Hurt Each Other?
Cancer News From John Hopkins
MSG-The Slow Poisoning Of The Masses
Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines
Genetically Engineered Cotton Killing Sheep And Goats
Here And Now-Gems To Treasure From Ammachi
  Vol. 69+: June, 2006   Teachings Of Babaji: May All Be Happy
Breathe Beloveds
Karma Yoga And Relaxation
Ammachi In New Mexico
Recipe For Prosperity
Validating Our Children
Six Types Of Wealth
  Vol. 69: June, 2006   Krishna To Arjuna On Karma Yoga
Healing Back Pain
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
6/6/6 The Moses Code
Your Anxiety May Be Fear To Follow Your Truth
Love--A Higher Gift
Healing Horses With Energy
Accessing Spritual Direction
Beware Of Over The Counter Herbal Remedies
Higher Levels Vitamin D Better Lung Function
The Oneness Movement: An Overview
Conjuring Up Sid Caesar
  Vol. 68+: May, 2006   Woman
Everything Has Been Planted
Guilt-Anger Cycle
Reclaiming Ones Own Natural State Of Health
Cosmic Musician
The Addict And The Sage
  Vol. 68: May, 2006   The Divine Mother Is In All
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
Asato Maa Mantra For Protection
If I Had My Life To Live Over
Bringing Earth Closer To Heaven
Letting Go In Breath And Life
Dance The Dance
Who Is Babaji?
Find The Light Inside Of You
Reflections: Tale Of The Missing Axe
You Believe It's Your Own Idea--Ha!
Lobelia-Magnificent Relaxation Herb
Microwave Cooking
  Vol. 67+: April, 2006   Sometimes There Is Grace
Living Your Life's Purpose
Serum Level
Take These Free Breathing Tests
Your Conscious Participation Is Requested Now
The Story Of Your Life
Inspiration From A Goddess Crone
  Vol. 67: April, 2006   Dharma
Bbl-Vff World Peace Meditation
"Put Light Into Money" Movement
Seven Health-Oriented Suggestions
The "10 Session" Rebirther
The Real Enemy And What To Do About It
Processing Reflections
Healing Communication
The Chandi Path
Pass The Butter
Experts Finally Recognize The Dangers Of Soy
The Unlimited You
  Vol. 66+: March, 2006   Unconsciousness
Peoples Of The World--Unite!
Take A Tour Of Haidakhan (Herakhan)
Seeing God In Everyone
Speaking With Spirit-Tongue
Neutralizing Negativity
Cherishing The Moments
Unveil The Invisible Walls Between You And Others
Organic Diets Keep Kids Pesticide Free
Mercury: Get Tested!
Healing Sounds Intensive
Indelible Love Marked The Pages
  Vol. 66: March, 2006   Fear
A Sharing from the 19th Annual World Congress On Illumination
Truth Reflections
Bbl-Vff Monthly World Peace Breath Meditation
I Love You All People Of The Earth
Get Into Your Will And Its Expressions Now!
Quantum Dynamics Great Tool For Your Will
The Weight Of Objects / Clearing Your Space For Change
Success Is Born Out Of Failure
Live Entirely In The Now
Spiritual Perspectives On Illness And Health
The Fundamental Plagues Of Humankind
Did You Know This About Vodka?
New Hindu Online Service For UK
Ioncare Toothbrush Testimonial
  Vol. 65-LOVE: February, 2006   Jon Gordon: 5 Ways To Become A Love Magnet
  Vol. 65+: February, 2006   I Asked God...
Gratitude For Your Life In General
Gratitude For All Your Experiences
Service To Humanity Is Service To And Worship Of God
4th Annual World Sound Healing Day Feb. 14, 2006
Reiki, Sound Healing And Sedona, Arizona In The Winter
Return To The Sacred With Leonard Orr - Campbell Hot Springs, Calif.
  Vol. 65: February, 2006   You Are A Marvel, Child!
Theatrics Of Babaji
2006--An 8 Year
Bbl-Vff World Peace Gathering
The Healing Power Of Silence
Being Smart With Our Anger
No Victors Or Victims
A Liberating Goodbye-Cutting Cords
Sleepwalking Through Life
Body Ph / Health Tips
Reflections-Raise Your Energy Level
Healing Horses With Energy
  Vol. 64+: January, 2006   Gratitude For Challenges/Challengers
John Of God Is Coming To U.S. And New Zealand
2006: The Year Of The "Flow" And Creating Miracles
Holographic Universe
9 Day Rebirthing Breathwork & Spiritual Purification Training with Leonard Orr
  Vol. 64: January, 2006   Awakening
Ten Keys To Active Mastery
Babaji's Teachings / Serve Humanity
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Altruism VS Compassion by Matthew Fox
Herakhan Babaji Story
Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop
The Family Dinner Table: A Source Of Strength
The Lives You Touch
Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven
Garlic - Incredible Preventative And Healer
Ioncare Toothbrush Testimonial
  Vol. 63: December, 2005   Dharma Talks With The Dalai Lama
Diwali--New Moon In November--Blessing
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
The Tablecloth
Understanding The Indigo Child
Matthew Excerpt From 11/17/05
Keys Of Jeshua
The Greater The Master The More Rigorous His Training
If You Can't Sleep At Night
Letting Go
Addiction To Worry
The Power Of Your Thoughts
Breathing Exercise For Tense Neck
8 Ways To Make A Difference In The World
What Do We Really Need?
Cayenne: Incredible Healer And Preventative
Ioncare Toothbrush
  Vol. 62+: November, 2005   From Mother Mary
Channeling Love by Mary The Magdalen
New Message From Matthew
Genetically Engineered Foods
  Vol. 62: November, 2005   Urgent From Dr. Emoto
Nature And Prayer / Ammachi
Orion Transmission / Parvati
Bbl-Vff World Peace Monthly Breath Meditation
Letting Your Soul Be Heard / Being Witnessed
Grandmother On Sound And Color
The Divine Name From The God Code
Learn Your Body's Secret Code / Prevent Pain And Suffering
Friends May Help You Live Longer Than Family
The Blessings Of My Protection / Babaji
The Real Skinny On Weight Loss Programs
Ioncare Toothbrush Testimonials
  Vol. 61+: October, 2005   Love Thy Enemies
World Congress On Illumination
The Miracle Of Presence
DNA Activations
Focus On God Thru Japa-Repetition Of God's Name
  Vol. 61: October, 2005   The Collective Consciousness
Bbl-Vff Monthly World Peace Breath Meditation
In Celebration Of Reverend Candace Smith Frank
Prayer To Mother
Giving Of Herself
How To Deal With Grief / Don't Rush The Process
Why Gratitude Is The Key To Getting Anything You Want
Dreaming In Color Tarot Luman Deck
Fitness Is An Attitude
Owning And Controlling Bodies
  Vol. 60+: September, 2005   A Prayer In Times Of Pain And Disaster
Stay Energized Make A Difference
Katrina--The Bigger Picture
Beware The Darkness
Dr. Willard Fuller
International Day Of Peace, Sept. 21st
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
10 Secrets To Becoming A Catalyst For World Transformation
  Vol. 60: September, 2005   Bbl-Vff World Peace Monthly Gathering
Healing As Taught By Dr. Willard Fuller
Why Not The Truth ?
Conscious Breathing / Contradictory Motivations
Do You Have High Blood Pressure?
A Fundamental Breathing Practice From Dennis Lewis
Natural Beauty
You Can Change A Person Thru Your Constant Love
The Awesome Human Mind
Am I As Fit As A Fiddle?
Turmeric In Cancer Treatment
Ioncare Toothbrush Testimonials
  Vol. 59+: August, 2005   A Human Manifesto
Ammachi's Guru Purnima Message
Sound, Intention And Genetic Healing
DNA Activations
Love And Thank Water
  Vol. 59: August, 2005   Unite Like One Great Chain
Bbl-Vff World Peace Gathering
The True Meaning Of Peace
Mrityunjaya Mantra
London Gathering:Mrityunjaya Mantra
Ioncare Toothbrush
MSG Causes Most Obesity
6 Minutes Of Exercise A Week 'As Good As 6 Hours'
Mars: The Red Planet
Toucan Market In Las Cruces, N.M.
  Vol. 58+: July, 2005   May The Whole World Be Happy
Quotes On Holding Positive Vibration In The Face Of Terrorism
Low Budget Film Asks Experts Eternal Questions
  Vol. 58: July, 2005   Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Global Call To Action
Be Rid Of Attachment
Benefits Of Detachment
108 Spiritual Purification Techniques
Your Responsibilities As A Lighthouse For Gaia
Secrets Of Rapid Manifestation--Free Ebook
How Much Would Massive Success Really Cost?
Miracle Krystal Salt
Peppermint And Cinnamon Huge Aids In Driving
Ten Lies Your Doctor Taught You
Safety Mantra
The Red Planet
  Vol. 57+: June, 2005   100,000 Times
Self Acceptance
Regarding The Illusion
30th Annual Rebirther's Convention
The United Nations Conference
Beautiful Animal Stories
  Vol. 57: June, 2005   Kindle The Light
Shiva-Father God
Bbl-Vff World Peace Meditation
The Inner Smile
Bliss Mother Is Coming
Mother's Day Hindu Style
Remembering The Essence Of Our Parents
Let Them Throw Their Curses
108 Spiritual Purification Techniques
New Ingredient In Your Food
The Sacredness Of The Word
Lose Those Excess Pounds For Good
Medical Doctors Vs. Gun Owners
  Vol. 56: May, 2005   Prayer To The Divine Mother
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
Leonard Orr--Spiritual Practices
Free Plants And Trees
Jim Dvorak-In The Beginning Of The End
Extremely Powerful Self Improvement
Two Pots:
Emotions 'R Us
Kriya Yoga
Powers Of Aromatherapy
What Is Real?
  Vol. 55++: April, 2005   Two Master Teachers Coming To Las Cruces:
Leonard Orr
Jim Dvorak
Fantastic Indian Cuisine: Jaan Restaurant in Las Cruces
  Vol. 55+: April, 2005   Seminars And Talks With Caterina Pellegrino
Leonard Orr In Las Cruces, NM In May
Sam Keene In Las Cruces, NM April 24th
Hopi Warnings to the World - No More Time For Divisions
  Vol. 55: April, 2005   Mahamrityunjaya Mantra
Bbl-Vff World Peace Monthly Breath Meditation
Let's Declare A State Of Emerge'N See
Ageless Principles Of Success
Connecting The Breaths
A Pause For The Cause
Choosing Vibrational Change
Urban Legends
Feng Shui For The Bedroom
Japa For World Peace
  Vol. 54+: March, 2005   Sovereign? Yes I Am!
Leonard Orr In Sierraville, CA
Two Meditations For Vernal Equinox March 20th
Powerful Tools For Change From On High
  Vol. 54: March, 2005   The Kill Imprint
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Click Your Amygdalae Forward!
7 Ways To Stay Spiritually Balanced
Santana Dharma
Reply To Quinones On John Of God
The Cycle Of Creation
Karma Yoga
Foods To Effect Your Moods
  Vol. 53+: February, 2005   A Next Step . . . Events
Orion Transmission
Feb 14th World Sound Healing Day
  Vol. 53: February, 2005   Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Earth Changes
Building A Brighter Future
The Meaning Of God
Three Gratifying Ways To Add Abundance To Your Life
What Do Trees Have To Do With Peace?
Training Your Mind To Help
Solution For Heavy Metal Poisoning
Karma Yoga To Progress
What I Learned From Noah
Cultivate Awareness
Hindu Audio Resources
  Vol. 52: January, 2005   Overwhelm The Darkness
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Urgent Call From The Mayan Elders Of Guatemala
Prayer To The Divine Mother
The Hidden Messages In Water
Tao Te Ching 46
Identifying Your Core Issues
The Synthesis Of Yoga
Conscious Breathing
Ten Popular Feng Shui Myths
Antioxidants - Top 20
  Vol. 51: December, 2004   BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation
The Lord's Prayer-Translation from Aramaic
Love Is...
Crossing The Bridge Into The Age Of Light
Helping Each Other
The Heart Of Happiness
Being Willing To Heal
Finding A New Way
Another Story From Abadiania
Passion Flower
Jai Mahamaya Ki Jai
Love Of Our Divine Mother
Liquid, Sunlight Diet
1-800-Herb Doc
  Vol. 50: November, 2004   BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation
Seven Wonders Of The World
John Of God--Miracle Man
Our Experience With John Of God
Compassion-A Powerful Doorway To Personal Growth
We Are Always At Choice
The Rules Of Being Human
Vedas On Line
  Vol. 49: October, 2004   BBL-VFF Monthly World Peace Breath Meditation
All You Need Is Love
Shine Your Light With Might
Fire Of Transformation
Freedom From Fear
The Five Minute Cancer Or Disease Cure
Are You Addicted To Your Activities?
Earth Mother-Master Recycler
Be Alert!
Plan B: A Plan For The Future
  Vol. 48: September, 2004   BBL-VFF Monthly World Peace Breath Meditation
The God That You Are
Roadblocks To Being Fit And Trim
Anger: To Control Or To Learn
Another Perspective On Anger
Jai Vishwa
Gratitude For Challenges
  Vol. 47: August, 2004   Namaste
Bbl-Vff Monthly World Peace Breath Meditation
Be Inspired
Women's Stress Response
3 Keys To Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams
A Toast To My Father
The Tibetan Book Of The Dead
  Vol. 46: July, 2004   You Are Your Greatest Asset
Bbl-Vff Monthly World Peace Breath Meditation
Introduction To Awareness - Love Yourself
Unreservedly Seizing Life
Getting Hold Of Your Mind
Reiki And Energetic Rapport
A New Hero Is Born
  Vol. 45: June, 2004   The Psalm For The Great Amen
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Monthly Meditation
People Of The Earth
The Healing Power Of Spiritual Breath
Conscious Breathing Therapies Reduce Stress, Increase Health
A Normal Being Wishes To Live Forever
Leonard Orr-Father Of Conscious Energy Breathing/Rebirthing
Five Ways To Raise Joyful Kids
Goddess Boxes
Exploring The World Of Colors
Vinegar-A Great Cleaner
  Vol. 44+: May, 2004   The Pickaxe
Advanced B.E.S.T.
An Evening With Leonard Orr In Las Cruces, N.M.
About Leonard
Leonard's 2004 Schedule
Fire Walk In Las Cruces, N.M.
  Vol. 44: May, 2004   The Charge Of The Star Goddess
BBL-VFF World Peace Meditation
Sing Your Song!
Good And Bad; Like Attracts Like
The Difference Between Butter And Margarine
Leonard Orr Back In Las Cruces!!
  Vol. 43: April, 2004   Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Are You Stuck?
The Importance Of Harmony
A Legacy Of A Life On Purpose
Mercury Toxicity
Genuine Self Care
  Vol. 42: March, 2004   Bbl-Vff Monthly World Peace Breath Meditation
How To Face Your Karma
The Whole Universe Is Learning And Evolving
Top Ten Things To Think About If You Want To Change The World
Discover And Live
Goddess Full And New Moon Weekends
Tatwa Seminar
Look For Reasons To Love
Quick Facts About Green Tea
  Vol. 41: February, 2004   All Comes From God
Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
Everyday Compassion
For Visnu Datta Misra Shastriji
Leonard Orr In Las Cruces New Mexico
Miracle II Products
All Relationships Are Holy
Jealousy And Envy
A Blessing
Hindu Wisdom
Mother Nature Can Teach You How To Be More
  Vol. 40: January, 2004   Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Being True To Ourselves
Find God In Joy
Working With The Moon Cycles
Spend Time In Nature
Kriya Yoga
What You Resist Persists
Leonard Orr-Near You Now!
  Vol. 39: December, 2003   Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Five Steps To Peace
Reminder Of Who We Are
When You Focus On The Light.
Crop Circles Release Trauma.Drama And Karma
Truth, Simplicity, Love
Hot Cocoa-Disease Fighter
The Nature Of Devotion
An Ideal
Why I Am Against Psychotropic Drugs
Thirty-Six Contemporary Dharmic Principles
Not So Splenda
  Vol. 38: November, 2003   Bbl-Vff Breath Meditation For World Peace
Harmonic Concordance November 8th
Kriya Yoga Technique For Harmonic Concordance
Goddesses In The Desert By Toni Delgado
Karma And Karma Yoga By Babaji
Caring And Sharing By Gayle
10 Reasons To Keep Kids Off Soda From Holistic Parenting List
  Vol. 37: October, 2003   What Does Babaji Think Of The World Situation?
BBL-VFF Breath Meditation For World Peace
Science Of Getting Rich
From Stuart Wilde
Awakening Willpower Www.Gurudeva.Org...
New Thought Manifesto David Cameron
Hatred -Unloving Light By Young Toni Delgado
Truth, Simplicity,Love Www.Babaji.Net
Love Between Men And Women By Prosveta
Full And New Moon Goddess Weekends
Ryan's Well Shared By Marge Devivo
We Must Take The Time To Talk With God By Gayle
Water Shared By Candyce....
Peace Dome Dedication
  Vol. 36+: September, 2003   South India Trip Nov 14th To Dec 5th, 2003 With Leonard Orr
Phoenix Transformational Seminars With Marvin Allen
Goddess New Moon Weekend Sponsored By Body Light Seminars
  Vol. 36: September, 2003   Bursting The Body Light- Violet Flame Of Forgiveness
Off? By Toni Delgado
Unity Words By Babaji
Attach To The Real Babaji
The Power Of Choice Rebecca Fine
A.L.F. Only Love Prevails From Gayle
Helping Others Win Shared By Trishna....
"Words To Live By: Inspiration For Every Day" By Eknath Easwaran
Elimination: Are You Going With The Flow? By T And K
Leonard Orr 2003
Jim Dvorak 2003
Free Energy Technology
Dancing With Death Thru Senility Into Eternality
  Vol. 35: August, 2003   Bbl-Vff Monthly World Peace Breath Meditation Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness: The Tool
How Can Peace On Earth Be Achieved?
What We Don't Want To See
Blessings And Precepts
The Chase
Freedom--Prepare Your Mind-Body-Breath Jim Dvorak
Free Energy Technology
  Vol. 34: July, 2003   Monthly Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
The Mahamantra Pola Churchill
The Aloha Spirit Aloha International
Count Your Blessings Real Age
The Great Study Of Awareness Gurudeva.Org
The Solar Plexus Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Why We Worry By Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D.
Take Back Your Power By Doreen Virtue
  Vol. 33: June, 2003   Bbl-Fvv World Peace Breath Meditation
A Letter From James Twyman
The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior By Kenneth Meadows
The Echo Of Life
Hopi Elders Speak The Hopi Nation
Quotes From Babaji Of Herakhana
Star--Source Of Light St. Germain-Kara Kincannan
2003 Rebirther's Convention Rebirth International
Cartas A Mis Padres Project Toni Delgado
  Vol. 32: May, 2003   Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness World Peace Breath Meditation
Five Rules Of Life Shared By Candyce
A Tethered Falcon A Sufi Mystic Poem
A Mother's Power Of Desire And Thoughts Shared By Judy
Mothers, Grandmothers And Aunts Shared By Darag Rennie
A Letter From James Twyman
10 Steps To Raise Your Self Esteem Article By Only Connect
Coke Or Water? Shared By Jim Rodgers
  Vol. 31: April, 2003   Ahimsa
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
Mother Mary Love And Peace Link-Up
Some Thoughts From Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King Jr.
Talking Stick-Native Belief By Circle Of Healing C 2003
Counterbalancing Acts Of Higher Good From Ann Emerson
It's All About Understanding We Have But One Choice
Miracle Ii Products By Young Toni Delgado
  Vol. 30+: March, 2003   Welcome
Peace Is
Dr. Robert Muller
Closing Prayer
  Vol. 30: March, 2003   Gratitude
Bbl Vff World Peace Breath Meditation Wage Peace
A Letter From James Twyman
The Miraculous Story Of Clayton Tedeton And Miracle II By Toni Delgado
Important Lesson Shared By Darag Rennie
Dreams Shared By Drag Rennie
  Vol. 29 1/2: February, 2003   Welcome
What In The World Is Going On? -By Marge Divivo
Solutions For Fear And Anxiety -By Dr. Christiane Northrup
2003 State Of The Universe Address -By Swami Beyondananda
  Vol. 29: February, 2003   Gratitude
Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation
The Great Experiment Iii By James Twyman
The Great Experiment Iii By Toni Delgado
Law Thru Spiritual Discernment By Standing Elk/Golden Eagle
The Kidney By Dr. Kelley Elkins
Overactive Bladders By Toni Delgado
Overload!!! By Toni Delgado
  Vol. 28 1/2: January, 2003   Book Signing!
The Great Experiment For World Peace
  Vol. 28: January, 2003   Welcome
Peace Is Coming Soon !
The Billion Person World Peace Meditation
Spoonbender's Course
Dancing With Death Thru Senility Into Eternality
The Year Of You
Healing Crisis
  Vol. 27 1/2: December, 2002   Welcome
Kirael Shift Report - December 2002
Spoonbender's Course
  Vol. 27: December, 2002   Bursting The Bodylight-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness World Peace Breath Meditation
Conscious Immunity
Thank You For Everything....
No "Magic Bullet" For Depression
  Vol. 26: November, 2002   Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness
World Peace Breath Meditation
Loving Ourselves Into Peace-The Physical Body
James Twyman Ambassador For World Peace
Swami Beyondananda Strikes Again!
Preface To: Dancing With Death Thru Senility Into Eternality
  Vol. 25: October, 2002   Welcome And Announcements
Bursting The Body Light -Violet Flame Of Forgiveness
Breath Meditation For World Peace Freedom By Toni Delgado
Rebirthing Is Safer Than The Public Schools By: Leonard Orr
  Vol. 24: September, 2002   Welcome
Bursting The Body Light -Violet Flame Of Forgiveness
Breath Meditation For World Peace
Silent Knowledge Part II
Hiv --The Controversy
Dancing With Death
  Vol. 23: August, 2002  

Bursting The Body Light -Violet Flame Of Forgiveness
Breath Meditation For World Peace
Thomas Letters
Distractions And Possibilities
An Awakening
Silent Knowledge Part I

  Vol. 22: July, 2002   Bursting The Body Light-Violet Flame Of Forgiveness, Prosperity Is The Key To Peace, Reclaiming Limitless Abundance, A Vital Factor In Receiving God's Limitless Abundance, Increasing Our Cash Flow, Prosperity Decree, Reaching Critical Mass Of Prosperity Consciousness, Transmuting Poverty Consciousness, The Greatest Need Of The Hour, Toning And Sound
  Vol. 21: June, 2002   Welcome, Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation, The One Year Seminar, Covert Operation F.O.G., The Real Meaning Of Jihad, 200 More Reasons To Come To Work Tomorrow, Not In Our Name, Open Letter To People In Chronic Pain
  Vol. 20: May, 2002   Welcome, Bbl-Vff World Peace Breath Meditation, Lessons From Waco, The Road To Lasting Peace And Permanent Happiness, The Senility Project, Guidelines For Enlightenment
  Vol. 19: April, 2002   BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation, Quantum Dynamics Processing, Celestial Toning, Consciousness in the Midst of Chaos, The Vaccination Controversy, The Religious Exemption to Vaccination, Vaccination/Immunization Resource Directory, Model Emergency Health Powers Act, Upcoming and Ongoing Events
  Vol. 18: Mar, 2002   Welcome !, BBL-VFF World Peace Breath/ Meditation, Not Science Fiction, Workshops, Breast Cancer Stamp
  Vol. 17: Feb, 2002   BBL-VFF World Peace Breath/ Meditation, What is an Upset ? by Jim Dvorak, Ramblings About Love by Kelley, Ramblings About Love by Toni, Some Ideas of What Love Is, Quantum Dynamics Workshop
  Vol. 16: Jan, 2002   Welcome !, BBL - VFF World Peace Breath/ Meditation, On Hot Coals: Kelley's Firewalk, Hypnotherapy and Quantum Dynamics, Quantum Dynamics Workshop
  Vol. 15 1/2: Dec, 2001   Welcome ! Bill Moyer, Oct 2001
  Vol. 15: Dec, 2001   BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation, The Sullo Family, Safety, Our next BBL-VFF World Peace breath Meditation
  Vol. 14: Nov, 2001   Welcome!, BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation, Terrorism-The Cur,e Karma and Judgement, Mantra Japa
  Vol. 13: Oct, 2001   Welcome!, BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation, The Brighter Side, Hill Country Club, Prevention, The Clown Chakra
  Vol. 12 3/4: Sep, 2001   Welcome, Wake Up Call - Part II
  Vol. 12 1/2: Sep, 2001   Welcome, Wake Up Call
  Vol. 12: Sep, 2001   Welcome !, BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation, Karma Yoga, Truth is the Rhythm of One, Freedom--Prepare Your Mind-Body-Breath, The Violet Flame of Forgiveness, Transmutation and Freedom, Are You Awake?
  Vol. 11: Aug, 2001   Welcome, BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation, BBL Feedback, Processing Testimonial, Eleven Reasons to be Doing Bursting the Body Light- Violet Flame of Forgiveness Breath Meditations, Conscious Energy Breath, Breath of Life Workshop, A Healthful Control Factor- Quantum Dynamics, Root Canal Testimonial
  Vol. 10 1/2: July, 2001   Preface Letter, Quantum Dynamics, Testimonial
  Vol. 10: July, 2001   Bursting the Body Light - Violet Flame of Forgiveness- World Peace Breath/Meditation, Feedback on Discipline, Kelley on Discipline, Toni on Discipline, A Touch of BEST
  Vol. 9: June, 2001   Bursting the Body Light - Violet Flame of Forgiveness- World Peace Breath/Meditation, Emotional Energy Pollution, Senility, Allergies
  Vol. 8: May, 2001  

BBL-VFF World Peace Breath/Meditation, A Testimonial, Physical Immortality, Prayer For My Resurrected Self, Body-Mind Awareness, Just For Fun, A Word About Sodium

  Vol. 7ex: Apr, 2001  
Oops, Fire
  Vol. 7: Apr, 2001   Welcome, BBL-VFF World Peace breath/meditation, Death Urge, Resurrection, DNA and Codon Activations
  Vol. 6: Mar, 2001   BBL-VFF World Peace breath/meditation, The Goal of World Peace, Sane Within, The Limitations of Medicine, A Quote from Vince Lombardi, Prosperity
  Vol. 5: Feb, 2001   BBL-VFF World Peace breath/meditation, Testimonial, Trust, Things Are Not Always What They Seem
  Vol.4: Jan, 2001   BBL-VFF World Peace breath/meditation, The Kogi - People without Masks, Service or Sacrifice
  Vol. 3: Dec, 2000   BBL-VFF World Peace Breath/Meditation and Food For Thought and Action For the Creation Process, Defense Physiology part II and Tools for Release
  Vol. 2: Nov, 2000   BBL-VFF World Peace Breath Meditation and Support for Your Process, Tips for Working With BBL-VFF, Defense Physiology, Processing
  Vol. 1: Oct, 2000   Bursting the Body Light - Violet Flame of Forgiveness, Second BBL World Peace breath/meditation, Meditation as a Life Process, Counseling as an Active Healing Process

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